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How to get best VCR quality?

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A while ago when I had my VCR (I'll be getting a new one soon hopefully), and I was trying to record some channels (I have no DVR before anyone asks), I noticed whenever my VCR was hooked up to the channels. they would take a massive drop in quality. There was no noticeable audio difference, but the quality was pretty bad. Every channels had static (correct word?) all over it, basically it got very pixel-y. I'm guessing it was because of one of these reasons:

1. I was using a coaxil cable which provides somewhat-lower quality (I couldn't get the red/yellow/white cords to work with it at the time)

2. Since tv is broadcast digitally instead of by analog means now, it could've been a byproduct of that (although the static was still there even on basic cable channels)

3. The VCR could've just been a bad VCR. (It was an Emerson model, to be a bit more specific)

Now, if I do get a new one, I have no idea which kind I'll be getting, but I'm assuming I'll run into the same problem again (all I know was it probably won't be one of those VCR/DVD combo players, since we've already got enough Blu-ray and DVD players as it is). My question is, how can I fix this?

inb4 lololol she still uses a VCR

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Nah, I wasn't trying to record HD broadcasts. Granted we do get HD channels with our cable, but the cable I was using in the house (in my room to be a bit more specific) only goes up to maybe 98 channels, none of which are in HD (although some of course are broadcast in HD as well, but all the ones I get through this cable are SD). I have no idea why that one only goes up so high, but oh well.
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It is the best in the earlier time. The main thing is that in the VCR is that the size of the cossets is long and it is square. There is hardly any shop who had VCR because everyone is now use the VCD and DVD.