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How many time gears ARE there?

The MD2 games and specials claim that there are five time gears. Their locations are:
1) Treeshroud Forest
2) Limestone Cavern
3) Fogbound Lake
4) Underground Lake
5) Crystal Lake
6) unnamed volcano altar
They state that there is supposed to be a time gear in an altar in a volcano; it even shows up on the menu screen every few times you start the game, but the game confirms the location of five time gears, not one of which is in a volcano. Because the game confirms the existence of five time gears, what does that mean in regards to the mysterious sixth one?

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Well I think that there could be countless of them, I mean seriously, if one Time Gear covers the flow of time for x amount of space and the Wonder Map is huge, there has to be alot of them.


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THere's either 5 important time gears, or you just need 5 time gears to reset time.
There is one Time Gear for every region on the Wonder Map, and who knows how many regions there are? There's problably countless myriads of them. Only five is needed to stop the Temporal Tower from falling apart, and you and Grovyle in the timeless future had only enough time to locate exactly five Time Gears.


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There is even a 7th Time Gear.
In the special episode with Team Charm in Explorers of Sky.

So I think there are probably a lot of them, but only 5 were needed for Temporal Tower.
Actually, that one was on the list: #2, Limestone Cavern
That was the one that made me think of this in the first place, truth be told.
It's funny, though; Grovyle and his partner were supposed to find five of the who-knows-how-many Time Gears, and the list they find consists of all three of the ones guarded by legendary pokemon.


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There is an endless amount of time gears, just not in the game but in the concept. Each time gear controls a certain region. Since there is more the regions we see in PMD, there can be an "x" amount of time gears controlling all the areas. But, as I know of there is only 5 main ones that control the constant time. When you beat the first have of Time, Darkness or Sky you will see that there are 5 hallow spots in the top in Dialga's Temporal Tower. Which the 5 main time gears fits. It is a very complicating subject to discuss because of Celebi, Palkia and Darkrai that to have their part in time. So yeah, their is my summary on how many time gears there are.

(Just to sum up what everyone else said >_<;)
There are probably more than five, like everyone else said.
However, I had this theory that the volcano one was fake, but that doesn't make sense at all! XD


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There are 5 on the main wonder map places