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How old were you when you got R/B/Y?

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I got Blue when I was about 4 but I never really played it. (Honestly, I couldn't even get past my ROOM just because I liked the sound of bumping the walls :p. Yes, I was a strange child back then.) All of my Gen. 1 nostalgia comes from Stadium because no travelling was involved.

Cryptic Blaze

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I was about 4 when I first got Blue version. I remember starting out with Squirtle when I first played it. I'm 16 now so I have been playing pokemon for about 12 years now.


The Abysswalker
5 or 6 I think was when I was given Red as a birthday present.


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I was 9 when I first got my Blue version :)

Hikari Paradise

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I got blue for my 9th birthday and yellow for christmas that same year.


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I was about 9, my brother got Red as his birthday present and I played it non-stop until our parents went out and got me Blue.


I was four when I first got my first Pokemon game, a Blue version with a Gameboy Pocket that my mom had found in our hotel room.
I've been hooked ever since.
The worst part about starting playing when I was four was that I could not read efficiently yet, and never even made it to Brock on my first file (I did not know that I needed to bring the Parcel back to Oak).


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I got Red version for my 7th birthday. I was so happy, because all of my friends had gotten the game almost a year earlier when it came out in September. My birthday is in July so I had to wait.


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6. I got pokemon blue the day after I got sapphire I think.

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3. My sister got it back then but I was the one who played it.


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I believe I was 12 when I got RBY..


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I got Red Version so I was around 10-11 years old. It's been such a long time.


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I was 11 years old and I had originally wanted to buy the Blue version because blue is my favorite color, but Toys R'us were out of them so I had to settle for the Red version instead. A few weeks later when my friends were all saying that Red was the cooler game over Blue because it has the coolest pokemon on it's cover (Charizard) I wasn't so upset about settling to buy the Red version anymore :).


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I was 5 years old, I believe. It was a Christmas present. Red version, and it still works. So does my yellow.
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