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How Strong is Ash's Charizard?

What range of power is Ash's Charizard in?

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I wouldn't go as far as to say Ash's Charizard would be capable of defeating the likes of Flint's Infernape/Bertha's Hippowdon but it would at least last longer in a battle than Infernape,Pikachu,Torterra,and Buizel ever did.

Charizard is in between Frontier Brain level and Elite Four level for me


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I think Ash's Charizard is about Elite Four non Ace level. I can see it defeating weaker or average of Elite Four's Pokemon (albeit with great difficulty and I don't think it would be 100 percent sure) but I doubt it would beat the very best Pokemon of
Elite Four, at least not Flint's Infernape. Btw, I doubt any of Ash's Pokemon would be able to defeat Elite Four Aces.
It's pretty difficult to tell, though, since we don't know Ash's Charizard's current strength.