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How much time have you played?

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Well I feel lesser....
HeartGold: 130 hours-2nd file, 110 hours-1st file
Platinum: 40 hours-2nd file, 80 hours-1st file


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After seeing other posts I feel so skimpy...I have 180 hours on my Pearl.


From Zero To Hero
Just hit 730 hours on my Platinum, after finally getting the final star on my trainer card.

Calm PokeMaster

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around 130 hours on my Platinum

hit 100 hrs on my SoulSilver yesterday.

Nutter t.KK

can Mega Evolve!
Ok, here goes

Diamond - 38:35 and counting. Current.
Pearl (Clean) - 60:20 has trouble in one of my DSes.
Pearl (Hacked) - 9:29 Will be reseter for events.
Platinum - 191:08 Store for stuff
Heart Gold - 129:17 Dex gathering.
Soul Silver - 1:12 restarted for another Mew.

What? I most of the time when you ask for something, Chances are I've done it in the last year.

Diamond is the game I'm play at the moment, but Almost all others are touched on a regular basis. I've got a few other games, some now don't work at all.

Professor Poke

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So far for me:
Red: 1000+ hours (reset multiple times too)
Gold: 100+ hours
Emerald: 50 hours
Platinum: 70+ hours

Started Emerald and Platinum not too long ago.


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I, too, feel inferior in terms of gameplay time...

Pearl, which I've had since the release date and haven't restarted once: Just passed 192 hours this morning.

Silent Conversation

Formerly SinnohChamp
After seeing other posts I feel so skimpy...I have 180 hours on my Pearl.

You feel skimpy? I have about 150 on my Diamond and 110 on my Platinum.
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