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How should they end the TR plot? When?


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They've done nothing for the team as a whole. They had tons of times to do something about them.

The first season, Orange Islands, Johto, Battle Frontier, around the time FRLG came out, and around the time HGSS came out.

TR as a total isn't really doing anything. The reject trio keep on trying to catch Pikachu, which I don't even see as having a point any more. They might as well quit TR and become friends/rivals/frenemies with the twerps.

They're non-TR plots are better than their regular ones anyway. Those are one long gag and their characters seem far better in their focused episodes or when they aren't trying to capture Pikachu or a Pokemon.

What has Giovanni done? Nothing.

Are the Neo TR admins ever going to appear if no future generation main games have to do with them?

I can see the main anime TR trio being apart of Neo-TR and while the main team is gone they remain, trying to catch Pikachu, being boring while entertaining at the same time. They seem to be the types to stick around for one way or another. Or maybe they just never hear Giovanni threw in the bag because Leaf beat him.
I don't see Giovanni getting closure as a character until the very end of the anime. He and Ho-oh are being saved for the very end.


I can't see anything being done with Team Rocket as a whole until one of these things happens:
a)The anime ends
b)There's a new main game(not a remake!) with Team Rocket as the villainous team

There's simply no motivation for the writers to waste time on an old villainous team when they could be promoting new games with the current evil team instead. They might have done something to tie in with HGSS if they had the time, but they could have just as easily done something to tie in with FRLG and they didn't.

As for JJ&M, they're in the "characters who will be around until the heat death of the universe" catagory. And I don't see the writers bothering to have them stop being Team Rocket members any time soon - even when new evil teams come around that they could potentially join, JJ&M tend to be antagonistic towards them.


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J/J/Meowth seem to be all we get from Team Rocket, like every Team Rocket plot from the games has been thoroughly downplayed in the Anime. I would have liked it if Ash and co walked into the Celadon Game Corner and found it was run by Grunts...


Honestly, they suck. I'm really starting to dislike them, because they lack a real purpose. I know that every show needs a villian to cause a conflict with the protagonist, but they've become really played out. Either make them cooler and a bit respectable, and all will be fine.


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They're basically meant to be the lesser of two evils when compared to villains like Team Galactic and J.


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I doubt Giovanni himself will ever get any sort of closure. The ship sailed on that a long time ago. Having TR as a Main Game Villainous Team is a possibility but a slim one. Even if they went there it seems likely that Giovanni will either (1) leave Team Rocket foreverz like Gold/Silver and never be heard from again or (2) he shows up again, gets his plans messed up, but doesn't learn his lesson because he's the special kind of evil that doesn't learn their lesson when their plans get messed up. Then the cycle of " What happened to Giovanni " begins again.

Far as the more the trio goes I see them in the same situation: they'll continue to " work " for Giovanni from Region to Region when in reality they're just fulfilling their own non-TR ambitions along the way. If they get fired they'll likely spend their time just getting their job back and get it somehow like they did before. If TR dissolved they'd probably still be active agents for it like we saw in Gold/Silver carrying on Giovanni's traditions.

Can't win with it, really.


When Giovanni and Team Rocket will be the main enemies in a region, maybe after he will lose like Magma, Aqua and Galactic, only then Jessie, James and Meowth might leave. I doubt he will ever do something important. I guess they will never leave as long as Ash continues his journey.


James, Jessie, and meowth are just a sick comic relief that has gotten way to old. Sadly i don't they will leave.


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It would be nice if more Team Rocket characters appeared (Proton, Petrel, Ariana and Archer anyone?). Right now the only TR characters that exists are Giovanni, JJ&M, Cassidy and Butch and Dr. Namba.

Like Dr. Namba is Cassidy & Butch's superior, one of the HGSS Executives could be JJ&M's superior. It would be fresh atleast.


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They should just disband TR in the next generation early since they are getting more stale. At least they were being more serious of being evil in the early seasons, which was awesome. :)