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How often do you play Pokemon?

Discussion in 'Poképolls' started by PancakeBoy, Apr 9, 2012.

  1. Charazemma

    Charazemma Well-Known Member

    It varies. When a new (main series or ranger) game comes out, I dont put my DS down. I missed a lot of Uni when BW came out...

    The rest of the time its up and down, If I dont have a new game to play with, I'll train new teams and do random match up. I travel 2 hours to Uni so I need something to keep me entertained!

    The longest I've been without playing is probably a month, when I got my 3DS and Mario Kart 7 and Street Fighter were all new and shiny... but then I always come back to Pokemon :)
  2. Flame Mistress

    Flame Mistress Well-Known Member

    These days, once or twice a week on average. However, I was hooked when I first got Black, and in the past few days I've been training like crazy to beat the E4.
  3. Mister_SGG

    Mister_SGG Well-Known Member

    Until the end of February, I wasn't playing at all, but now I try to play as much as I can. Usually about an hour after I'm done with schoolwork. Really no other games on the DS appeal to me anymore.

    haha good one homes
    Last edited: Apr 9, 2012
  4. cantab

    cantab Well-Known Member

    When I'm playing one of the Pokemon games, I tend to get at least a couple hours in each day. Depends on what else is drawing my attention, e.g. I was learning blender the week before last so didn't get on my Emerald run much. With my games, I tend to take one at a time, and play it until completion or boredom, rather than hop between games. So when it's some other game in my DS, or something on PS2 or PC grabbing my attentions, then the Pokemon games might sit in their boxes for weeks.
  5. BrettvG

    BrettvG Well-Known Member

    I usually play a couple of hours a day, but when the games first come out I pretty much can't put it down :)

    There's always some Pokemon game that needs something completed so they all get quite a bit of a workout
  6. Nightfall_

    Nightfall_ Gamer Extrodinare

    Every once and a while.
  7. Sidewinder

    Sidewinder Ours is the Fury

    That's exactly how I am when a new game comes out. I remember when BW came out, I was playing it in the passengar seat as my buddy drove, and we were in a minor fender bender. As we were waiting for the police to get there and make a report, I sat up on the ruined remains of his hood and kept going. He was somewhat distressed at my lack of reaction haha
  8. フェージングのエコー

    フェージングのエコー The Boss of ur Boss

    I'm more of a casual person when it comes to this stuff.
  9. John Wallrein

    John Wallrein I am the walrein

    i dont play too much. Just in my spare free time when im bored.
  10. ~Kari~

    ~Kari~ Well-Known Member

    I almost never play anymore, the games are too easy, and I have all the Pokemon I want.
  11. gliscor&yanmega

    gliscor&yanmega Well-Known Member

    When I get a new game I'll pretty much play it every second I have to play it.

    After I finish with the game(Once I start trying to collect all the Pokemon that I can and get bored and stop) then after a while I'll play the games again when I feel interested in playing them, I don't play as much as I would when I first got the game but still play it pretty much every day for a few hours or so, then it's a matter of getting bored again or beating it then wait a some time to play a new game again(Sometimes I start a new game right away, other times it takes a month or more to get into the mood again).

    So whenever I feel like playing it really.
  12. AuraSphere

    AuraSphere TED <3

    Not as often as I'd like. After you've finished everything in the game it becomes boring.
  13. wobbanut

    wobbanut Team Awesome

    Well, I gave up playing Pokemon for Lent. I had to give up something. I only played on Sundays because they're break days and I had to finish SoulSilver.

    Now that Lent is over.... GIVE ME THE GAMES!!!!!!!
  14. Flappy

    Flappy <3 Flappy

    Aaaah nya! Wow that is really sad im sorry.
  15. Calamity™

    Calamity™ aka Lamia

    Normally I would play it, get sick of it for about a month, and then play again. Now it's been quite a few months since I picked up the game, so I have no idea if I'd want to play any time soon. If I did it would probably be for the challenge forums section. I will also probably not pick up the new sequel they're making upon release.
  16. Archangel Azazel

    Archangel Azazel Fallen Angel

    An hour or so a day... P:
  17. TheEliteEmpoleon

    TheEliteEmpoleon Well-Known Member

    I would say I play it maybe half an hour a day minimum. Usually every day unless I am severely punished.
  18. Summer of the Vulpix

    Summer of the Vulpix Go with the Flow

    when I first started playing pokemon, I couldn't get enough, but once I completed the main story I played less.
  19. Dragonite77

    Dragonite77 Member

    Its like 60% of my day, the only times I play it more than that is when I start a new game or a new game is released.
  20. Ninja Dog

    Ninja Dog Banned

    i don't play the Actual games much anymore, Mainly just pokemon online. I used to play it every day though.

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