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How old were you when you got R/B/Y?

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Zap Cannon

Active Member
Either 4 or 5, I remember that it took me forever just to figure out how to get past the old man who wanted his cofee.
I played my friend's Blue version for like 3 years so I didn't actually own one.
I finally bought Blue when I was 11. Even though I technically started it when I was about 7. XD


2nd GEN+ PokéNazi
Either 6 or 7 when I got Yellow, first gen forever!

Red Globe

Si Vis Amor, ama
6. Got Blue and Yellow. ~


No life till leather
my old BFF gave me Yellow and a green GBC for my 7th b-day. best-birthday-ever


le quant-à-soi
I would've been 6 at the oldest. When I got Blue, that is.
lets see... this is going way back, i was 7 or 8 i got both red and blue for xmas in the year they came out =D

and i only asked for blue aswell hehe!


Active Member
I was 7 when I got my Yellow.
I was in the 4th grade... so I was about 9 I believe.
I was in the 4th grade... so I was about 9 I believe.
Huh, pretty interesting thread. Well, it was December 1999 when I accedentaly saw Pokemon yellow on a magazine.So, I asked for "Santa" to bring me that as a Christmas gift.

In December 1999 I was 3-4 years old. Now, I'm 14-15. 12 years addicted to Pokemon. :D


Bad Taste Everywhere
I was around 5 years old I was gonna get gold but chose blue instead since I liked the color blue. I got up all the way to charizard before getting past the old man yeah 31 levels on only rattata and pidgey and whatever was on the way to the league


Flabebe's Kids
I was around 4-5. I didn't play it that much; I just watched my older brother play it.
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