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How much of your pokedex is done?

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Lucky PKMN Breeder
646 I have complete my pokedex except keldeo, melloetta, and genesect :D
But I'm still hunting, because i need Good nature, move, and IV pokemon, so i'm just release all my pokemon and get better one :D. and now i'm bit dissappointed, because that tragedy. because I have just release a lot of my event pokemon :(. Just remain view pokemon and event pokemon in my box


Pokemon Collector
I'm now at
SEEN: 636
OBTAINED: 635 (635 different pokemon are in my poke PC that took too long to get lol )

Will-powered Spriter

Pokédex Complete!
I've been working hard on my dex, and now:

643 seen (missing Regice, Latias and Cresselia)
638 owned (missing the above, Dragonair, Huntail, Gorebyss, Honchkrow and Simisear)

I wanted to EV train all my legends before I send them from 4th gen and I dislike evolving stone evos before they've learned important moves, so that's why I've got these ones left (Dragonair and Dragonite is just laziness).

Edit: Just did some trades on the GTS and with my brother, updated list.
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Pokedex 636/649
I only need the legendarys in my signiture
seen: 619
Obtained: 619


Pokemon Hunter

I haven't seen yet Deoxys, Keldeo, Meloetta and Genesect.

you mean 645 cuz there are only 649 pokemons in total :)

Caught: 642
Seen: 642

Missing: Celebi, Kyogre, Deoxys, and Rayquaza (and the other 3 legendaries that still to be released)


Amemoth Fan :D
Pokedex: 644 of 649

I just need Reshiram to obtain all the Pokemon that you can get.

Waiting for Meloetta, Keldeo and Genesect events..


Well-Known Member
In Black:
Seen: 458
Captured: 215
I know it's sad. And it is the same numbers in White.


Can also jump!
owned: 283

yeah, i dont care about filling the pokedex. the Unova dex at least, only a few more entries left... As for national, i'll never finish that!


call me KM!
Ok, after seeing some of the amounts on here i am now going to start working on filling up my pokedex. I am starting with:

Seen: 228
Obtained: 81

Current project: Unova Dex
I had reset my Black already. I also did not bother transferring Pokemon from my previous games. I seldom keep a single save file on a game. I always go back to the beginning when things got boring.


my white team ;493; lv100 :644: lv50 ;150; lv70 :642: lv40 :494: lv56 :503: lv63!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!(no cheats!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) this is 100% true!!!!!!!!!!! and i only got it for christmas 2011!!!!!!! 8 gym badges but cant beat alder boo! and also even when they are on 1hp and asleep i cant catch landorus or kyurem!
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yes i know i said no cheats and the reason i can encounter landorus:645: is because i got tornadus:641: from my black p.s what order are the smilies (pokemon) in?


Mr. Blue Skyyyy
As of today, I have 404 pokemon in my pokedex, I'm too busy to fill it up :).


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I have all Unova Pokemon (only or final evolutions) except the 3 unreleased legendaries. And a few from the other gens sprinkled in.
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