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How to Save Four Worlds in at Least One Week

Discussion in 'Shipping Fics' started by Morpher01, Sep 29, 2006.


Which of the ships in this fic is your favorite?

  1. Ben Tennyson x Saria

  2. Princess Ruto x Captain Jack Sparrow

  3. Raimundo x Kimiko

  4. Jack Spicer x Katnappe

  5. Nabooru x Sly Cooper

Multiple votes are allowed.
  1. Morpher01

    Morpher01 What'd you say?

    Yeah....another shipping fic by me. This one, though, has crossover shippings in it....no, really! Actual, honest-to-goodness crossover ships! If you don't like it, tough.

    Right...so, the ships are in the poll. All five of 'em. You can vote on which ones are your favorites. This fic would probably be rated around PG-13, I'd say.

    So.....here's the prologue.


    In the beginning, the three goddesses Din, Farore and Nayru created the land: Din’s flaming arms created the red earth, Farore created the lush lands, and Nayru created the people and the law that they would abide by. Their power diminished, they flew into the sky and, in a flash of light, transformed and united to form the Triforce, a set of three triangles. Din became the Triforce of Power, Nayru became the Triforce of Wisdom, and Farore became the Triforce of Courage. All three entered the Sacred Realm, where only the pure of heart would enter.

    Unfortunately, the sole man born to the race of thieves known as the Gerudos named Gannondorf plundered the Triforce of Power after using a Hylian boy named Link, who had no idea he had been used, from the Sacred Realm. Being an evil Gerudo man, Gannondorf used the Triforce of Power to conquer all of Hyrule, killing all who stood in his way. Zelda, Hyrule’s princess, fled along with her caretaker Impa away from Hyrule, leaving the land free for Gannondorf’s dark magic to conquer. The Triforces of Courage and Wisdom disappeared, having chosen the two people who valued their virtues the most.

    Link, however, had been imprisoned in the Sacred Realm for seven years. There, he was awakened afterwards by the Sage of Time, an old man named Rauru, and informed Link of his destiny to awaken the other six Ancient Sages of Forest, Fire, Water, Shadow, Spirit and Light. Link also found that he was the one to whom the Triforce of Courage had fled. Informed of his new destiny, he set out to rid Hyrule of Gannondorf.

    Killing Gannondorf’s minions, Link awakened the Sages to find, shocked, that he knew all of them; his Kokiri friend, Saria, who had been close to Link all his life, was the Sage of the Forest. Darunia, the leader of the rock-like people known as the Gorons, was the Sage of Fire. Ruto, the princess of the aquatic Zoras, who believed she was engaged to Link, was the Sage of Water. Impa, Zelda’s Sheikah caretaker, was the Sage of Shadow. Nabooru, the feminine second-in-command of the Gerudo tribe, was the Sage of Spirit. But Link was shocked the most to find that Princess Zelda herself was the final Ancient Sage: the Sage of Light.

    But Gannondorf had tricked Link, letting him destroy his minions to bring Zelda out of her guise as a Sheikah named Sheik. He trapped her in his castle, where Link set out to save her. The Sages assisted Link, making a bridge to Gannondorf’s castle, and sealed the evil Gerudo man in the Realm of Evil. Zelda returned Link to his own time, but all the Ancient Sages remained as Sages.

    Now, several months later, Rauru has called a meeting of the Ancient Sages. The blue platform, which had seven sides to it, had seven small platforms on it, one for each Sage.

    Rauru stood atop one small platform, his orange robes and white mustache contrasting with the rest of the navy area that was the Sacred Realm. Saria’s green hair and clothing also contrasted, but her deep, blue eyes matched well. Daruna’s brown skin and sand-colored spikes surrounding his head contrasted very much. Ruto’s white-and-blue body just barely matched the scenery. Impa’s dark blue Sheikah outfit, grey hair and red lips stood out almost as much as Nabooru’s large, baggy, pink pants, dark brown skin, gold eyes, bright orange hair and white lips. Finally, there was Zelda, long, blonde hair, pink dress and blue eyes.

