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How much of a threat is my microwave oven?


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Is microwave radiation harmful? I know a nurse who does not own a microwave for this reason.
What are your thoughts?


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The thing is that infrared light, micro waves and radio waves have a higher wavelength than visible light, meaning they have even less energy to excite electrons. With regards to danger of radiation poisoning, micro waves are even less dangerous than light, which you're literally seeing all day. Here is more info about 5 ways to detect the radiation https://ecotestgroup.com/press/blog...iation-exposure-in-radiological-laboratories/. Now I'm thinking of buying radiation detector for home use too.
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Microwaves aren't ionizing so there's no harm. Unless you'd find yourself inside of a giant microwave that is.
I'm a nurse myself. And we don't have physics as one of our courses in college so she/he is just being paranoid.

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The radiation given off by microwaves is pretty much very minimal and unless the glass on the door has a giant crack or hole in it, you’re pretty much safe. Cell phones and computers emit radiation too but no one has gotten cancer caused by radiation from them. An older boxy tv even gave off X-ray radiation and people were perfectly safe using them for hours everyday.


I don't think so. When I buy a microwave I check its options at manymanuals. Daewoo QT1 operations instructions for my current one. And I now for sure it's harmless at all and I can safely use it. I prefer to know more then to know nothing.
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I live in a dorm room, so almost every meal that I eat is prepared in a microwave since I don't have regular access to a stove. I'm unaware of the supposed dangers of microwave radiation, but I don't really have a choice either way.

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Honestly I think you would be more likely to be hit by a car or lightning than die from the radiation given off by a microwave. The radiation is contained pretty well and the walls and glass are extremely thick and would be extremely hard to damage. The only way you could easily make a microwave extremely dangerous by accident is by putting a piece of metal into the appliance and turning it on. Aluminum foil won’t do much as some microwaves can handle it but leave a fork in a bowl and you have a major problem. Radiation is basically everywhere and the amount you receive from certain things vary depending on how long you are in direct contact with the source. Cell phones, computers, and even hybrid cars give off some form of radiation.