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How Pikachu Came to Have Red Cheeks and Other Short Stories

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How Pikachu Came to Have Red Cheeks and Other Short Stories
Probably this will be a-okay for all ages. Might be a little confusing for some younger people but otherwise.
Burninator's Contribution. Check it out!!!!
Want it printed? Then check out the above link!

Based on the Just-So stories by Rudyard Kipling, these collections of short stories tell and prove (ah-hem) just how things have in the Pokemon Universe. So need to double-check something for a science project? Then come here. Or just inquisitive? Come here, too! But most importantly, believe. Oh, and have fun!
Right, can I have a request. I'm not angry, I'm just being abrupt: Can people stop doing there own submitted questions. It takes away the point of the project a bit. Try and do other peoples!

Submitted and Accepted Questions
Bold = Written Story and Link to Post Story On
Italics = Person Who Submitted Question
Underline = Person Writing Story
NB) To submit a question from now on just post here. I'd prefer not to have PMs although this may change if this thread's getting out of hand.
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Gather round, children, gather round -- Maybe adults too. I'm here to tell you some stories and what stories they are. For what you shall hear are some incredible tales that even this even' even Aesop and Shakespeare couldn' look up to. They are wonderful, magical, mystical and let me add for my faithful list'ners: Absolutely true! Yes, science may have destroyed your minds and told you that old evi' is to blame, or religion has told you that old Eve is to blame. Nev'r mind, for now it is time for you to find out the very basics of life itself.


There's a saying in northern parts that goes "Never trust a leapord without spots." Now what this means, no one knows, or indeed no one even knows what a leopard is. But the phrase is irrlevant to this story, so thankfully, I don't have to use it.

Now this story does not begin with a Pikachu as one might think, but with a Mr. Mime who that day happened to be visiting a Pikacu colony. Now this Mr. Mime was having a mid-life crisis (as most Mr. Mime's happen to do). For the only time this Mr. Mime had ever seen another creature with red spots on it's cheeks was when this Mr. Mime had peered into clear, reflective water. This Mr. Mime felt it was an outcast.

Now, this particular colony of Pikachus were very cheeky Pikachus. When one of them saw the approaching Mr. Mime it ran up to another and said, "Look at that old fella, approaching in the distance."

The other Pikachu peered into the middle-distance and said, "My goodness, he is an odd fella what with all his odd limbs, funny hair and --" the Pikachu let out a particular loud giggle "-- red spots on it's cheek!"

"You're right, Pikachu," said the Pikachu (not to itself but to the other Pikachu). And as the Mr. Mime got closer, they both had an idea. They ran into the centre of their colony and shouted,

"Pikachu of our colony!" For they were all Pikachu of their colony. "We have noticed an odd pokemon approaching nearby with equally odd red cheeks. Let us mock this odd pokemon by covering our cheeks with red spots and making it feel embarrassed." The Pikachus of the colony (for they were Pikachus in a colony) ran to the nearest berry bushes and started pressing the reddest of the red, red berries into their cheek, creating the reddest of the red, red spots on their cheeks. Indeed, these spots were so red that they were redder than the red spots on the now nearby Mr. Mime.

An even more nearby Donphan warned the mischievous Pikachu, "You'd better wash off those stains before an hour, otherwise they'll dry for ever and you'll never be able to get those redder than red, red spots off your cheeks."

But the Pikachus merely scoffed, "We're right by a river!" they said, "We'll wash off those redder than red, red spots of our cheeks."

The Donphan merely shrugged and wandered off saying, "Don't say I didn't warn you."

So now, the Pikachus with the redder than red, red cheeks stood in a row and waited for the Mr. Mime to come near. The Mr. Mime saw them and delighted that another type of pokemon had redder than red, red cheeks like itself. However, this Mr. Mime was so delighted that it went forward to hug them. The Pikachus, horrified, as I would be if a double-jointed, redder than red, red cheeked freak was running towards me, arms outstretched eletrocuted the poor Mr. Mime.

Now this was just too much for Mr. Mime. In retaliation it surrounded the helpless Pikachus with an invisible wall and wandered off into the distance, never to be seen again, although some say it became a part-time probation officer for the law courts.

Now this was just too much for the Pikachus. They were trapped in an invisible wall unable to get anyway including the...

