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how many pokeballs did you throw at dialga or palkia?

Discussion in 'Past Pokémon Generations Discussion' started by akidnamedty, May 5, 2007.

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  1. Mewman5

    Mewman5 Member

    I only threw one normal pokeball at low health
  2. Gold10

    Gold10 Enigmatic Unknown

    I did the same thing, the battle was easier than I imagined, I threw one Ultra Ball and I caught it...as for the legendary trio...very difficult
  3. Zer025

    Zer025 Champion of Hoesoh

    I threw one Masterball. I didn't feel like taking the time to catch it. Uxie and Azelf were pretty easy. Still haven't caught Mesprit. .>__>
  4. Quaggy

    Quaggy -l-(.___.)-l-

    46 ultra balls with 1 hp and paralyzed! i have no luck-__-
  5. SalamenceX

    SalamenceX Hiding Beneath Time

    1 masterball, i had a lot in my GBA games so i didnt care about it
  6. Aewyne

    Aewyne alias:: Allure XI

    Caught Dialga with 3 Dusk Balls. Azelf was much harder.

    When I get up to Palkia in Pearl, I think I'll just use the Master Ball. I can trade the Legendary Trio and Cresselia over if I really need to.
  7. Blue_Mew

    Blue_Mew Magnezone pwns!!!

    I used one... a masterball. Azelf and Uxie I caught with Ultra Balls and Meesprit kept making me cry so I traded it off of GTS.
    Oh and I caught Giratina with a Ultra Ball at 1hp (False Swipe) whilst it was asleep. It was really hard
  8. Master of Fossils

    Master of Fossils Fo Shizzle

    one quick ball and a masterball. I diddn't get a chance to save because I diddn't realise that you would battle it as soon as you stepped foreward and I was going to save right in front of it. I had two pokemon with about 20 hp left from Cyrus and the last time I saved was WAAAAYYYY back. So I tried to use a quick ball and then was forced to use a Masterball. (Still haven't caught Mesprit)
  9. Gigaguy373

    Gigaguy373 Well-Known Member

    i threw 17 ultra balls at palkia at really low health and it was asleep and i tried every trick i knew i tapped a really fast held all of the buttons at the same time etc. then i caught it on my last ultra ball LUCKYYYYYYYYYYY (napoleon dynamite reference) then i caught a level 42 chatot (has the same catch rate at dialga/palkia) with 1 pokeball at full health and no staus infliction, oh the irony
  10. ArcaneFlare

    ArcaneFlare Shiny Team Builder

    i threw one ultra ball and got it 0.o i was suprised cuz i thought it would take forever to catch
  11. freedom-123

    freedom-123 AAMayL supporter

    i was resetting for modest one...which i eventually got and caught in 1 premier ball....dat was a bit of surprise since it decided to stay in the first premier ball i threw at it.... azelf took like 3 dusk balls, uxie took 2 dusk balls....calm nature on first shot =D, mesprit busted outa like....30 quick balls -_-, giratina busted outa like 12 dusk ball and i conqueered it in the end with a timer ball, heatran took 3 dusk balls, regigigas took around 6, and cressila took heaps of ultra balls and in the end i got it in a timer ball...its bold natured =D.

    dats right lol i refuse to use my master balls in my games...

    on a side note: palkia catchers, screw ultra ball go with net balls if u want better catch rate during daytime.
  12. ManaphyEmuritto23

    ManaphyEmuritto23 It's joke!

    I weakened Palkia to the yellow part that was almost at red, then threw an Ultra Ball and caught it.

    My brother had to throw a few Quick Balls and a few Dusk Balls to catch his Dialga ._.
  13. Super Gullwing

    Super Gullwing Team Skull Mom

    I got Dialga down to red and threw one Ultra Ball and it failed. Then I threw a Great Ball and I caught him. =D
  14. freedom-123

    freedom-123 AAMayL supporter

    y do people still use ultra ball on palkia....noone thought of net ball???????
  15. Dyne

    Dyne Well-Known Member

    I got Palkia down to red then started throwing Ultras. I forgot to restock so I only had about six. After those ran out, I chucked the last of my Greats which were only around three. Desperate, I threw a regular Pokeball and caught it. I've actually been catching the harder things with Pokeballs lately.
  16. flygon54

    flygon54 Well-Known Member

    i threw a dusk ball and caught it in full health
  17. Laser Shuckle

    Laser Shuckle Well-Known Member

    I threw a premier ball at full heath as a joke and i caught it.
  18. Started with a Quick Ball. That didn't work so I paralyzed Dialga, got it into the red zone and started tossing Ultra Balls. Maybe the tenth one caught it.
    My friend on the other hand, caught it after the first Quick Ball. >_<
  19. Mareena

    Mareena Member

    Ultra Ball'd after 20+ tries, finally got caught when it was put to sleep. :D
  20. Golden Pure

    Golden Pure Banned

    I weakened Palkia down to low Yellow, threw an Ultra Ball, and "Congratulations! Palkia has been caught!" *Que silly music.* I didn't expect to catch it on the first try. o.o

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