    “Sages…” Rauru began “the goddesses, Din, Farore and Nayru, have decreed….that there are other worlds we must provide temporary protection for. More specifically, there are four.”

    “Four?” Ruto asked “Why just four?”

    “Because, Princess Ruto,” Rauru said “there are only seven of us. To maintain the balance of power throughout Hyrule, Darunia, Princess Zelda and I are to remain. Besides, there will be other Sages to take your place in this world.”

    Nabooru rolled her golden eyes.

    “There’s your answer, Ruto.” she said

    Ruto merely scoffed.

    “Saria…Princess Ruto…Impa…Nabooru…” Rauru continued “you four are to provide protection for these four worlds. By now, I am sure the goddesses have implanted an image of the world you are to enter in your mind. Simply use your power as a Sage to teleport there, and make yourself at home, because it is quite likely you may remain there for the rest of your lives.”

    “That’s it?” Nabooru, still somewhat new to being a Sage, asked “Huh.”

    “Yes, Nabooru, that is it.” said Rauru “You are to leave as soon as you are able. In other words, right now.”

    “Now?” Nabooru asked

    “Yes, Nabooru, now.” Darunia said, speaking for the first time “Why are you such a complainer?”

    Nabooru shrugged, ending the “conversation”.

    Once a Gerudo, always a Gerudo… Zelda thought

    “Please just leave.” Rauru said, touching the tips of his old fingers to his bald forehead “But before you depart, Saria, there is one thing you must know.”

    “What?” Saria asked

    “When you leave this world,” Rauru said “what prohibits you from growing up is no longer existent. In the world you are to enter, you will be able to grow up. That is all I wanted to say. Now, Sages, depart.”

    All at once, a light blue pillar of light surrounded Saria, Ruto, Impa and Nabooru. In a flash, all of them but Rauru, Darunia and Zelda were gone.

    “Finally…” said Rauru “perhaps the next Sage of Spirit will not complain as much.”


    Please read, review and rate!
    Last edited: Sep 30, 2006
  2. qwerqwer

    qwerqwer Well-Known Member

    whoa, your second fic. are you comtinuing your first ships from before? anyway, it's a very exciting prolouge, con't wait.
  3. Well, this seems to me like the begining of a very interesting story. I hardly ever see crossover ships around here, let alone ones that cross 5+ different movies/video games/television shows, so I look forward to seeing where this will go.

    There where a few things I didn't like about this prologue, though. Maily the fact that you didn't say why the sages have to protect these other worlds. I'm sure you'll get around to it in latter chapters, but it would be kind of nice to know ahead of time.

    Another thing I didn't like was the way the sages where acting. Mainly because they had absolutely no reactions to being told they would be sent away, possably forever. I just thought that the characters needed a bit more dialouge (?), and a bit more descriptions as to how they're acting, and what they're feeling.

    And I noticed one thing that might be a mistake, or something done intentionaly:
    You said 'six worlds' at this part, where moments before you only said four. That's all I really noticed.

    But one quick question before I end my post: who are Katnappe and Ben Tennyson, and what are they from?
  4. Animematchmaker2

    Animematchmaker2 Romance Maniac

    I'm baaaaaack! And, bro, I hope you know Spanish, 'cause I got somethin' to say.....YO TENGO UN NOVIO!!!!!!!! Okay, felt good to say that! Okay, just read the prologue, can't find any mistakes, everyone's in character, perfect prologue, bro! Can't wait for the next chapter! And the pairings.....very interesting. I wonder who's going to be sent where........
  5. Morpher01

    Morpher01 What'd you say?

    Three reviews!

    qwerqwer: Sorta.....
    In a later chapter, there's a reference to good ol' "What the Heck?!" (man, I loved that title...), so yeah, it's sort of a continuation.