"River! We need to get to the river!" said one of the Pikachus who had redder than red, red cheeks. This caused an upsurge of panic and they all started accidentally shocking each other. Eventually, they realised that this was only making the berries dry faster.

A couple of hours later and that same Donphan who had warned them earlier came wandering by after a quick drink in the river. It saw all the Pikachus uncomfortably squashed up against an invisible wall. This Donphan had recently been given the ability to roll around and smash things (but that's a different story) and smashed the invisible wall to nothing.

The desperate Pikachus raced to the river, desperately trying to splash desperate loads of desperate water onto their desperate faces but alas, it was too late, the berries had permanently stained their faces, and just like the freak they had been trying to mock, they had redder than red, red cheeks.

And that is the story of how Pikachu came to have red cheeks. So remember, "Never trust a leopard without spots."
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it's good. Funny also. You're saying anyone can submit a story like this here? I'll be waiting for more.


Friendly POKéMON.
And there it is.

An amusing little piece of yarn, if I say so myself. They got their cheeks because they were trying to mock Mr. Mime? Interesting.

Still, I keep thinking of your writing speed. You got a short story done in one day? Impressive. I admit plot or the idea for the fic wasn't an issue, but still... And I like the fable thing you have, that makes it seem a bit like a Dr. Seuss book. Gives just the effect a story like this needs.

Well, I really can't mention much more than spelling errors. Pokémon plurals don't change the name, and you had an it's error at the start.

In a hurry, so see ya soon!

El hariyamer

Order of the Green
Nice. You got started on this? I have to admire your speed.

Cute little story. Pikachus are always a good start. If you write this fast, you shouldn't have too much problems keeping up with requests.

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How Farfetch'd Became Obsessed With Leeks

This has officially got to be the quickest update ever. What happens when you have nothing to do all day, I suppose. And you are now allowed to contribute stories. Just PM me first.

Now children of t'earth. Our second tale is a more recent one, but don't be fooled! For creations and happenings of all t'time is happening, for once and once for all at once. Never one to gloat, me am, but let me warn you this next tale is far, far more terrifying than ever and t'ever it t'was before! Mweh heh heh! No! Don't leave! I'm oh-so lonely!


Ear and pretend to listen; for what happened is such a miserable tale of woe that some felt it necessary to hold one of 'em funerals for it. I wouldn't know - I don't die - I am all knowing. But my point it is, this story is a terrifying one and is not suitable for young children or old people. You have been warned! Only joking, it's not that bad! No, come back... I'm oh-so lonely.

This particular story begins in that quaintest of oh-so quaint places of a vegetable patch. But t'was no ordinary vegetable patch. For in this vegetable patch there were turnips the size of giant beetroots and beetroots the size of giant turnips and ironically for such a story with a "leek" in the title, no leeks.

The reason there were no leeks was for one single, mysterious evening. Every single time the old wizened man who happened to live there tried to plant some they disappeared the very next day. But the man did like his leeks, so every day he would steal some from the neighbour's garden and plant them. Only to find the very next day that they were gone.

Incidentally, the neighbours had the exact same problem but on alternate nights.

Now those clever enough will have worked out what was actually happening (and for those not, please ask a more gifted friend) but unfortunately despite the old man who lived there being wizened, he was not particularly wise. He spent most of his days grumbling about his awful problem (as did the neighbours).

One day, however, a group of three pokemon (a Doduo, a flightless Taillow and a Farfetch'd) were passing through the neighbourhood of stealing neighbours. They happened to chance upon the old man sneaking into his neighbour's garden, stealing the leeks and planting them in his own garden. They went up to him and started to complain:




But alas, the recent events had rendered them to only say their name -- But that's for another story. The old wizened man considered them pests. "Shoo!" he said angrily, "Go away, go away!" And brandishing a spade he tried to whack the three bird pokemon away. What could they do but run? And indeed, the Taillow and the Doduo did and they ran away and had plenty more adventures else where.

The Farfetch'd did run as well, but not as far. It decided to stay nearby and try and stop the old man from stealing again.

Unfortunately, the old man was so very wizened that he didn't notice when Farfetch'd had done his business on the leeks, nor when the Farfetch'd hired a local assassin to try and assassinated him if he stole some more leeks. Nothing was working!

