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How many more generations of pokemon?

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The Grass Master
I believe about 5 more at best. Pokemon has been around for a while and i hope it keeps getting stronger.


Asian Lesbian Gamer
There's honestly no telling. As long as it can continue to draw a large enough fanbase to support it, it will continue being made. That could mean just one more generation, or it could mean 50 more generations. It's just impossible to say at this point, though the series has shown a staying power no one could have imagined at launch, and doesn't appear to be going anywhere any time soon.


No one knows but if I'm guessing it will be 5. and in the 5th generation it might be the end, forever.


Do The Tevez!
Another one of these threads *sigh*

I dunno maybe a few more gens before it becomes repetitive.


I’m Back...
I don`t hardly know,but I would guess 8.


Master Collector
At least 5, at most 7.

Probably as many generations as it'll take them to make all 17 different eeveelutions...
Why would anyone want Pokémon to stop!?!

After all, they're still making Mario and Zelda games over 20 years later, why not Pokémon?

Maybe they will stop when they reach 1500 though, to mark 10 times the original 150.

Erik Destler

cool cool cool
Not another one of these threads ):
No one knows D:

It'll stop when it stops.
Not any time soon, most likely.

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