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How much will this game stand out?

Discussion in 'Pokémon Generation IV Discussion' started by Eszett, Apr 22, 2006.

  1. Eszett

    Eszett one love

    Ever since the first handheld RPGs were created and released, each generation has left some sort of legacy on the franchise as a whole that has served to steer the paths the game has taken throughout its decade-long existence. While some things, such as the Pokemon offered in each new generation, are very noticeable and bound to make an impression on the franchise regardless of the circumstances, other things are more subtle and harder to notice without closer inspection. Keeping this in mind, some generations have left a less noticeable footprint than others, contributing less Pokemon and features to the game as a whole, yet ultimately every generation gets a share in the stakes.

    Clearly the generation that exudes the most influence is none other than the first generation that began the whole franchise. This not only left a lasting memory of its presence, but also established the quintessential foundation upon which every other generation has been constructed. Of course, the Pokemon from this generation remain the most enduring relic as with every generation, but such things we take for granted, including the birds-eye view and the availability of TMs such as Earthquake and even the presence of HMs, were all laid down by this generation. Just as every American president has decided to use a Cabinet for his executive advisors despite having the opportunity to do otherwise, every subsequent Pokemon RPG has used the same methods that were applied in these first Pokemon games.

    Despite its shortcomings, the second generation did leave a considerable impact upon the franchise as a whole. Keeping many of the same features as a testament to the ability for the older generation to endure through the times, it added a fair deal of color to its presentation on account of being developed for the aptly-named Game Boy Color. While many found its comparatively meager selection of Pokemon inferior to the original offering, even though generating two new types in Steel and Dark but being chock-full of nigh-useless pre-evolutions, what these Pokemon did serve to fulfill was an exposition of the greatest feature given to the franchise by way of the second generation; namely, breeding. This opened up a huge realm of unprecedented possibilties, outfitting Pokemon with never-before-seen movesets and providing an endless realm off of which to base future mechanics for later games. Other innovations such as trading between generations, happiness, and the time system met or will meet success with later generations, and Crystal's advents of signs signifying the entering of cities and routes in addition to the move tutors have been subjects for elaboration all started in the second generation as well.

    As of now, it is difficult to tell what the third generation will leave in its wake. Noted by many for its more elaborate, intricate Pokemon designs and the availability of more choices of land transportation, namely the two varieties of foot travel and the two choices of bike, by all accounts does the third generation have its own unique twist that it will use to influence the design of later games. As the roster of Pokemon available to the user continues to bulge, the National Dex and Regional Dexes were established to keep a check on assorting which Pokemon belonged in which realms. The new data format, while shattering backwards compatibility as a regrettable necessity, gave rise to the possibilities of implementing natures, genders, a new EV system, and the full split of the Special stat, which started in the second generation. This also allowed for Pokemon to adorn ribbons, which could be doled out at strategic times during Contests and upon beating the Elite Four. This merry influx of useful and fun features is bound not to be forgotten by the gamers or the developers any time soon.

    Having said all of that, which precedents will the fourth generation bring to the table? Could we be seeing a higher standard in the selection of TMs given to us? Could we be seeing more than fifty TMs? Perhaps a better variety of climates? Even some more varied HMs that aren't all Water moves? Personally, I am hinging on these aspects and even more to change, considering we are receiving such unexpected innovations as tradeability between handheld games designed for two entirely different consoles and a pure Flying-type. Essentially, methinks this game, this region, and overall this generation will prove to be the Renaissance of Pokemon that will allow it to emerge fully from the thick shell of deeply ingrained tradition.
  2. AJ Flibble

    AJ Flibble Emohawk

    So basically, you're saking what will D/P bring to the table ie. RBY is the start, GSC brought breeding, more moves, new Pokemon, holding items etc. and the 3rd gen brought about EVs, IVs etc.