For four weeks the Farfetch'd tried to stop the old man from stealing the leeks from his neighbours but never, ever did any attempt work. The Farfetch'd became so exhausted that it decided to have a lie down. In fact, the Farfetch'd virtually fainted, right on the pile of leeks.

"Mmm, leeks," thought the Farfetch'd, for the Farfetch'd had never realised what a wonderful aroma they gave off. Exotic yet local, strong but weak; it was overpowering. "Maybe, I should... Take one..." But the Farfetch'd didn't just take one. It took the whole lot and ran off into the nearby woods.

Soon, the aroma of leeks had intoxicated every Farfetch'd in the land. The original Farfetch'd grew so popular that they say that the Farfetch'd became the emperor of everything farfetched (oh come, you weren't expecting me to make that joke) and across the land young noble Farfetch'd would risk everything to obtain the prize, the trophy of a fantastic vegetable. It became a national pride, a national obsession to own a leek. Soon, every single Farfetch'd in the land became overtaken by it's wonderfulness. Every Farfetch'd had a leek!

What became of the old man? They say on the wild entaglements of allotments you can still hear his screams of anguish and desperation for a leek. There that was the terrifying bit that was not suitable for young children or old people.

And that is how Farfetch'd became obsessed with leeks.
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Edit: Smiley Guy will post up the story. :)
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Smile guy, your ones are funny, very funny. XD But KK... :'( Your one was sad! Very good, but sad. ;.;

This is a very good idea, smile guy. I'll keep a look out for it. :D

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The ties that bind are often riddled with mystery. For t'upon that mystery lies a faithful bind so strong that none except those very great and noble and wise and great would be able to break. A small boy once said to me as I lay down on a bed of straw how kind and brave it would be for those that have to stay together. Alas, not so, for tis is the story of how a new lil' pocket monster came to be born. And not just the one but two -- and pointless some believe.


For this story to make sense I need to tell another one. It tells of an evolution line of what one has already been mentioned in these tales of woe. There was a Pikachu and unlike most Pikachus, it didn't live in a colony but it lived alone -- Nay! Travelled alone. For that was it's job. And one day it had been climbing up a mountain where it came across a mysterious piece of jaundiced stone. Approaching it, this Pikachu felt a peculiar sensation rocket through him (for a him it t'was). And when it next climbed down into a valley it saw it's reflection had very much changed. Indeed, those red spots that his ancestors had cursed him with, had turned yellow.

This Pikachu later came into contact with a young teenager, of about fifteen. Now this teenager happened to be one of the very first pokemon trainers in the world. It caught this transformed Pikachu in an acorn and christened it Raichu, (a cross between the legendary pokemon Raikou and a Pikachu). Now this trainer and Raichu travelled the world together, having many great adventures, but alas it was not to last, but luckily it was to create the existence of a third pokemon in this line... this Raichu, one day, came across another far more feminine (ie, female) Pikachu. They fell in love and not long after had an egg. It's trainer was horrified (he had grown miserable in old age) and chucked the poor Raichu out of his group. The old man trainer became wizened and spent the rest of his days stealing leeks from the neighbour's allotment patch.

So the Raichu and the Pikachu cared for the egg and my, it was a surprise when out came a completely knew pokemon. Which the Raichu and the Pikachu christened Pichu together. It's this very Pichu that is pivotal to this story.

The Raichu, Pikachu and Pichu family lived in harmony for many years. But when the Pichu came of age, he was so inquisitive that he went off on an adventure. The Pichu came across a mysterious pokemon which was made of magnets. It was called Magnemite. This Pichu, however, because of it's uncontrollable electricity was attracted straight onto one side of the magnet. For the poor Pichu it was very painful. And the Magnemite found it pretty painful too.

It was at this particular point of time that a Plusle was walking by. I am currently trying to find how this Plusle came into existence but I do not know. Some say it was from the very same Raichu that had had a one-night fling with a Magnemite but -- I just shrug.

This Plusle saw the pain that the Pichu was in and said, "Don't worry!" I'll save you!"

