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How tall are you?

How tall are you?

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The title pretty much explains the thread. How tall are you? Do you consider yourself a normal height for your age and gender?
between 172-175 cm. i'm a normal hight i guess.


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I'm 5,10 without my shoes on, I'm done growing for the most part. Oops I voted wrong, I put the 5 to 5,6 it should be 5,7 to 6,0
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I'm somewhere between 5'2 and 5'3. Perhaps a little short and light-weight compared to most people, but proportionate for my body type.
5'2" (about 157cm).

I always go by feet, so correct me if I'm wrong with the centimeters. :X
and IDK, average onto short I guess?
I have no idea. I used a converter to figure out the centimeters since the people here are primarily from England and other parts of Europe.

I myself am 5'1.5". I guess it's normal for a sixteen year old girl, but I get called short a lot because everyone else is taller than me.

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im 6'2, id call that the ideal height. My hair adds just a little to that lol.

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I've been 6'3" since I was 12... unfortunately, since others kids haven't hit puberty yet, I was freakishly tall. Many years later, I'm just above average. It still is fun looking down on people though.


5'7" which is pretty cool.


5'8" I always thought I was on the short side, but after reading through here, I'm startin' to get the opposite impression.


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I'm 5,5 or so, I'm not sure if I'm done growing just yet, but I'm okay with my height anyways.

Too effing' tall for 15 year old.