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How Old Is TOO Old TO Play Pokemon?

So what age do you have to stop?

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I don tthink there is a 'TOO old' for pokemon, it is for everyone.


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I don tthink there is a 'TOO old' for pokemon, it is for everyone.


Head Case
pokemon's timeless. but the shows do make it seem like it's very kiddy though huh?

Blackjack Gabbiani

Clearly we're great!
I'm 28. Pokemon came out here my first year of COLLEGE. The "too old for it" teasing never happened to me, so I suspect that it's only within an age/social bracket like school.

And I know plenty of fans who're older than me. I know a guy who's gotta be pushing 55 by now who goes to every tournament.

latios reborn

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I grew up with it so I don't think there is an "age" limit


<<< Pimp
That's like saying when is it too old to watch the simpsons. There isn't an age restriction, and shouldn't be.


Blue Team
You're never too old for Pokemon. It's one of the best RPG and multiplayer games around. It just so happens that it was originally pitched at young children via the godawful anime (which really has very little to do with the real game besides the pokemon themselves), which imo misrepresents the Pokemon games horribly.
I used to, as people have mentioned, keep my private life and schooling life separate. Now I'm at Uni, noone really cares if I play pokemon. A couple of my mates even have the game, although they only played it for the story mode. As long as Nintendo keeps up the good work and delivers new, diverse pokemon and moves, and hopefully new game mechanics, I think people will play Pokemon for life.

Elite Four Muadita

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i have to say that you can play any game as long as you like to play it...


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I'm 46 and I couldn't imagine not playing. I've bought and played every generation since the first within a few days of them hitting the shelves. I will continue on with the generations to come as well.

I will admit, however, that I don't go around telling people that I'm playing Pokémon. ;)


Punk Rock > You
There isn't an age limit. But some people don't see the more "adult" parts to the game (i.e competitive battling, trying to finish the dex etc.) so they think it's a kiddy game. Some people just grow out of it. They don't find it fun anymore.


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Never. I'm 19 years old and I'm still a huge fan. And I don't see myself getting tired of Pokemon either. The Pokemon company would have to do something so awfully and seriously bad to lose my interest, and even then, I might just get over it later anyways.

Strange thing though. I had a phase back when I was younger when I would have answered this question differently. Probably because I gave in to peer pressure and decided that Pokemon wasn't cool anymore (like many people my age). I got back into it several years ago though, and haven't regretted it since.


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I don't think you are ever too old to play it.Though it would be a bit creepy to see an 80 year old playing it.


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i say never just like u are never to old to play ps2 and xxbox and stuff


How Old Is TOO Old TO Play Pokemon?

Anyone can play at any age.
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