    Fez the Misfit Elf: First off....yeah, I goofed on that....
    Din, Nayru and Farore are goddesses that want peace throughout the universes. Therefore, they're sending Saria, Ruto, Impa and Nabooru to the worlds that they will be at in later chapters.

    Yeah, now I know that I made a goof there....I was originally going to have all the Sages 'cept Rauru go to different worlds, but I couldn't decide where to put Darunia and Zelda....so I dropped it down to 4. I edited it, don' worry.

    One more thing:
    Ben Tennyson is from Ben 10. He's a 10-year-old that, on the first day of summer, finds the Omnitrix, an alien device that allows him to change into 12 alien forms. You can probably find more info on Wikipedia.

    Katnappe is from Xiaolin Showdown. She's a major cat fanatic that has a trio of pet genetically altered super-kittens. As with Ben, you can probably find more info on Wikipedia.

    Animematchmaker2: .....I've been taking Spanish, but frankly, I have no idea what you just said, since I'm not THAT fluent.....anyway, thanks! Glad you liked it!
  6. Animematchmaker2

    Animematchmaker2 Romance Maniac

    Umm...bro....go to a translating website, or look in your book, please. That anouncement is really important to me. Okay, well, this story is getting more interesting by the day! I can't wait to read the first chapter! When's it going to be up? Oh, and, don't forget to put me on the PM list, k? Thanks, bro!
  7. Morpher01

    Morpher01 What'd you say?

    Animematchmaker2: ....not trying to kill anything, but I'm not your BF, all right, goddit? ....unless of course you're talkin' about someone else. In which case...I'm still going "WTF?!".

    qwerqwer: Uh....have you not seen any episodes of the second Ben 10 season? And WTF was that comment about?
  8. Animematchmaker2

    Animematchmaker2 Romance Maniac

    I know you're not, silly! You're a close friend of mine that I look at as a brother, so, that's like, total incest in my mind. I mean, why would I call you, 'bro' as in, 'brother', if I wanted you to be my boyfriend? Yeah, I just said I had one, not that's it's you. S'okay, don't worry about it, these mistakes get made all the time. It's just part of learning a language. It takes time. Don't forget, though, if you need any help, I'm always here for you. But yeah, it's real important to me, seeing as how this is the first guy I've liked that's liked me too. The only weird thing is that, I'm a senior in high school, and, well, he's in high school too, but, he's a freshman.......
  9. Morpher01

    Morpher01 What'd you say?

    Animematchmaker2: Ah, okay. My bad.

    Well...I figger it's time I put up the first chappie.

    The chaps are pretty much omnipresent, but focus on one Sage at a time. I focus on the sages in the order that they appear on OoT...as Sages, of course. This order, namely, is first Saria, then Ruto, then Impa, and finally Nabooru. Then, for the fifth chap, I start back at Saria and repeat the order.

    So, that in mind, you can figure out that the first chapter is focused on Saria.

    Okay...right now, there isn't a lot of action. But there WILL be action later on in the fic....trust me.

    Anyway, here's the first chappie.

    Chapter 1:

    A pillar of blue light appeared from the sky and descended into a forest. Saria appeared from the bottom of the pillar. She looked around, her green, medium-long hair slowly blowing in the wind.

    “Hmm…” she hummed slightly “so far, the surroundings seem familiar. It…it almost looks like the Kokiri Forest. Sometimes….I miss my old home.”

    She walked through some of the forest, taking in her surroundings as she went.

    “I wonder what’ll happen while I’m here.” Saria continued to herself as she walked. She stopped for a minute and found a puddle on the ground. She looked into it, finding her reflection surrounded by trees.

    “Somehow…” she said “I think I truly belong here…like Rauru said. The forest spirits here….they’re all happy. I can hear them speak to me.”

    She got up, and was about to continue when she was suddenly confronted by two men in dark green outfits with cowboy-like hats of similar color. On their hats were, in light green letters, the words “Forest Ranger”. They also had yellow stars on their chests.

    “You shouldn’t be around here, young lady.” said one “The forest’s too dangerous for someone as young as you.”

