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How Many Stars Does Your Trainer Card Have?

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<-The ninja god
I have three stars.. though I used AR for one of them.
E4 - legit
Master Rank Contest - legit (beat three of them)
Pokedex - sadly, unlegitimate.. .I was up to 389 or so, but was testing the code, and accidently saved.
As for underground.
I am up to 49 flags out of a cheat code I activated.
I plan to get the Battle Tower one legit.. though I am losing my patience with the amount of Hax being pulled in it.



-Beat the Elite 4
-Got 50 flags underground
-Beat the beauty contest in the master rank.

Leaf Red

Well-Known Member
How are you guys filling your freaking dex without hax? You cant ask for johto starters on GTS without seeing them in-game, and I dought all of you have 100% completed emeralds national DEX without hax, SO HOW??!! If you DO know how to ask for pokemon on gts without seeing them and without hax PLEASE tell me cause I want to know. I have 1 star at the moment because I just bought my new diamond a week ago.

You don't need the normally unobtainable Pokemon to get the star.

I got my Johto Starters from Colosseum.

As for getting the rest, all you need is some nice friends who have the other games to help you along. No GTS needed.


Shining Ninetales
Got 3 stars;

Beat E4,
Master Rank Beauty (Yay, Walrein!)
50 Flags Underground (took an entire summer w/ my friend)

I can't do Battle Tower or Complete Dex. :p


What do you want?

eleite four
pokedex- (playing with my "unknown device" and saved @_@)
4 Stars.

- E4 Beaten.
- Super Contest Beaten (Smart).
- National Pokedex done (491 seen, 491 own. Not including Shaymin and Arceus.)
- 100+ win streak at Single Battle Tower.

The only thing I have to do now is to get 40 (I currently have 10) more flags...


Piplup Master
I have 2 stars, completed Poke'dex and beaten E4, i think i would prefer Gold card to Black card though...

Meg Is Hoenn's Champ

Meg Is Hoenn's Champ
I have all 5 stars,I beat the elite 4,won a master rank super contest,I've definitley beaten the battle tower,I captured all 50 flags and I have all of the 493 Pokedex entries.Me and my friends had to trade lots of Pokemon to both manage to complete the Pokedex,but...I did it. !!*YAY*!!
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