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How much of your pokedex is done?

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Sergio Aguero

Like a Boss
seen: 430
Obtained 155

Haru Glory

Rave Master
As for the Dex entries, I have all of them (Yes, all 646).

As for the boxes, since I'm trying to have ALL Pokèmons in my PC, I miss like five or six Pokèmon.
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Active Member
all the american released creatures plus about a two thirds done living pokedex. Plus i have all the unowns yeah buddy.


New Member
Seen: 407
Obtained: 369

Seen: 150
Obtained: 150
(I haven't seen Victini, Thundurus, Landorus, Keldeo, Meloetta or Genesect)


Avery, EV Trainer
Seen: 537
Obtained: 309

Seen: 153
Obtained: 153

I'm a happy camper


Looking for trades
seen 620
have 610 missing a few to complete shiny pokedex not trying to do normal pokedex almost there =]

Darkmaster Rannon

Thundercats Hoo!
If it can be caught, I have officially captured it. My last things were the Musketeers and Landorus.

The musketeers, Terrakion and Cobalion were captured in less than five turns with dusk balls, Virizion took over 20 or so. Landorus was captured after knocking down his health and smacking 10+ Dusk balls at him (It was night).

Now... To go back to competitive setups in my White version as I actually have room within it!


Well-Known Member
Seen: 137

Obtained: 75

I need to get a move on!

Edit: oops that was just unova.


Seen: 187

Obtained: 95
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The Amazing
Obtained 158 Seen 249 in White.
Obtained 225 Seen 414 in Black

It's well within my power to finish it with not too much trouble, but I'd likely only bother to get them all when we actually get a decent box system, like Pokémon Box for gen 3.. which I thought was awesome, I got all Pokémon and with the help of box I put them all out in order. :D And that was 386, all legit.

Some stuff about the box system in Black and White confuses me, I like it a lot more than HG/SS... but I wish they didn't take away the searching by symbol thing they had in D/P/Pt.. -_-; It helped when I needed to find my party members (They always get stamped with a circle) or EV trained things.. I normally put them into their own boxes, but they sometimes get lost..


Well-Known Member
I've seen 552 and obtained 409. I'm not in a hurry to complete my Pokédex at the moment, though. I'm focusing on other objectives.
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