    “I can take care of myself!” Saria said, offended

    “You’re too young.” said the other forest ranger “Go home.”

    “I AM home!” Saria said

    “Forests aren’t homes to humans.” said the first forest ranger “Apparantley, you need to get back to civilization.”

    He reached for Saria, who was incredibly scared. He clasped her wrist, then placed it and her other one in a pair of metal bracelets strapped together by a chain.

    “Come on,” said the ranger “let’s go.”

    “No!” Saria cried “I won’t let you take me away!”

    Saria, like the other Sages, had control over her element. In her case, it was the forest. Summoning her power over the forest, Saria manipulated the roots of trees to grab the forest ranger’s feet and hold them to the ground. Another root reached up and snapped the chain holding the handcuffs together in half, freeing Saria’s hands. Turning and running, Saria slowly disappeared from the sight of the two forest rangers.

    Unfortunately, the rangers weren’t about to let Saria get away. One pulled a device that looked like a walkie-talkie with prongs that, when he pressed a button, sparkled with electricity. Unable to move and stun Saria with the taser in his hand, he threw it towards her, where it made contact with her back. Saria screamed as the electricity overwhelmed her, and then she fell onto the forest floor, unconscious.


    “Grandpa, where’re we going?” a boy said as someone drove a sand-colored, rusted RV with grey satellites on top and stripes of red and blue running across the sides “What’s the big deal?”

    The boy had brown, slightly spiked, short hair and green eyes. His shirt was white, with a black stripe running down the front and back, and around the short sleeve rings. His pants were green, with white-and-black shoes covering his feet. On his left wrist was a black device with a faceplate that had a green, hourglass-shaped symbol.

    “Yeah, what’s up?” a girl said

    The girl had orange hair with a blue barrette in front, with green eyes like the boy’s. Her short-sleeved shirt was blue-and-white, with a two-dimensional cat face on the front. Her shorts were also white, as were her shoes.

    The man they were talking to was their grandfather, Max Tennyson, who had grey hair, a red shirt with orange flowers on it, and dark blue jeans along with brown shoes. The girl was Gwen Tennyson, and the boy was Ben Tennyson. The device on his left wrist was the Omnitrix, a powerful space creation Ben found in a pod that crash-landed on Earth. The Omnitrix latched onto his wrist and bonded with his DNA, allowing Ben to change into the forms of ten aliens at first. Two more aliens appeared some time later, allowing access to new powers.

    “We’re going to the forest reserve.” Max explained “I heard that the trees there are magnificent.”


    The RV holding Max, Ben and Gwen arrived outside the forest reserve. Unknown to them, however, this is where Saria appeared.

    As the three ventured into the forest, they heard a girl’s scream. Following the direction, they found Saria unconscious on the forest floor with a taser next to her body, along with two forest rangers

    “What’s going on here?” Max asked

    “This girl was found here.” said one forest ranger as he pulled his feet out from the roots Saria had controlled “Do you know her?”

    “No,” Max said “in fact, I’ve never seen a girl with green hair in my entire life. But we will be happy to take her and see if we can find her family.”

    “Okay, thanks.” said the other forest ranger “That makes my job a whole lot easier.”


    Later, Max, Gwen and Ben brought Saria to their RV, where they laid Saria in Ben’s bed.

    “Why’s she in MY bed?” Ben asked

    “Sorry, it was the closest one.” Max said

    “Eh, no worries.” Ben said “Gotta make sacrifices to be a hero, right? Oh, yeah, that reminds me…”

    Ben sat down on his bed, right at Saria’s feet. He leaned over, grabbed her arms…

    …and started shaking her like crazy.

    “Come on, get UP!” he cried as he shook Saria

    “A little unorthodox, don’t you think?” Gwen said, her arms crossed

    Ben shrugged, humming something along the lines of “I don’t know”.

    “Ugh…uugh…” Saria grunted, waking up “Wh…what happened? Where am I? And…why are you holding my arms?”

