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How Old Is TOO Old TO Play Pokemon?

So what age do you have to stop?

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burning it down
I think you're never too old, as long as you enjoy the games. Many people say they grow out of it, but I just think that they think it's uncool! :p


I lost the game?!?!
I am still at my early teens :D
No, it's never too old to play Pokémon. A 11 years old actually called me immature for doing that and I reckon he matured too much :D


Unactive :(
I agree with anyone who says never.
It's not about that age if you like Pokemon, it is that interest to it.
These people who says "Lol, you're 24 year old and still watch/play Pokemon", Oh please...If you like Pokemon, then you like it.


I'm back!
My Uncle I just figured out that he is 58 and he still plays pokémon. I got a shiny Bronzor from him xD. Also my cousin also plays and me and my sister, her and my uncle, had a double battle. It was fun. Oops. Sorry sis for fainting your Dustox.;)


What's this for? ^
I agree with most people if you like it then you could keep playing untill you are 80 i mean i used to think my cousin was to old to play but it doesnt matter really.


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Profesco used Hi Bump Kick!
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