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How Many Stars Does Your Trainer Card Have?

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I've only got 1 from the Elite Four. There aren't any friends around me to do wireless and I haven't had much luck getting anything else


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I have 2 working on my third one.


1 ;)
I've never got more then 1 in any of my pokemon games.


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1, I don't feel like contests yet adn the battle-tower is full of hax. I am working towards 2 by completing the dex.


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I have two stars, the E4 one And the 50 flags one

razor fire

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I have 3: E4, 50 flag and beating master rank in only cool contest.


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I have one. I never get passed that one, and I don't even know which one it is.


i have 4, the only i have left is the battle tower and that's probably not going to happen

what does nurse joy say to you after you get the black card?
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I currently have 2 Stars, a Bronze Card.

Beat Elite 4 - Done
Capture 50 Flags - Done
Complete Pokédex - Up to almost 400, I'll do it eventually.
Battle Tower - Managed 93, currently on 56 on my 9th attempt to get passed 100.
Contest - I hate them so haven't done it yet, borrowed a friends Pokémon but I need ot get more accessories before I can have a hope of winning. I want that Black card though so I'll manage it soon I hope.

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I got 1, from the E4


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I got 1 from E4. I want to get a 2nd one from contests but I keep on losing at Master Rank Smart Contest.


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Four, working on fifth. But my Gyrados can't get enough hearts in the visual part of the Master Rank beaty contest. Dang. Off to the help thread to ask where to get more accessories aside from at the Veilstone Massage.
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