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How To Find Wifi Password On Mac?

Nutter t.KK

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All I can offer is hints or tips, as actual passwords will be set somewhere else.

Unless you're using your Macbook as Host, you need to know the password of your Wifi network.

Many Routers will come with password automatically set, which is often written on the device or on a card attached to the device. However wifi passwords can be changed by the user with admin access, this will disable most Wifi devices when the password changes.

If you can connect to the wifi already (or connect with cable) with another device, you may be able to log in to the Router settings. You'll need to find the address by seraching the Devices Support pages/docments. This will often have it's own pass word as well, however this info may be on the support pages to help out.


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Hi sanojsharma , You can try this
  • you will find the keychain in the utility folder, select the System keychain in the left menu bar, and select Passwords from the category menu. And then select the password from the menu
  • The keychain will filter your stored password.
  • then select the wifi for which you are looking for the password.
  • Then it will open a new window for the stored password, Click on the 'Show password' checkbox.
  • You will be asked to authenticate with a username and password.
  • If you are unsure what your username is, open up the Finder app and look for the home icon in the Favorites sidebar. Your home folder will be called the same as your username.
  • After proper authentication, you will get to know the wifi password in the previous window.