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How old were you when you got R/B/Y?

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Sexy Pineapple
I was at the mere age of 6 when I got Red; and I had a firm belief that my Squirtle was a girl.
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About 8 when I first played Red, and when I obtained one shortly afterward.


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I first played Red when I was five, but I did not get my Yellow until I was nearly ten. O_O

Then I got my current Red and Blue carts on my thirteenth birthday back in August. ._.


Brockness Monster

Yipes Stripes!
i got the blue version a few months after it came out for my 11th birthday.


Noam Chompsky
5 when i got red...that was an interesting christmas because i couldnt stop playying it and i never understood the training cocept so i went against Surge with a level 43 Venusaur and a level 14 Buterfree, and a lvl 12 Pidgey o_O...by the elite four those guys were 40 and venusaur was 85 but by them my team was Venusaur, Marowak, Nidoking, Fearow, Kangaskahn, Eggextutor

The buterfree was traded since it would have taken an eternity to find a caterpie in red...


Zigzagoon luv
Um. 7, Yeah 7 when I got my Yellow Version I think, I forgot though..

Shining Shadow

Score For Z-Gravity
I got Yellow version when i was 8 :), First thing i did was catch a Caterpie and dub him Stringy. Then i deposited Pikachu... Stringy the lvl 78 Butterfree became my main pokemon lol.
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Free Man

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I first played Red and Blue when I was on holiday in America, the summer of 1999. My cousin was majorly into Pokémon, and I played on his games a lot. When I accidentally saved over his Blue game, we decided I should just get my own copy to play. So I got Red, as an early 14th birthday present (my birthday's in September). By the time Pokémon started to hit Brtain as a huge craze, I was already well on the way to completing my Pokédex. :p I got Yellow on it's release day in the UK. I played them until the summer of 2000, when I just got bored of the whole thing, as Pokémon over-saturated the market in... well... everything, seemingly.

At (maybe) Easter time in 2000, some friends and I had a six-way battle tournament. Of course, all our teams were really bad (Mine was Gengar, Venusaur, Blastoise, Charizard, Golem, Mewtwo), and I came second. Over the years, I occasionally challenged my friend Will (who won) to a rematch. Last May he accepted. :p So, I started a new game on Red, and have got seriously into Pokémon once more. :) I recently got Crystal, which I've been having lots of fun with.

And there ends my life story. Beautiful, eh?


Awaiting October.
I was 8 when i got my dad to buy me red from Myer i remember that day like it was yesterday
"DAD can you by me the Pokemon game?"
"Hmm $60 isn't that to much can't you wait for christmas?"
"No!! i want it now don't make me ask mum.."
"okay, One red version please"

and then Blue for my 9 birthday
and in that same year i got Yellow
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