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how many pokeballs did you throw at dialga or palkia?

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I'm just curious... how many pokeballs and what kind did everyone throw at the legendaries, Palkia and Dialga... to catch them...?

All I threw was one dusk ball. and he was mine... is that normal!?


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I just tossed one ultra ball. Their catch rate is 30, as opposed to the usual 3 on a legendary.


aka Arbok
Throwed one Quick Ball.

He's damn easy to catch. The three psychic legends are much harder, though.

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Night Triumphant
one pokeball was all it took for me, guess he was afraid of Garchomp's EQ that he stayed in the ball.

once in a blue Mew

Japanese Pearl;
one Ultra Ball

English Diamond;
one *cloned* Master Ball

They were both damn easy to catch, I was thinking WTF?! When I caught Palkia with one Ultra Ball, I thought they were going to be much harder than the other legends.


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Couple of Quick Balls, an Ultra Ball, two Timer Balls- the second one got it. It wasnt particularly powerful, it only knocked out Bronzong, nothing else. This is over about 5 turns or so.


Dazzled By The Roses
i threw one ultra ball at full health.. it seem that most ppl caught them using only 1 ball..
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