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How much does my team suck?

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Edd the Huntsman

A British Bloke
I've just beaten Team Aqua at their (Not-so) super-secret base, and this is my highly underlevelled team as of now.

Sceptile (NinjaPlant)
Lv. 36
Giga Drain
Leaf Blade

Absol (Equalizer)
Lv. 35
Secret Power (Surprisingly good, actually)
Razor Wind
Swords Dance
(P.S. Be aware that besides Secret Power, he hasn't learned a single move since I caught him)

Gyarados (Fisheh)
Lv. 35

Vibrava (Flrr)
Lv. 35
Sand Tomb

Manectric (Kicks)
Lv. 35
Shock Wave
Thunder Wave
Quick Attack

Lairon (Rock Thing)
Lv. 35
Rock Tomb
Iron Tail
Rock Smash

...Yes, I know, it's awful. Look, I don't train Pokémon that I know/think will win. I train Pokémon that I love. And I love these guys.
if you're concerned about your team's potential, i'd recommend leveling them up first (that's the big part, but that comes with time, no big deal :) ) your moveset could use some work too. my first question is, do you have a concept in mind for the team? that will help quite a bit. do you prefer to win by brute force, some clever tactic, by stalling your opponent to death? there are lots of ideas to work with, in-game and in competitive play. you if your team is strictly for in-game play, i recommend just training your team like hell until they are around level 60-70 and you should have a pretty easy time beating the E4's faces through their butts. if it is a competitive team in the making, i recommend checking out stats over on www.smogon.com since they have some amazing info available.

for your ingame stuff, just remember what types the E4 uses, dark, ghost, ice and dragons. the champ runs a mix of water types, commonly with sub-types like ground. your sceptile will do nicely to eat them alive once you get some levels in there. everything else should follow suit as well. hope this helped give you some insight :)


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Gyarados is kind of hard to work with in the older generations. See, he's better with physical moves and his movepool is largely special. I guess you could go Dragon Dance / Earthquake / Return / some filler move.

If Lairon has Rock Head, you could consider Double Edge (he learns it sooner or later). If not, slap in Earthquake > Strength and Brick Break > Rock Smash and you're set. Unless you're keeping HMs on your main Pokemon.

Give Absol Shadow Ball > Bite. Bite does get STAB, but it runs off his lower SAtk stat while Shadow Ball runs off his higher (phenomenal) Attack stat, while providing the same coverage (SE hits against Ghost and Psychic).

Either Sceptile or Flygon will want Dragon Claw. Your pick.
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