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How many Rare Candies do you encounter in Diamond/Pearl?

Discussion in 'Diamond, Pearl, and Platinum' started by Scorpion1386, Apr 16, 2007.

  1. Scorpion1386

    Scorpion1386 Lost Fan

    Without cloning, using Pick Up, or hacking, does anyone know how many Rare Candies you can encounter in Diamond/Pearl?
  2. Tai700

    Tai700 magma master

    5 or 6 but raising your pokemon through battles is better.
  3. Scorpion1386

    Scorpion1386 Lost Fan

    I know, but I'd only use them to check IVs.
  4. rekreatur

    rekreatur Well-Known Member

    Something around 4 and 5.I think
  5. Scorpion1386

    Scorpion1386 Lost Fan

    Oh man, then I'll need to transfer some from Ruby and FireRed. :-(
  6. salamence_trainer

    salamence_trainer Well-Known Member

    i Think more about 10-15?

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