But unfortunately, this unfortunate Plusle got sucked to the other side of the equally unfortunate Magnemite which the unfortunate Pichu was stuck on. The Pichu had been on Magnemite for so long that it turned white and started to become a negative -- even to the extent of having blue negative sides appearing. The Plusle decided to use all it's energy to shock the transformed Pichu off. And it worked.

The Pichu came flying off and hit a tree.

The Magnemite exploded.

And Plusle fell to the ground.

And then something very strange happened. Because although Plusle and Pichu were seperate pokemon they felt attracted to each other. Even to the extent of being unable to leave. It wasn't love or care or affection that was keeping them together. It was magnetic force.

Which is why this story is such a terrible one. Imagine having to spend the rest of your days near someone you don't even necessary like but if you do you'll go zooming off to the nearest electricity source. Ouch.

Pichu became known as Minum. And Plusle and Minum grew up happily ever after, but hating each other.


Hmm, not so impressed with this one. I hope you disagree. It didn't have such a good ongoing theme for me. But I've got about a million to do, so...
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Wait, am I back? Wow
It's good Smile.I'm starting Where Chikorita Got They're Leaves From later today so you should see it up tonight with my new fic!
-Blue Meowth;manafi;

(PS:It's not gonna be in my fic I menat I'm posting my new fic up today as well)


Fire and Ice Combo
^_^ wow I love these stories I will try do 'Why Ninetales curse people' and 'How Cubones Came to Have Skulls on Their Face' if it's not good someone else can to it.
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How Pokemon Came to Just Say There Names

Thanks a bundle katiekitten. And people who are writing stories could they PM them to me and I'll post them up. Cheers. Now, over to katie...

-- Smile Guy

How Pokemon Came to Just Say Their Names
by katiekitten

Come closer, all ye readers, and listen to my tail of woe and dispair, of curses and magic, the tale of the first pokemon. It is a tragedy, wrought with sorrow, a tale woven so cleverly that tears will spring unbidden to your eyes. Come closer, dear readers, and let us begin...

Close your eyes, and imagine, my dear readers, the world many years back, when magic still ran freely, when the first pokemon came to our blessed planet. There lived, in the forbidden cave beside bubbling brook, a mighty wizard, a human by the name of Asriel. He was the first human, the creator of life. Infront of his humble dwelling he grew a herb garden, filled with the most fantastic fruit and plants anywhere in the world. Beyond that grew a dark forest, cloaked by a wave of mist. It was there he would find his deadliest ingredients, night shade, toastools, and poison ivy. They added character to his creations, so dutifully each morning he would wiggle past the clutching boughs to harvest them.

One sunny morning, Asriel looked out of his cave and felt a wave of loneliness accost him. Everday he had his routine, but without somebody, or something to do it with him, he felt that it was useless. So, that day when he went out for his ingredients, he fetched the ones that would create life: the morning dew off his sunset palms, the fireflies light. He then traveled deep into the heart of the forest and picked a single bloom of nightsbane, to give his creation a soul, a personality. Happy with his ingredients, he returned to his cave and stirred them into a bubbling cauldron of water, taking care not to spill. Three times widder shins, twice in the other direction.

At first he poured in the morning dew, which sparkled with captured sunlight. The brew flashed as he stirred it in, before returning to it's original colour. Next he put in the fireflies light, grabbing it with a pair of wooden tongs and dropping them in. When it came into contact with the water it exploded in a burst of light and coloured the bowl golden, filling it with a majestic light. He stirred it again before fetching the final ingredient. Carefully picking up the nightsbane with the tongs he, backing up, dropped it into the water. There was a bigger explosion, a dark purple burst of light, which slowly faded. He stirred it for the final time. The sound of bubbling stopped and the mixture began to sink, forming a creature at the base of the bowl. And thus the first pokemon was created. The first pokemon was motionless at first, as Asriel cautiously approached. Hearing the wizard's hesitant footsteps, it flicked an ear and slowly got up onto its two feet, looking around with wide eyes. Its fur was a light creamy pink; a short, silky coat covering its small frame. It barely reached the lip of the cauldron and its eyes were a deep purple. Seeing the wizard, it smiled.

"Why, hello there!" It greeted him. The wizard smiled happily, picking up the pokemon and hugging it. He had done it! He was no longer alone! It wrapped its tail happily around Asriel, hugging him back. Asriel's smile grew wider and he blinked away tears. It was a happy day.

