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How much time have you played?

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On heartgold its been about 160 hours and for diamond 282 hours and for platinum 200+ hours


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Around the amazing 6oo hours in Diamond, bought in at the release.
Around the 200 in Platinum, wich I played much less.


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230 hours for Platinum. Most I've ever played, over my 210 hours in Sapphire.


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on my heartgold that ive been playing i have about 600 hours


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I was at about 120 on my Platinum before I reset it.
Currently at 250 on my heartgold.
My Pearl is at 40 hours (and I've only gotten 5 badges so far)
My 2nd platinum is at 70 something hours (it has 3 badges, same use as the pearl which is mostly for breeding).
My first Platinum (the reset one) is at like 20 hours with 7 badges
and Soul silver is at about 1 hour and I don't really play it.


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I restart most of my games but Platinum is my main one and since I bought and started it on March 3rd this year I have 170 hours.


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Um... I think I have 122 hours and 45 minutes or something logged on my HeartGold... on Platinum I think I had more.


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On my Pearl I've played 61 hours. On my HeartGold I've played about 350 hours. I just got Platinum so I only have about 22 hours on there.


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On my main Platinum, I have logged 700 hours since August 09'.


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I got Pearl for Christmas in 2007, and now I have been playing it for 643 hours total.

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On my Platinum cartridge (my base of operations) I have 875 hours logged since I began my adventure in June '09.


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On Platinum I'm currently on exactly 59:00.

Diamond, probably around 350-450.

On HeartGold probably only about 30-40.

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Diamond: clocked about.....300-400 hours on it. (I've had the same file since November of '07).

Platinum: just restarted this one again. Currently at 5-12 hours.

SoulSilver: 'bout 100 hours.
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