    “Oh, yeah.” Ben said, letting go of Saria’s arms “Sorry ‘bout that. I was afraid you wouldn’t get up after you got nailed.”

    “That’s very…caring…of you.” Saria said, unsure of who this boy was as she sat up “Who are you, anyway?”

    “My name’s Ben.” Ben said “What’s yours?”

    “I’m Saria.” Saria said “It’s…nice to meet you.”

    She extended her hand out to Ben, but he didn’t take it.

    “Uh…” he said, a little unsure of what to do or say, seeing as this was his first time talking to a girl he didn’t really know all so well. He looked to Gwen for advice, but she wasn’t there, nor was Max.

    Oh, GREAT! Ben thought, The one time I need just a little help, and they go run off on me!

    “Who were those other people?” Saria asked

    “My grandpa and my cousin.” Ben replied “Where’re YOUR parents?”

    “Um…I don’t have any.” Saria said, a little nervous talking to a boy she didn’t know all that well

    “Oh, man! Gee, I-I’m sorry, I…” Ben began, but Saria held up a hand

    “It’s okay. You didn’t know.” she said

    “Where’d you live all your life?” Ben asked, looking at Saria’s choice of outfit

    I wish I could tell this Ben boy the truth…Saria thought, but he’d never believe me. I have to lie…it’s the only thing he’s likely to believe.

    “Well…I was pretty much born an orphan.” Saria began “I…I lived in forests ever since I was born, and I lived in all sorts of different forests for all ten years of my life.”

    “So…” Ben said “is that why you dress like that?”

    He pointed to Saria’s clothes.

    “Well, yes.” Saria said

    A short moment of silence dominated the two.

    “I…I like your eyes…” Saria said, even more nervous as she leaned in a little closer to Ben “they’re my favorite color.”

    “Uh…so, I take it you like green?” Ben asked, a little freaked out, as he leaned a little away from her

    “Yes…I’ve seen so much of it in my life, and I really like it.” Saria said, leaning in a little closer

    “O…kay, then.” Ben said, a little freaked out that this girl was complimenting his eyes, not to mention moving closer to him “I…gotta leave now.”

    Ben got up to leave, but Saria grabbed his left arm.

    “Don’t go…” Saria said “I’ve…I’ve never talked to someone like you before.”

    Ben was getting even more freaked out now. Just barely managing to wrench his wrist out of Saria’s hand, he said

    “Look…I’m not trying to hurt you or anything but, I really gotta go.”

    “All right.” said Saria, recovering from her nervousness

    Ben exited the RV, then went behind it to find Gwen and Max standing there, Gwen listening through the window.

    “I heard the whole thing through the window.” Gwen said “Who would’ve thought that we’d find an orphan girl with us?”

    “You guys REALLY need to pick better times to abandon me.” Ben said, leaning his back against the RV “That girl’s already starting to freak me out a lot.”

    “All the more reason for her to come with us.” Gwen said with a smirk

    “WHAAAT?!” Ben cried, eyes wide

    “That Saria girl may need some time with what she can call a family.” Max explained “We might as well suffice until she can find her own.”

    Ben’s jaw dropped so far that it looked like there was an invisible, two-ton weight strapped to his chin.

    “That look promises me that this’ll be one fun time.” Gwen said, her smirk having widened immensely.


    Heh....that ending reaction made me smile.

    Please read, review and rate!
  10. Animematchmaker2

    Animematchmaker2 Romance Maniac

    OMG! I'm laughing my a*s off here, bro! That was so funny! Well, it seems that Saria's matured already, huh? This is gonna be one cute pairing right here! Well, anyways, all the characters are IC, I didn't find any mistakes, perfect 1st chap, bro! Great work, can't wait for chapter 2!
  11. Morpher01

    Morpher01 What'd you say?

