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How many more.....Till D/P??

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so close yet so far with scholl returning next week and my best freinds birthday and my drama show coming up plus my birthday it will go pass fast


is back.
cant wait till end of march


Dragon Tamer
hope the forum has a countdown right b4 they officially released the game XD


Sexier than Yoda
Wow so are you people like lining up at midnight of that day at your local gamestore for D/P?
I guess they wouldnt be open anyways :p
Look around the forum, someone's bound to have it in their sigs or something

but yeah, about 3 months would be right


Heart of Darkness
I tried not to think about it,
cuz when I dont think about things,
they pass by soooo quickly but when
I do, it goes by slow... so far it didnt work
cuz Im tooo excited for it...

two birthdays, one concert,
school, homwork... it'll go by fast...


<- He want da cookie
Guess what I found on ebay? Some idiot was selling A fake version of D/P. I know this cause it said it was the english version of it. That person is probally missing something up in his attic lol!!


ill have to reserve a copy on march because it will be sold out in stores but it will be here soon
only 104 days to go
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