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How to check EVs and IVs under this absurdly specific set of conditions?

Discussion in 'Pokémon Generation III Discussion' started by Cartaphilus, Jan 23, 2019.

  1. Cartaphilus

    Cartaphilus New Member

    Hello. I'd like to check the EVs and IVs of some lvl 100 Pokemons that I've in Pokemon Colosseum. I've access to a GBA, a GBA link cable, and a copy of Pokemon Emerald. Theoretically, I should transfer them to Emerald, use the EV-reducing berries until they get 0 EVs in every stat, and then use an internet IV calculator to know what their IVs are? (I didn't EV train those pokemons knowing what I was doing, so the fact that their EVs will go to 0 doesn't really matter to me). Is this possible, or is the fact that they're already lvl 100 going to block me from successfully reducing their EVs to 0 with berries? (I may recall that something like this happened back in gen 3).

    Thanks in advance!
  2. Mhov

    Mhov Member

    Aside from vitamins, the only way to get EV prior to gen V was by gaining exp. Since level 100 Pokemon can no longer gain exp they can't gain exp from battles anymore.
    The only way to change EVs and recalculate stats for level 100 Pokemon in gen 3 is by feeding them vitamins or, in Emerald, feeding them EV-reducing berries.

    In short, you can reduce their EVs to 0, but you can only EV train them with vitamins until they are transfered to gen V.
  3. Redradish

    Redradish angry at ho-oh

    Are you sure about that? To my understanding the EV values will still increment from fighting Pokemon(if the stat EV is below 255 and total EVs are below 510) but the stats screen wont show it until the game recalculates the stats such as when a pokemon is placed in a box and withdrawn again or vitamins are used.

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