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How old were you when you got R/B/Y?

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Rocket Grunt
I was 8 when I first got my Yellow version, back on Christmas '99. It was the very first game I ever owned. What a day that was...
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It was my 8th birthday :D

And i remember it took me 2 hours to figure out how to find Prof. Oak

Then i got stuck in Viridian Forest and i had to ask my friend where the exit was...

i'm so glad they made entrances and exits more obvious in Generation 2 =P

Chaotic Houndoom

Dark Trainer
Wow, I couldnt tell you its been so long! 10-11? Dunno. >.<


Game Corner Addict
11 I think. My first Gameboy was the Original GBA and I played Gold first. Got Red not long after.

Although I have been a Pokemon fan since the Animé was broadcasted in the UK in 1999 I think, making me 8 at the time!


Seriously? I got it when it first came out in America. So, if I'm thinking of the date correctly, I was... It was.... 1998? I dunno. I'm 17 now...

So I guess subtracting 11 years... I was 6 or 7 at the time. ^_^ Such fun...
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I was 7 or 8 years old... (I think)

It was Red Version I believe; I honestly can't find it though. *lost it* =/

High five! t(^_^)>

My brother got Blue, I chose red. I was gullible back then, so on the day it came out, he made me think they didn't have any more of the Red Version, until I got home and figured out he already bought one for me.

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I was 11 lol, Silver was my first game and I got it when I was 10, but I've been a fan since I was 8


i was 7. ^_^ two of my older brothers had red, the other one has blue, along with my best friend.

i got special pikachu edition, along with the pokemon gameboy. :D


Bum Eyes
God I can't be bothered to do the math but I had the game along with a new Gamboy Colour so I must have been around 7. Brings back memories though of me and my friend trading Machokes and Kadabras so we could get Machamps and Alakazam to complete the Pokedex.


Grass Type Lover
hehe....to be honest I got my first Yellow around the age of 11...^^;
Also I got it one day walking to school, it was on the ground =DDDDD such luck! haha XD


have a drink on me
Got Red and Blue (blue later broke, though) at like 6....

and to this day, Red lives and i still play it occasionaly

*heart warms up thinking about warm fuzzy membories...*


With Action Amusing!
Pretty sure I was out and about skiving classes in my second year of college when I met up with my brother in town and he showed me Yellow in the store that had imported games... So I was about 17 I think.


Pokemon Crystal was my first game. However, I got FireRed when I was... 10?
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