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How to build a website?


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Open up Notepad.

Type <HTML>

Type <HEAD> <TITLE> * </TITLE> </HEAD>

Replace that star with whatever you want to call your webpage.

Type <BODY>

Type whatever you want after that; it'll appear on the screen.

Whenever you want to make a new paragraph, type <P>

For more info, google "HTML TAGS" on Bing, Gigablast, or Mojeek.


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all depends on your needs. You can use wix or tilda to build a website fast. From my side I can suggest dedicated software development team, they helped me to build my website for business fast and at affordable price. Sometimes it's better to use help of pro developers.
I completely agree with you) I also chose Cleveroad instead of hiring a freelancer) It turned out a little more expensive for me, but I do not regret the end result, I have no big problems with the site and the site administrator manages it easily


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Recommendation, one could begin to build a website, just by making a webpage.
A webpage works just like any other page, it contains writing, drawings, games, etc.
So, most likely planning for what the content of the page will be, can make it orderly to create a page.
After there are multiple webpages, there can also be a "frame-file" that is also displayed w/ each of the pages,
in order to allow navigation throughout the folder of pages. The "frame-file" is like a "navigation-bar" or a "context-menu"
that links the URL of each webpage. Then once the "front-page" is chosen, the website is the collection of all those webpages.

Much like having a collection of pages inside of a designate file-folder, with content made from ink or else, the parameters conceptually
are very similar. The explaination for "HTML" webcode is going to ultimately lead to a quite similar result in terms of creating a website.


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I study programming to buid websites. Before that I used free website builders like Tilda or Wix. To get more free time I found getcodinghelp service to help me with my homework. These guys are pro in writing and coding and helped me to do my programming assignment at the highest level.
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On a quest to be the best...
Well, I meant this as a starting spot for someone who likes exploring tech. So, yeah, it’s beyond basic.

I did forget to tell folks how to save their page. Silly me. Going by memory:

Click “File”
Click “Save As”
A dialog box should appear; the same one used on most programs when saving things.
For the file name, type “index.html” if this is the website’s main page; other pages can have different names.
Below the spot where you enter the name, there should be a drop-down box labeled “file type.” Change that from “Plain Text” to “All files.”

That’s enough to create a page, but you'll need a host to actually get it online; there’s a list in the technology forum, tho it’s outdated.


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I think that creating a website is not the hardest thing that can be. Because I have experienced it for myself. I made a website for myself to start making money. But I ran into problems with orders. I realized that I couldn't spend a lot of money on marketing. Buying ads that don't necessarily get any results. I was advised to use sms service. That was something new to me. I didn't think that texting could be so effective. So don't make mistakes as I did. Think about how you will promote your site. And what marketing to choose.
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For reference and tutorials on building a website, W3 Schools is an excellent resource and has plenty of documentation regarding HTML, CSS, Javascript and more.


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In modern days, there are multiple ways to build a website.

As the world is moving more towards mobile, businesses mainly focus on building responsive and mobile-friendly websites.

You can choose the road of CMS like Wordpress and Wix, where you will get desired templates to build your website, but this will only work if you know at least basic coding and your project is not a large one or of enterprise level.

Selecting an IT partner with a great background record in software development and website development is always advised for any large-scale website. A renowned IT partner will always help you in every step of your website development and deliver it on time.

Always check the latest enterprise web development trends while you or any service provider are building your website.

I hope this knowledge helps.


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tnx for replies! I decided to take fullstack dev course at https://goit.global/us/ to learn how to build websites like a pro. I can combine this 10 months course with my day work, so convy. They offer theoretical and practical knowledge and skills and can help me to improve my coding skills faster. Hope after this course I'll become a web developer.
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If you have a business idea related to website development, it will be difficult to implement it yourself. That is why I turned to a web development company.


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There isn't any quick answer to this. Web development is quite a deep domain that involves many aspects: visual design, user experience, front-end coding, back-end development etc.

But like the others said, using a web builder like Wix helps a lot, though these web builders can be pretty limited in the amount of control they give you, not because they are poorly-designed, but because building a good website requires quite a fair bit of in-depth knowledge. These web builders usually simplify a lot of concepts to make their software more accessible, but this also means sacrificing the amount of control it gives users.