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How many more generations?


omg, this is like the hundred thread about the same thing...

anyway, as i always answer, they will continue doing pokemon until they can't earn any more money
72 gens more. There will be 78000 Pokemon. Lots of them will be exactly the same as GameFreak think that people wont remember Pokemon from 60 years ago.


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When they run out of ideas



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It will be hard making names a few years from now...maybe after they can't think of names anymore, they'll stick to spin-offs.


There should be a generation with only animal-based Pokemon, not with bells and...coloured balls.

Yes, most of the Pokémon are based on animals. But it's also interesting to creating Pokémon that are based on other things. It will make it more like cooler and different.

I heard that the artist for the pokemon games made all of the pokemon before the first generation was even announced. I also remember somebody saying that he made around 500.

I think that too 500 looks like a great number to the total Pokémon. 1000, 5000 or more will be too much to keep them in our heads. I think they going adding 8 new Pokémon after Aruseus? Maybe normal Pokémon or non-legendary counterparts from Aruseus or other Lengendaries of the 4th generation.

I do not think that they will stop after this generation, but my guess is that the sprite boards on Pokemon Forums far and wide will suddenly start becoming VERY popular...

Yes. With the Internet, the most famous sites (excluding this one) and the Message Boards will keeping Pokémon fans them happy. I think They will also reairing the Anime...

So, i'm don't they running out of ideas, only that the Pokémon look weird or disgusting or if it have too many Legendaries. I think that the people here have also hated the 2nd or 3rd Generation in the beginning?
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I think there will be 1 more generation since they are running out of ideas.
If they do, hopefully they will make that generation more interesting than the 4th one.

once in a blue Mew

the anime will probsbly end in 2-3 gen's and i think that pokemon will never end as long as pokemon keep's bringing in cash for nintendo (japan is doing great in that section) personaly i hope that pokemon will never end (but admitedly it will get harder thinking of new pokemon and the names for the region and games...=( ) cuz i love it! i am such a nerd i know almost all of the pokemon's names (working on learning the japanese names!)



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One or two more, thats what I think, although two more seems like too much.
When Pokemon stops making money for Nintendo and its show's ratings drop drastically, then it will be the end of Pokemon. I highly doubt that the creator has actually planned when Pokemon will stop. Pokemon is a money tree to Japan, once it has lose all its money, then no one would bother looking at it ever again.


Mmm.. Twix...

Before the universe, Aruseus was born.

It created Parukia and Diaruga, and then created the legendary trio Yuxie, Agnom, and Emurit to sustain balance over those 2.

Then it probably created mew to continue the work of making more Pokemon, or Mew could of been born out of nowhere and would have started to make more (After all, Mew resembles A fetus of some sort, this could relate to it being the origin for all pokemon)

Evidence of this lies in what moves they can learn:

Mew possesses the Genes of ALL pokemon, making it learn any move (TM's and HM's at least).

And Aruseus can't, it can learn most TM's and all HM's, ironically, the few moves it can't learn have good use in more tactical movesets then its own..

That means Aruseus couldn't have created the other pokemon, like Dunsparce or Eevee, because it didn't carry their genes.

I could call this one of my FAMOUS rants :D

wow, just wow. from now and on you will be known as the "RANT KING" to me. i know this was a few pages ago but everything that the RANT KING said is 10000% true! i couldn't posably of said anything more truthful.

And the anime will end after DP and the games will end when the fat lady sings....... yes, I'm looking at you...... Jynx


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Until they make a fiery echidna that evolves into a rabbid weasel that evolves into a giant ferret....

Oh, wait....

I think this should be the last generation. I don't know all the Hoenn Pokemon and none of the Diamond/Pearl names.


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I think there will be 2 more gens, that will give like 700 Pokemon or something like that total.

And Arseus does not signal the end of Pokemon just because it's a "god."

Agreed.... It's not like the Areseus Legend says that Areseus' finding is like the Apocolyptic Age for pokémon. I say at LEAST 2 more


i think seven and thats all.in my opinion there running out of ideas for new pokemon and types etc


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i think seven and thats all.in my opinion there running out of ideas for new pokemon and types etc
I don't think their running out of ideas. The D/P Pokemon seems cool. Most people complain about all the Evos of old Pokemon, but I think Nintendo and GameFreak are just trying to make the old Pokemon that were unless, useful.


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I hope that there will be new generations coming out even when I've got grandchildren, so that would be atleast 20 new generations! Weeee!

rescue team powerpokes

D/P is finally here!
No! i don't want Pokemon to end ever! if Pokemon would end i'll cry....