Unfortunately, reader, this happiness was not to last. You are probably wondering what that had to do with the story, but do not worry, all will be revealed soon. Read on...

It was that afternoon that the troubles began.

"Asriel, why is the sky blue?" Asked the first pokemon, staring up at the sky with wide eyes. Asriel looked up from his cauldron and smiled. Yes, he had chosen the correct personality. Intelligent, curious, and magical like he was. Coming over to sit beside the creature he had lovingly dubbed 'mew', he looked up at the peri-winkle sky.

"Because it is so," He answered simply, watching a cloud drift across the blue expanse.

"Why is it so?" Mew asked, forever curious. Asriel smiled again. He liked to encourage this behavior.

"Because it is."

"Who made it so?"

"The creator."

"Who is the creator?"

"A she."

"Who is she?"

"The creator."

"But who is the creator?"

Asriel ground his teeth. He was starting to get annoyed. Trying to smile, he tried again. "The creator is the one who rules high above."

"Ah." Mew stared up for a couple of seconds, as if searching for some sort of dwelling in the clouds. Not seeing anything, it frowned. "Where?"

Asriel sighed. It was his fault, he thought resignedly. He had to make an inqisitive friend. "High, up above. Behind the sky."

"Ah." Mew fell silent. Asriel gave a sigh of relief. Its constant questions had been getting on his nerves. Getting up to go, Mew motioned him to stay. Staring into those puppy dog eyes he sighed again and sat. There was more silence, the only sound being the buzzing of bugs around the garden and the merry crackle of the fire behind them. Before-

"What is the sun made out of?"

Asriel groaned. He was tired, and annoyed, and he just wanted to sleep. But for some strange reason, he couldn't leave. He felt a slight pressure on his shoulders, a pressure that increased if he tried to stand. Anger flashed in his eyes as he realised what Mew was doing. It was using its powers to make him stay put! He turned to Mew angrily, but met its eyes. It gazed at him imploringly with its wide, purple orbs that begged him for answers. Swearing under his breath, Asriel faced the forest again and tried to answer. "The sun is made out of light."

"What is light made out of?" Mew barely skipped a beat, looking at the sky once more. Asriel stared blankly at the trees as he sought an answer.

"Well... I don't know."

"Why don't you know?'

"Because I don't. I haven't studied the sun yet."

"Why not?"

Asriel wanted to scream, he was so frustrated. Turning to the Mew, he started yelling at it. "I haven't had time! I have been stuck here listening to your questions all day!" Sure enough, the sun was starting to set. Mew lowered its gaze to the forest.

"Ok." Mew said in a small voice.

Asriel gave a huge sigh of relief. Tentively, he tried to get up. No resistance this time! He smiled and wandered back into the cave. Mew, however, stayed outside.

"Why did you create me?" It whispered, eyes filling with tears. "If you won't listen to me?" Shaking its head sadly, it went back inside.

The next day, Asriel awoke to find mew hovering above him. Surprised, he pushed it away and got up, brushing his robes hautily. (He wore the same thing day in and day out. He hadn't discovered hygiene yet) Glaring at Mew, he asked: "What do YOU want?" Mew just stared at him sadly before floating away. Shaking his head at his creations antics, the wizard busied himself with making breakfast. Mew was quiet through most of it, not touching its food. When Asriel finally set his plate down, it turned to him.

"Asriel, why are YOU here?" It asked innocently. Asriel stopped midmotion, face contorting with rage.

"I THOUGHT I TOLD YOU NOT TO ASK QUESTIONS!" He roared, getting to his feet and stomping outside. Mew followed, persistant.

"No you didn't! You just said you hadn't checked what light was made of yet," Mew was confused. Asriel never said anything about no more questions. He created me to ask questions. Yes, he was rude yesterday, but I thought that was because he was tired...

"Well, I am saying it now! SHUT UP!"

"What do you mean, shut up?" Mew asked, puzzled. "Shut up what?" Asriel gave an inhuman cry and whirled around, facing the poor Mew with rage flashing in his eyes.

"That's it. THAT'S IT! I can't take this anymore! I have had enough of your stupid questions!"

