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How old were you when you got R/B/Y?

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christian 4ever
when i ws 5

Eclipsed soul

Houndour Trainer
Hrm...*Thinks back* I believe I got my game when I was 9? I know I got hlue on 12/26/98. I got yellow version on 10/19/99, so...I would've been 10 there because I was born in '89.

So yeah, I've been playing Pokemon since I was 9, even though I was a fan of the TV show longer *nod*


Glitch Hunting Freak
I got yellow as soon as it came out in 99 for my birthday ssssooooooooo........... I was 7 at the time

water types rule

Well-Known Member
I think I was 5 or 6 I don't remember exactly, when I got Red.

Cipher Admin Xaos

Dust to Dust
I think I was in Kindergarden when I got blue.
I got red shortly after that (I remember asking my mom how do I spell 'Gary' for my rivals name since I wanted to be like the cool kids and copy off the anime)

Hell the funniest thing is that I only used my starter Pokemon and then In Sapphire I thought 'Wait a minute...!' and I begain to train a balanced team of Pokemon...


Our Lady of Sorrows
9 or 10 :3


I am Erureido
it was in the 3rd grade...or the summer before that...if i remember correctly. I was about 8 or 9. Something around then.
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