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How much of your pokedex is done?

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I've never really focused on "catching them all". Although I should start on it, hah.


Seen: 416
Obtained: 231


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Unova Dex: Seen 150/Caught 130.
National Dex: Seen 595/Caught 545.

I need help to complete it.


I finally did it!
I have every pokemon except for Keldeo and Meloetta in Black 2.
If I can get those two before the 20th, It'll be the first time I've ever fully completed a pokedex! :D


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I maxed out my whole pokedex for my pokemon black game unintentionally so I could get the shiny charm for my pokemon x game. Two birds with one stone ftw.


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I completed the gen 5 pokedex quite easily although I have not come close to finishing the 6th gen one. I generally wait until the 3rd version of the game so I can trade between the two. So I will finish it when Z comes out eventually.


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I can't remember, but I know my Pokedex is incomplete (as in I've seen many Pokemon, but some of them still remain unseen). I've never been able to complete a Pokedex until Gen 6 (still need 3-4 more entries, but close enough). lol
All I need is Meloetta! Have so much to offer, msg me :)


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Pokemon Black.

Unova Dex: Seen 150/Caught 130.
National Dex: Seen 600/Caught 551.
On Black I have completed the Pokedex, 156/156 - 501 in total, got all legendaries though so all i'll need to do is lay A LOT of eggs :/


649/649 It took me 500+ hours to get all of them but it was worth it in my opinion :)


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my dex been done a while ago after I heard of the Wi-Fi shutdown I ramped it up


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(National Pokedex) So far, I have seen a total of 495 Pokemon and caught a total of about 287 Pokemon.

Skylander Sylveon

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431 altogether.

It's been a wild ride. <3 But yeah, I'm pretty proud of my accomplishments! ;D


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Not much of it is filled out, but I always usually make sure to get all of my favorites catched before I start working on completing the whole thing.


All of my Unova dex is completed. I can't say the same for my XY dex though. Not even close.
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