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How old were you when you got R/B/Y?

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I think I got my Yellow Version when I was like 8 or 9 years old


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I received my Blue version hand-me-down along with a bunch of other stuff my dad's coworker's sons had grown out of. It was 2002, I think, and I was 7. Or it might have been the year before that. I have an awful memory when it comes to remembering exactly when events in my life happened.

But at any rate, I got Blue pretty late, and ended up not getting Silver until after I got Sapphire. But that's another story.

But it looks like I'm a bit unusual in that regard.
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I think I first got Blue version when I was 5. I also got Red and Yellow later though I don't remember exactly when. I still have two copies of Blue version for some reason but not any other Generation I games. I have some good Pokemon on one of them but sadly they're stuck on there as I don't have Generation II games any more.


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I got blue for christmas when I was nine or ten. I remember mom had to save up for it and my bad-a*s lime green gameboy colour. I remember getting stuck upstairs because I didn't realise that the lines were stairs. (I was only stuck for a minute or two, though)

I also remember being unable to get into Saffron City...which made me increadibly cross, as I couldn't get a hitmonchan, who at that time, and still to this day (Obviously), was my favorite.

I got red shortly after, and I got Yellow as soon as it came out. I was the first kid in my county to get it. I got to go into the store-room and open the box with a box-cutter and get my Yellow version out. I still have that game, too.

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hes from teh Hawaii?
How old I was

I was 12 i bought Yellow Bundle game with my one hundred dollers That I saved.
;munchlax; did not exist bac then tho


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I know that I got an Atomic Purple GBC along with Yellow as my first game.
I think I must have been 8 at the time?

Anyway, I alerady had played Blue a lot since my brother had it.
I still have Red, Blue and Gold, though I plan on selling them.
But I'll still have Japanese Yellow so it's all good.
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I got a GameBoy Color along with Pokemon Yellow (and Silver) for my birthday one year. I believe I was about eight or nine. I'd rented Pokemon Red and Blue from Blockbuster for my original GameBoy a while before that too.


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I got Yellow when I was 11. Almost like the real age, 10.
I remember that day, it's happened when I got it to my birthday.:)

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I got Pokémon Yellow for my eighth birthday, complete with a magenta GameBoy Color and a GameBoy pouch with Pikachu on the front. I was a stupid kid back then, so I lost to Brock like three or so times before I found a Mankey. Pikachu hated me for a while since. What made it worse was that I cheated (kinda) by getting a kid's Poliwrath (later on a Cloyster) early on, and it would not obey for a very, very long time.

Later that year for Christmas, I got Pokémon Silver, and I still didn't learn my lesson. Well, I got a Celebi, though, until my brother started it over and saved >_>.

I then learned to get through the games myself, and that's what makes them more enjoyable and memorable.

(misses Yellow and Silver)
I actually got Red during 2003 or 2004. lol So that means I was either 13 or 14 years old. I really got it only to complete my Gold Pokedex, and the game was under $10 because it was a used copy. I figured it was worth it, also to say I have played through the first Pokemon games. (They're good, obviously! :p)

One of my friends recently gave me her copies of Blue and Yellow, but I have yet to play them...


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I got Pokemon blue when it was first released. I think I was 8. I got it as a first communion gift.
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Thinking back... I believe I first got Blue for the low price of 4 bucks from a random guy giving away his old pokemon stuff, and I was around 8 or 9 years old. Course being stupid me, I gave the game away to my younger cousin, which I still to this day fully regret, and someday plan on snatching it back, hehe :)


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Jeeze, I just remember getting it a few months after it came out in North America. So I think I was about four. It was a hand down from my older cousins.


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I got pokemon yellow when I was about 7 years old. I'm 15, almost 16 now, and I still love the first gen. I love all the generations.


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I was 6 when i first got my light green gameboy coulor with both red and blue on my birthday (let my brother use red on pokemon stadiums GB tower) immediantly fell in love when the first battle started against ASH (thats what i called him, optional name on blue) loved the battle music from the word go, when it started with the opening rift followed by the *ping* then the second *ping* when the game read "ASH wants to fight", brilliant.

Also have you heard that guy play it near faultlessly on a piano, here's the link if you haven't.

Hmmm, I don't know. I got the original gameboy when I was 5. Then a GBC a few years after that...
I only really remember playing parts of Red, but I can honestly say my childhood was eaten up by Gold and Crystal :D
But I did play Red when I was probably 7 or so. I'm 15 now so about 8 years ago. Oh the good ol` days of the original generation <3
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