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how many pokeballs did you throw at dialga or palkia?

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I threw 24 Ultra Balls I think... It was at 1HP and had just woken up.


Mammoth Master!
I caught it with 1. Yes, the one, the ball of masters.

I was lazy.

Genesis Gackt

i threw it 10 Dusk Balls..easy :p


I threw 1 Ultra Ball at Palkia and it was mine.


One quick ball and Palkia was caught.

Cyber Dragon

Boulder Trainer
I used a dusk ball & caught it at 60% health sleeping.


Well-Known Member
I got Palkia in the red in one ultra ball today.

Kazuki Mirai

Well-Known Member
Two Ultraballs against Dialga.

It took my my Torterra's Earthquake to bring its HP to red. It's surprisingly easy. O_O


I used a quick ball on it but then got up to like the 8th gym without saving cause I was going so well and was doing it so quickly and didnt realise it was low but my power ran out. Then the second time I threw a couple of dusk balls I think then caught it, O yeah and it was Palkia


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Two ultra balls. That was the most I could throw because it was burned and would die after that turn.


Two dusk balls. Giratina on the other hand took 20 dusk balls, 20 ultra balls, 3 net balls (I was getting desperate), 3 luxury balls (even more desperate), and 2 timer balls (these were my last balls besides my master) at low red health.


R.I.P Dax
Laziness took the best of me. I Master Ball plain and simple. I didn't have problems catching Cresscelia and Mesprit so it was all fine.


New Member
Palkia took me 2 Great balls at full health I think. I still have my masterball after obtaining all the catchable Legendarys and cloned that master ball twice now :D

lv 100 pikachu

Team Unbeatable
seriously, who really cares. anyways i got it down to one hp and threw a poke ball, not like all the people who think their so cool and throw a ultra ball when its on full health
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