    I don't know. I hope they don't change the battling and training system too much, so they can focus on changing the gameplay slightly. They'll never totally break tradition though, they'll always be the same style gameplay. But they'll obviously introduce little quirks and other stuff, possibly move tutored move breeding, more TMs, new abilities. I reckon this generation will mainly be an expansion on stuff we already have there can't be that much more to add.
  3. Saph

    Saph Rapscallion

    I think this game will leave it's mark in the trading aspect of the game. The Wifi feature allows you to trade with a friend that's not even in the same street as you.
  4. Ninetales9

    Ninetales9 Hot ;)

    Am I the only one who enjoys his grammar and diction? lol

    I don't see them taking anything out, maybe like a tiny minor thing but I highly doubt it. Maybe we'll be seeing weather in the overworld just like the rain on R/S/E, God knows how much i enjoyed that rain lol. Probably they'll introduce more mini games, that wouldn't change the style of the gameplay and would be really cool.

    It'll defenetly be an outstanding game, all I know is that i'm buying it as soon as it comes out and as far as i'm concerned I've enjoyed all of the pokemons rpg games that have come out, so this one wouldn't be an exception.
    Last edited: Apr 23, 2006
  5. TheTurquoiseTauros!

    TheTurquoiseTauros! This is bull crap!!!

    i hope we will be able to go to all the places like johto and kanto!!
  6. Wandering Rhythmical Phoenix

    Wandering Rhythmical Phoenix rEvolutionary INC.

    I think this gime will bring alot, but also, not as much as the previous ones. With a larger graphial capacity, we'll see some well defined environemetns and Pokemon. Also, we may see a larger aray of items.However, other systems might become more complex, we may be stareing some new battle systems, like in the frontier in the works. We may be looking a larger storyline, that goes even after the defeat of the E4, we could see the E4 part of the story line itself. I can see Breeding taking some major steps forward, More complex methods other than having one partner holding an item, but at certin levels too. I can see lots of the old systems returning. Contests, ECT, but, the New features will overshadow them
  7. CyberCubed

    CyberCubed Banned

    The games will be online, most likely that's how it'll stand out.

    Battling over the internet and keeping track of wins/losses, as well as trading will be "the" selling feature for these games, just like it was for Mario Kart, Animal Crossing, Tetris DS, Metroid Hunters and the other online Nintendo games.

    Competitive battling will finally become official with in-game battling over the internet.
  8. VampirateMace

    VampirateMace Internet Overlord

    I'm thinking hopes might be set a little high here, but it is good for you to dream and be creative... I'm just hoping they don't do something that totally sucks.. like throwing the pokeball with the stylus might sound fun, but what about when you're trying to catch a one of a kind?
    More/Better minigames and wi-fi battles please... Well we know there will be a lot of new pokemon.
  9. Cacophony

    Cacophony Well-Known Member

    I don't think there will be any sweeping changes to gameplay, per se. I mostly expect Gamefreak to look back at past ideas and integrate them all into one game, possibly expanding them in the process.

    GSC had day and night, RSE had changing weather and climate; the DS itself has a built in clock and calendar, so I think both could easily be added. I can see a deeper breeding system also, but how far would they take the idea?

    Of course, if they were smart they might try to tinker with the contest mechanics to make them more than just a cute distraction. The anime hasn't been shown where I live for at least five years now, but the contests there have actual battles, right? If Gamefreak decided to do something like tack on an extra round after the appeals with rules similar to Emerald's Battle Arena (which basically judge how flashy your Pokemon is while fighting) and offer an actual incentive to win, contests could become a notable addition to the series instead of the throwaway novelty they feel like now.

    And then there's the battle system, which has consistently gotten better and more balanced with each generation. It seems like they've already hit perfection (or as close as they're going to get with it) in RSE, it'll be interesting to see how it all changes with the addition of new moves and abilities.

    Urk. I'm rambling now; time to get to the point. Other than the online features, which will probably be the most noteworthy addition to the games, I don't think it's very likely we'll see any huge changes. Judging by what I can see from past generations, the Pokemon series has gradually been moving away from in-your-face new stuff and starting to focus on tweaking things behind the scenes. This leads me to believe that a majority of the effort put into D/P (aside from the main quest) will have to do more with refining and expanding previously existing ideas. There will be some minor changes, and everything will surely be bigger and better as a whole, but I doubt there will be anything radically new or different from what we already know.

