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How often do you see ubers?

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Pose as a team
for me about 1/3 teams have ubers, but its funny when i beat the **** out of them with some crap team i put together out of leftover trained pokemon.
one team had
2 giratinas
a dialga
a darkrai
and two other pokemon i cant remember/didnt battle

i ended up winning with only my weavile dieing (curse you dark void!!!)


I just had 13 Wi-Fi battles and not a one had an uber in it.


~Ding Dong~
i have only just recently got wifi and already most of the people i have faced have ubers and its fun to absolutely pwn their teams :D but 1/5 people have well trained teams which are hard to beat and i mostly always lose ;)


I mostly see teams with at least one uber in them. Usually they leave that one uber till their last pokemon too.


Usually, not always do I see an Uber. However they usually are no match for my Ev-ed OU team that I use in PBR.


OUs are A-OK!
Whats so wrong with ubers?


Aqua Admin
it most of the time dosent matter wether they have ubers it depends on how good the trainer is. i usually see ubers every 2 in 3 battles. its fun though when my non-ubers wipe out the uber teams. the uber i see most is probably dialga. i battled an all-darkrai team that totally killed me lol


lugia master
I see ubers quit alot, but I don't mind the ubers. What gets me mad is when some one comes on wifi with 2 hacked darkrai that know roar of time and use then perceded to use a hacked palkia and dialga. Needless to say I lost. I thought nintendo solved the problem people had with putting on hacked pokemon,but I guess not. I see alot of hacked pokemon over wifi
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Kakashi-Sharingan Warrior

Well-Known Member
Try fighting the same uber user THREE TIMES IN A ROW

His Team:

My Team:
Deoxys (JP 10th movie, untrained)

Deoxys and Mewtwo would have a rivalry going on, and Giratina slaughtered everything.

First match - Lost
Second match - I surrendered
Third Match - Lost

Also, it is possible to get Darkrai with Roar of Time....both 10th movie Darkrai have it


Yay! For the first time in 43 Wi-Fi battles, I battled someone with ubers on there team.:D He didn't use any of them though.:( *Still hopes for an uber battle some day*
I come across teams with ubers about 2/3 battles. I must just be unlucky, I guess.
I don't really mind when there's just one or two on a team but a team of six, shiny ubers is a bit extreme (and difficult to believe). Do these people not even raise their pokemon in the first place?

I have an eevee team (Espeon, Vaporeon, Jolteon, Umbreon, Leafeon and Flareon) that have been EV trained but I still lose to uber teams about half of the time. I don't find fighting ubers all that interesting, there certainly is never the same display of strategy that you see with trainers who use "normal" pokemon.

It has reached the stage where I want to make my own uber team that I raise from level 1 and EV train specifically to fight these "uber abusers" who probably got all of their team on level 50 anyway.

Funk Stallion

World's Strongest
i see ubers fairly often, and when i see them the trainer usually has atleast 2.


I've done a couple dozen random Wi-fi matches just to get friend passes, and I can give a safe estimate of two-thirds of teams that use Ubers. Unfortunately, I contribute to this problem, but the only one I've ever used on my card is a Mewtwo, and even he's going to be outmoded if I ever get that sixth team member trained....

On another note, a lot of teams use Garchomp. I'm getting utterly sick and tired of that thing. At least every last one goes down after just one Ice Beam.


Riddle in an Enigma
I see ubers about 30 to 40 percent of the time on wifi, usually when I do though, its just 1 or 2 of them.
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