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How old are you Pokemon Diamond and Pearl fans?

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I'm 16. I know pokemon since 2000, when it's come to Poland. I played in Pkmn yellow first =3


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Im 15 and ive been playin since Red (my first ever video game!)


im 16 and i had pokemon blue first, i can remember getting my first lv 100 (dragonite) i then got yellow gold silver stadium 1 and 2, i then stoped for a while until pokemon saphire.
now i love diamond


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I'm 14, 15 in August and I've been playing since I got Pokémon Yellow when I was 8ish (not entirely sure)

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Circa 2006
17, I've been with the games since they came out ( My Older cousin imported green when it came out )

Although I was reading the Japanese manga
Im 11, and have been playing since red, blue


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I am 16, and I have been playing since the days of Red and Blue..

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I'm 13, i've been playing since yellow when my dad went overseas and brought back me and my brother each a yellow version and a Pika plushie. :)


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Aw, I'm 10! =O

Yet, I'm a great battler(know natures, EV's, IV's, that stuff)


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I am 19 and never used real ubers in battles. I've been a trainer since 1998


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I've been a trainer since 1998

Since 1998 here, as well. Christmas 1998... although on September 30th, I got a nice rain check for it T-T A rain check well in advance, since I ended up finally getting only a few days before Christmas. Bah >.<
19, playing since Red & Blue. ^_^

Not really a fan of using legendaries when battling other people, but when it comes to the battle tower or games like Stadium/ Colosseum/ Revolution, I like to bring them out.

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17. I got my first Pokémon game; Pokémon Ruby, on Christmas Day of 2003, along with the big surprise of getting a Game Boy Advance SP that I hadn't actually asked for.

The first time I played a Pokémon game was when I was around the age of 10, I played some of Pokémon Red or Blue (can't remember which), but mostly, Pokémon Gold/Silver (borrowed), and enjoyed it very much, got through the entire game.

It's cool that it let's you play through both of the two regions, it looked odd having the amount of badges gotten displayed as 16, G/S is the only Pokémon game that has more than one region accessable in it.


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I'm 16 now, I'll be 17 this August.
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