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How old are you Pokemon Diamond and Pearl fans?

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Phantom Angel
I'm 14. Most of my friends that play the game are around the same age.


I hate Ringo...
In 27 days I will be 20, and I just bought Diamond yesterday.


Herd u liek Pygola?
I'm 12, and I'll be 13 in August. (pretty young, eh?)


New Member
47. Been playing since RBY. I get a kick out of going down to the ToysRUs events. Well, the first one, Mew, where I was standing in line for over 2 hours wasn't so fun with the waiting part (I'm too old for that!), but fun meeting everyone. I'd be chatting with the parents about concerts from 1980's and all. Hanging with the younger players too chatting about what's your favorite pokemon. Eventually when I got to the counter to get my Mew they realized I had no kid there. They were like WHAT????!!! You're here for your own pokemon? Hee.


Well-Known Member
I'm 15, I started playing Pokemon just when G/S came out, when I got Blue and Silver. I've been playing ever since.
Only games I don't have/ haven't had out of the core series are:
Red, Gold and Emerald.

I'll be getting Platinum and will probably get then 5th Gen games, too.

Every now and then I get really bored of Pokemon, but come back to it a few months later with much enthusiasm.


Peace Sells
im 12 gonna be 13 on september 11th (yes i know) lol thats just like me in the above post about getting bored


Redneck Gamer
I'm 20 and I remeber literally doing a backflip when I first got blue.
I'm 14 turning 15 next month and I've been playing since I got Pokemon Red when I was like... maybe around 6 years old? X3


New Member
I'm 23, started playing with Red and Blue. Played every generation of games... I wander away for a bit, but always seem to come back. I'm excited about Platinum, and I'm hoping to see a Pokemon MMO at some point - The GTS and Wireless battles are a step in that direction, and I'd love to see them go all the way.
13 been playing sience i couldent read one more thing how meany of us have friends our age that we know that play pokemon?


Altaria Trainer
I'm 20 years old and I've been playing ever since the days of Red and Blue.

Woot! 20-year-old pokemon lovers unite. ;292;

So yeah, I'm 20.. soon to be 21 ;) and I've been playing pokemon since it first came out. Quoth my mother: "I thought it would be a phase.. but it's never ending... god damnit."

I only know two other people in my area who play pokemon. :(


Well-Known Member
13 years old since Pokemon Red/Blue/Yellow series to the Diamond and Pearl series.
I also played Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Explorers of Time and Darkness. :)
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