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how many pokeballs did you throw at dialga or palkia?

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Tyranitar Trainer
Not to brag or anything..but after restarting my pearl, I managed to catch Palkia with one Net ball after he was at 1/3 health and paralyzed. That's just sheer luck right there though.. especially since for some reason it took me 4 tries to beat Cyrus... It never took me that long before.


Pokemon Elite
I'm not joking. One Quick Ball. Well maybe it's not all that great since it's Quick; it worked with Giratina too..


Lawlz, I took the easy way out because my pokeymans were weakened from the battle with Cyrus, so I used the Master Ball and caught it. Yes, I know I wasted a Master Ball, but it'll probably just sit in my Bag forever if I didn't use it. X3
palkia: about 10-finally caught in ultra ball
heatran: 2-dusk and quick ball
mesprit: one-quick ball
azelf: about 20 then I threw th master ball
uxie: same as palkia
gitirina: about 30!!!!!
cresselia: used a master ball i got in a trade


Bathroom Wizard
the first time, I ran through like 4 dusk balls, but my game popped out when it was in my pocket and I ddn't save, so I had to do it again during hte day time the next day, and it took like 18 ultra balls, I got mad, so I just tried again later, and it took like 8 dusk balls.

Azelf of Cruxis

| Ancient Chaos |
I got Dialga down to red and tossed a Poke Ball at it. That's all I needed to do.
1 move and 1 dusk ball
earthquake - dusk ball, was the nature i was hunting for aswell =)
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