"Stupid?" Asked Mew, looking very confused. "I don't know, are they stupid? I just want to know. To be intelligent, like you made me to be. To do that I must ask questions!"

Asriel reached into his sleeve, drawing out a wooden, bark-stripped stick. Froth was flying from his mouth, he was so mad. Twirling the stick above his head he pointed it brutally at Mew.

"YOU WILL NEVER SPEAK AGAIN!" He roared. A burst of black sparks burst out from the end of his wand and flew toward Mew. Mew's eyes widened in fear as she saw the arrow of magic flying towards it. It darted upwards to avoid it, but was not quick enuogh. The black fire attached itself to its tail and wound up, covering Mew's entire body. Mew cried out in pain as the magic poured in through its nose, attacking its voice box. Mew collapsed, dropping like a stone and landing on the ground with a thud. Asriel, realising what he had done, rushed forward worriedly muttering the counter curse. But it was too late. Mew slowly opened an eye and sat up.

"Mew?" Its eyes widened and its hands went to its throat. "Mew? Mew! Mew mew mew meeeeeeeew!" It jumped up, flying towards the forest, crystal tears pouring from its eyes. Asriel watched it go miserably, making an oath that he would never try and create another creature.

And that, dear readers, is the story of why pokemon can only say their names. Mew went on to create all of the Pokemon kind, her curse passing to them. She was able, however, to make it so they could talk to each other without difficulty. Thank you, dear readers for reading this story. Good day!

The moral of this story is: Curiosity killed the cat, or in this case, muted it. XD
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katiekitten I love your story it was a bit sad but your the moral of your story was amusing to me ^_^ lol. Mute and Mew sound alike maybe that where Mew got its name from.

I want you to mute!!! Mew???


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Thanks. :)

I'm glad you like the moral. XD Added at the last minute. Yeah, Mute = Mew? Who knows... XD

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Why Ninetales Curse People

InnerFlame's done a lovely story on why Ninetales Curse People... It's quite sad. *Sniff*

Why Ninetales Curse People
By InnerFlame

Come and listen to the tale of tails. A love for something taken, leaving nothing behind but rage. A once kind and peaceful soul turned into revengeful creature with a mere act. You know the Ninetales an elegant fox with the purest of white fur and long beautiful tails. Back then they had ten tails so they were really Tentales not Ninetales but so it doesn't get confusing will stick with the name that it is known as today.

There once was a ten tailed-fox that today we call a Ninetales. Her fur a beautiful white color like snow on the ground undisturbed glistening in the sunlight. The fox's eyes calm and peaceful shade of blue like it had been taken for sky itself and placed there. Finally ten long thick tails all the same length and arranged neatly on the back of the creature, were the most distinct characteristic of the fox and the most gorgeous. Ninetales loved her tails more than anything else, more than life itself. She constantly groomed them everyday starting at the first light dawn until the blackness of dusk.

During her third morning grooming one day, she heard a sound as she turned to see who or what it could be. As the leaves of the bushes only shook for a moment, at first thought it was the wind, but it haven't been any breeze all morning. Knowing that its location had been revealed the pokemon came out. It was an Arcanine and a rather small one compare to its normal height of them today. The two said nothing; they just stared at one another for a long extended time.

"You’re beautiful" the orange and black dog complemented the fox. Ninetales, despise her gorgeous appearance no one had ever actually told her how that she was beautiful. Maybe they were too stunned by her grace or just jealous of her appearance to say something. But anyhow it was love at first sight. Every chance to be with the Arcanine she took it but she still made sure her tails was groomed nicely. This feeling of love was nothing like the love she had her tails just being near Arcanine made her feel great, like to wouldn't never end even when he left her.

Unfortunately for Ninetales it would all come to an abrupt end.

One night her love came to her, he wanted to show her something and like the love sick pokemon she was, Ninetales follow without another thought. Through the darkness of the night the two pokemon came to a small wooden cabin the dog pokemon said he would be right back and to wait for him, obediently she waited not caring that he was entering a human home as long as he came back to her. While she was there in the dark it was silent. Very silent which was a bit unusual but she didn't strain a thought about it.

Suddenly something grab the fox at the base of her tails. It was a human. As her struggle to get away she paused spotting the Arcanine that she loved standing there… watching. It the feeling that she felt wasn't mutual, he was getting close to her just he could eventually lure her here, to his master. Yes his master, his loyalty was with his master even if it meant betraying his own kind.