    Eh, it's so late... Hopefully that's coherent enough to make sense of?
  10. [AceAussie]

    [AceAussie] Awaiting October.

    one-online gameplay
    two-should be able to go to the other place's on the map like johto.kanto
    three-touch screen capability

    thats abut it..
  11. Metal Force

    Metal Force o^_^o PWNZOME

    Well as for myself I hope that it's gonna br good & have new TMs, HMs, moves, devices & many things, but will there gonna be all that stuff? or is it just gonna have better grafics, more moves & features? well as seing the some pokemon of the 4th gen it seems that Nintendo don't good ideas realy..But I shouldn't judge now because it's only the begnning also we don't know a thing about the playing style in D/P, anyways I seriously hope that it will have many TMs/HMs/devices & many new features also good grafics & good playing style/story line as a result it would be am awesome game & even better than the before.
  12. Electabuzz

    Electabuzz Normal Coordinator

    I feel as if the third generation really brought about the individualization of each pokemon. Things such as natures and abilities really made each pokemon unique, whereas the expansion of move tutors and breeding also increased the variety of each individual pokemon. Coupled with the addition of 135 new pokemon, creating a total of 386, teams could now become much more varied, and one could really start to train. Additionally, with an expanded IV and EV system, individual attention could be given to each pokemon.

    Now, in the fourth generation I see less emphasis on each individual pokemon, and more on the overall game structure. Although I can't see a ton of features being added, I can see them being further developed. Night and Day could be expanded further to gradually seeing the sun rising and setting, with the occasional HootHoot call in the late evening/night. Climates and weather will probably play a huge part in the game, with the expansion including thunderstorms, snow, etc. I also see a much larger variety of areas, including rainforests, volcanos, and maybe even the sky and moon.

    Now, as it comes to pokemon, I feel there's going to be a minimum of 500 total after this game is released. With this I see further expansion of each pokemon, as noted by the increase in evolutions and pre-evolutions. To me, this shows that the number of pokemon is being "fleshed out", increasing the relationships within pokemon to make a fuller body of pokemon.
  13. [AceAussie]

    [AceAussie] Awaiting October.

    i also feel the same way as electabuzz i think that once it gets to late you can camp out or when you go you set out camp and sleep in the game aswell??
    also vice comunication so you atleast have to remember passwords that you have to learn like in fire red/leaf green you had to remember two word so you could get in the rocket base on the 5th or 6th island
    you should have to feed your pokemon even though it would get anoying but it would make it more realistic.
    once again online gameplay where there would be a web page where you battle agaist people in a tournament and receive new pokemon as prizes or you can download pokemon like mew...
    useing the ds wireless comunicator in ways where when 2-10 people are playing one of the versons within the area limit they apear on your game as another trainer in the place on the map that they are at eg:your in pallet and your friend turns on the game and is at new bark you will be able to travel to the town and battle who ever wins will win a lot of money and a item.
    useing the touch screen to travel in between tree's and all that
    better graphics

    well basically makeing the game more realistic and useing the ds to it's full potentiel.
  14. Ex_Mightyena

    Ex_Mightyena Mightyena Master

    This games going to be the first pokemon RPG on DS,its going to stain history.
    In fact If any more RPGs beyond D/P I reckon they would have to live up to alot!

    I doubt the feeding pokemon,I dont want this to lead in the same way as digimon or tamagotchi.

    Are we allowed to post ideas here?
  15. lime_green_hero

    lime_green_hero The Dancing Cactus

    I think that the big thing 4th generation will bring about is storylines. Think about it. Red and Blue we had a few encounters with Team Rocket, but that was it. Then in Gold and Silver, we had to stop several Team Rocket attempts at taking over radio stations, cities, ect. In Ruby and Saphire we had a cool little plot to stop some bad guys with big pokemon. It really wasn't anything big, though. Just a distraction. Then in Emerald they made it bigger, by having both teams get a little more involved, rather than just one of them. I think in Diamond and Pearl, they're going to have a real storyline. A big one.
  16. Sunkern

    Sunkern Well

    I don't think there will be more HM's, Pseudo HM's like rock smash and headbutt are more easily implemented throughout the game and I would think they can convert other TM's into environment-effective moves rather than more horrible HM's that you have to keep. Perhaps they'll even make the HM's TM's and do away with the HM concept altogether, that would be a good think in my opinion, you could say it takes part of the game away but it also allows a lot more freedom and less rummaging around in the PC..

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