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How many more can they make


Pokemon Caretaker
They won't make past 1000 pokemon.

I don't know, I wouldn't doubt that they would, though it stands to reason it'll end one day. I'm not so curious WHEN the games will stop being made, but how the franchise will be wrapped up when that day finally comes.


On my own here we go
Unless they keep putting more and more Box Space, we cant go past so many pokemon
When Diamond & Pearl Came around with Pokemon Ranch, you could have 546 in-game (540 in Boxes, 6 in Party) and 999 Pokemon in the Ranch, the most possible pokemon you can have is 1,545
If they update the Ranch Program to make it compatible with games to come, the farest they could go is 1,545 Pokemon. Unless they make yet another new Ranch or update the current one to hold more Pokemon.


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Unless they keep putting more and more Box Space, we cant go past so many pokemon

I don't think they consider this the one, sole immovable obstacle that will cause them to say "hmm, nope, too many critters, time to pack it in." They can add more box space with what one imagines would be minimal kerfuffle.

The Red Thunder

Backwards thinking?
They'll go as far as the sales will carry the franchise, which could and will be a very long time. It absolutely is that simple. Wails of "they're running out of ideas!" and "the games don't have the magic anymore!" are nothing but noise.

This, and this marks the end of the thread.

As long as they keep raking in money by the millions, all the arguments saying:

"they're running out of ideas!"
"the games don't have the magic anymore!"

Are completely irrelevant. Game Freak is a business, and their primary goal is to make money. Guess what, they're succeeding very well. When the series no longer pulls a substantial profit, they'll probably wrap it up and call it done. But, as for now, I highly doubt that day is going to come any time soon.
They'll make as many as they want, if the games continue to be popular. I read an article on Bulbapedia that quoted Nintendo of Japan, saying that Black and White have had more pre-orders than any other Pokémon game in history. I honestly don't think the games are getting any less popular, so we won't see the end for a long, long time.