Ninetales heart was shatter, she couldn’t believe that her love had hoodwinked her, tricked the fox for a human. As she still comprehended that fact, the man examined the long fluffy tails. Estimating the price could he get for cutting them off and sell them, then he could use the rest of the fox snow white fur as rug and eat what was left. He took out a knife placing it at of the end tails. He careful began to cut it so that the blood wouldn’t strain her white fur. The cold touch of the knife slowly slicing through the skin of her tail serge through her, she thrashed her body trying to escape. Her afford was useless. The knife had all ready cut through the tail. With one tail less she was able to slip through the hand of the man. As she turned and her eyes widen, she merely froze where she was, her tail had be split apart from her body. One of the many tails she loved, she care for she clean whenever a speck of dust was on it and whenever a hair was out of place she fixed it and now it had been taken away by the hand of a human.

The man didn't care, he just made sure not to get blood on the tail he just cut from the fox. He turned to the now nine-tailed fox that had gone into shock after the event of losing her tail. He walked to it letting the base of the tail sling blood everywhere. Two drops of blood fell near the eyes of the fox. The warm blood oozed into her eye coloring it the same color as the blood. Something deep within Ninetales snapped; a strong feeling of being wronged, a strong emotion of pure anger filled the fox and an unknown power buried inside was unleashed. A vengeful look like nothing ever seen came to the pokemon face.

The man halted feeling somewhat strange. He looked to his hand grasping the Ninetales' tail and large red bumps spread from that point thoroughly throughout his body. Freaked out, he dropped the tail and ran in fear. Where he was going no one knows. Ninetales turned to the Arcanine who had lead her into this trapped, he was petrified at the look of hate aimed toward him. Her very look took the breath away from him. After the long furious glare, without a word or warning, she left and at first the orange and black dog didn't understand why she didn't do anything to him. He found out that something had happen; he was cursed to never speak again so he could never sweet talk another into a trapped.

Ninetales from that day on carry great rage, and it had become an unforgiving creature. Cursing all that anger her, even if it was an accident or something little. This fury was spread to every Ninetales and to Ninetales to be. And that is why Ninetales Curse People and even some pokemon that’s stupid enough to bother it. So when you see this fox don't be mean and rude because it has cursed many and it can curse you.
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Where the Chikoritas Got There Leaves From

I sincerely apologise for double-posting, but where there's two stories to post, there's two stories to post! I helped with this one as well, but most credit should go to Blue Meowth.

Where The Chikoritas Got There Leaves From
By Blue Meowth -- Proofread by Smile Guy
Gather round young readers. And old readers for the heck of it. For today we tell ye of a small little story that most people hate to hear. Most people being at least idiots.This story is so sad because these Chikorita are harmed by their simple game of Truth And Dare, Spin the Bottle or Kiss Chase. Delete as applicable

Young readers imagine times back when trees were young and dinosaurs had just died out. Back when magic existed and the pokémon played. Back when there were very few people. Only one to be exact but that's a different story. Three small little pokémon with small dotty seeds on their necks were talking. They were greenish/grey and looked a little bit like a small dinosaur. They were a small group of Chikorita.

They played Truth Or Dare and it was the smallest's turn to say the middle one's dare.
"Um... Um... I haven't, err... Oooh! I know! Eat this stick!"
"Eat the stick?"
"Yeah, eat the stick!"
So the middle one's dare was to eat the stick and thus the middle one did.

"Kid! I dare you to get one of the sticky leaves from the Stick-Stick tree," the big Chikorita said, when it was his go to dare the littlest one in this fateful game of Truth and Dare.

So the small one shook the tree with a vine-whip and the leaf fell off. It fell off right on top of the poor little Chikorita's head.

"That'll never come of now!" the big one shouted while laughing at the poor pokémon, "That Stick-Stick tree is so sticky that you'll have never known stickier!"

"Shut up!" said the middlest one that had been playing with them. She said kindly to the littlest one: "I think it's cool."

"Yeah! I thought that all the time!" the big one quickly said. The middlest one who happened to be a girl harnessed a certain soft spot for the big one. "Kid! Go to the village and tell them to put leaves on their heads! You could start a fashion!"

