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How many times have you beaten the Pokemon League?

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This thread is designed for discussion on the how many times have you beat the elite four and leader alder in pokemon black or white. You may also discuss what teams you have developed to beat them with and what you feel is the best possible one to beat the all the elite four members. No hacks may be discussed to beat the elite four. If you have beat the elite for with hacks please keep them to yourself thanks .


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kaiser soze

Reading ADWD
Too many to count. I've spammed a lot of E4 matchups to raise some level 100 mons. I did at least a dozen to get my Autumn Friendly team ready.


→ s o a r i n g
atm i've only just beat it cause i restarted my game again, but in previous profiles i just battle them to get my pokemon to level 100 and if i actually beat all the E4 and alder then thats a bonus


pokemon breeder
I have beaten the pokemon league 59 times


Well-Known Member
Twice, one with Ghetis and the other with Alder.


My white game only did it like 2-3 times. I never really cared much for it, just focused on filling up my pokedex (Miss only 4-6 pokemons? only from what I can get from white, with 0 trading etc).

One time on black for main story, gonna end up kill it more times, once I played it for longer.

Mr. Reloaded

All encompassing
I'm not even sure I'd say about 6-7 times In white and God knows how many times I did that in platinum.


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I've beaten Alder once. I can't be bothered to do it again, unless I am in dire need of training my Pokémon.


There it is.
3 times so far... but that's because I don't play B/W as much as I do the other games. Not even close to my record of 34 in Ruby.

kaiser soze

Reading ADWD
It gets a lot easier once you get some level 100s that can switch in safely for the lower-level pokes you're training.
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