The little one was too busy crying to hear, so instead the middlest one put a leaf from the Stick-Stick Tree on her head and went to the village.

A few hours afterwards all the Chikorita came and put them on their heads. It did become the latest fashion! But the small one still cried and indeed carried on crying forever. When he died he still tried to cry. You can still hear the cries today...

Now that ends our story of pure delight and sorrow. We have a moral of today's story.The moral in the scroll's say: You should never do anything you regret! Also curiosity can make you cry forever! Yep, I don't get the morals either.


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I don't get it either... It was such a funny story and sad too. I loved Why Nintales Curse People, sad indeed.

Keep going. :)

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Why Remoraids Hang Around Mantine

One by me, here. I guarantee you'll feel sorry for the Sharpedo!

I hope ye is still staying here and listening. For t'oft in these parts those who don't stay n' listen I eaten by terrifying creatures of t'bottom of the deep. Sharks for a single and not as random as you think example. For this next story pays heed to the great creature that is King of tut' Sea: the shark. And for those unable to register what I just said... Sharpedo. Enjooooy!


Oh, I wondered whether to tell you this story of undeniable truth or not. For it is not for the faint hearted or for those unable to cope at depths of a thousand leagues beneath the sea. It is a tale that takes place forty degrees north and forty degrees east under the waves. So let's travel degrees north and forty degrees east under the waves to tell this story. Got that? You'd better...

For in the oceans forty degrees north and forty degrees east a thousand leagues below there lived a rather pathetic creature: A Remoraid. And by "pathetic" I mean pathetic. And by "And by pathetic I mean pathetic" I mean pathetic. And by "And by "And by pathetic I mean pathetic" I mean pathetic. And by "And by "And by "And by pathetic I mean pathetic" I mean pathetic. It lived a whimpering life in a pathetically pathetic rock. A spec of dust had caused this Remoraid a heart attack of fear -- that pathetic.

But things always change and nothing lasts forever and if fate couldn't change Remoraid's patheticness then it could change it's one rock in life: the rock.

The Remoraid awoke one day: "Glub glub glub," it said, pathetically. Something was different and Remoraid couldn't quite put it particularly pathetic fin on it.

Then it hit it…

Or at least a small block of it hit it. For the rock that had been it’s pathetic home and safe sanctuary had been destroyed. It was surrounded by the perilous depths of the ocean with nothing to stop it from being eaten by any wonder of amounts of perilous sea creatures.

Now, when I talked about that evil Sharpedo earlier I lied. It wasn’t evil, it was actually quite a friendly Sharpedo that was merely passing. But our pathetic Remoraid wasn’t quite in the know. And when it saw this tremendous creature it squealed (or ‘glubbed’) in terror.

The friendly Sharpedo was used to this misconception and said: “Don’t worry, I’m a friendly shark!”

But the Remoraid wasn’t having any of it: “You’ll just eat me!” it said.

“No, I won’t… I’m a vegetarian, you see. In fact, I’m going to a party --”

The pathetic Remoraid covered it’s fins with it’s eyes. “Go on then, eat me!” it said, pathetically.

It was at this point when the fateful Mantine was passing. Just like the Remoraid it fell for the common misconception.

“Are you going to eat that poor innocent creature?” Mantine said bravely.

“YES!” said the Remoraid pathetically.

“NO!” said the Sharpedo horrified.

“Get ‘im boys!” And on the utterance of those words one thousand Mantine appeared from no where. The helpless Sharpedo tried to swim away but it was too late. The poor Sharpedo was beaten into a pulp and further more used in a coleslaw salad.

And once these one thousand Mantine had beaten up this poor Sharpedo, one thousand pathetic Remoraid appeared from their rocks. They had seen what these Mantine had done and they were impressed. From that day forward Remoraid hung around Mantine and Sharpedo were never seen in the Johto region ever again…

The moral? There isn’t one. It’s a very pathetic story.

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I am away on holiday until Friday evening. This means "How Pikachu..." can not be updated for that time period. If you have finished a story, still PM me it BUT it won't get posted up until a bit later. Uprising fans, next chapter probably set for Sunday.

Now irrelevant. ie) I'm back.
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