    Animematchmaker2: Yeah....most people (including myself) believe that Saria, back in her own world, had a crush on Link. This means that she IS emotionally mature, and therefore able to fall in love. But, anyway, thanks! That chapter was fun to write, mainly because of Ben's hilarious reactions XD
  12. Well, I have to say that this chapter is better then the prologue, probably because it has more description, and more lines of dialogue.

    I like your decisions on how to write the chapters, and look forward to chapter two.

    There were two parts of the story that I didn't like, though:
    Nothing wrong here, it's just that most people would say "Where do you come from"" or "Where do you/did you live?". “Where’d you live all your life?” doesn't really sound like something that would be said in a moment like this.
    I don't think that a forest ranger would just turn a girl over to complete strangers like that. He would most likely have to take her in himself, or risk getting into serious trouble.

    Basically, I don't like these scenes because they're unrealistic. That's all.

    And I didn't notice any mistakes in your spelling or grammar, so good job on that part.
  13. Morpher01

    Morpher01 What'd you say?

    Fez the Mysfit Elf: Yeah....about those....

    Well, Ben was pretty nervous (since he hasn't talked to girls he hasn't known, plus I think he's starting to mature....slowly...), so something was bound to come out wrong, I think. But, I didn't really think about that....plus, I think it was after Saria said she was an orphan girl.

    As for the other bit....weeeeell.....I'm not so good on forest rangers, so I don't know them all that well. That, and I needed Saria to come into the Tennyson custody SOMEHOW....someway that DIDN'T involve Ben going Grey Matter or something to break into the forest ranger HQ and get her.

    But, apart from those, thanks!
  14. Morpher01

    Morpher01 What'd you say?

    Second chap! This one's centered around Ruto. Hope you like!

    Chapter 2:

    Another pillar of blue light descended into a world, this one into a large ocean. Princess Ruto slowly descended into the water, where she made herself comfortable.

    “Aaahh…” she sighed with a tone of satisfaction in her voice “This is the kind of place a Zora like me deserves. Plenty of water….no trace of fire in sight….this is perfect.”

    She dived deeper into the water, and looked around. All was bright and beautiful. Coral reefs and undersea life decorated the watery wonderland Ruto had entered. Fish of yellow-and-black coloring swam by as Ruto stayed in place, observing her surroundings. She spied a dark brown octopus latched to a part of the coral, and she smiled. Sea life was wondrous here…

    “Maybe I can stay here permanently…” Ruto said, Zoras like her able to speak while underwater “like Rauru said.”

    She kicked her feet and slowly ascended to the surface. Suddenly, a large batch of wood caught her unawares, and smashed her in her wide-topped head, knocking her unconscious. She floated up to the surface…

    …and right into the lines of the eyes of all the pirates aboard the ship she had just been hit by.

    “Hey, look, Pintel!” said one with short, black hair and eyes that didn’t match on his head and a dark green coat on his body “A girl!”

    “And she has odd skin color, don’t she, Ragetti?” said another pirate, longer, grey hair on the back of his head, along with a bushy, grey beard and a brown coat “Plus…she’s naked.”

    “Well, what’re we waitin’ for?!” the first pirate, Ragetti, said “Let’s bring her aboard!”

    “What you two be doin’?” a commanding male’s voice rang

    A pirate man in a black coat with a three-cornered hat of the same color walked up to Ragetti and Pintel. He had a large, white, fluffy feather emerging from his hat, a brown beard spread across his face, and a monkey with a white-and-red shirt sitting on his shoulder.

    “Ca-captain Barbossa,” Ragetti said “L-look what we found!”

    He pointed over the side at Ruto’s body.

    “Ah…I see…” the captain, Barbossa, said “Jack, bring the girl aboard.”

    The monkey, apparantley named Jack, screeched a reply as it leapt off Barbossa’s shoulder and crawled on all fours to the winch. Reaching up and turning the crank, Jack the monkey wrapped the hook at the end of the winch cable around Ruto’s torso. Raising her up, Jack the monkey brought Ruto onto the ship. Ragetti and the second pirate, Pintel, along with a woman with long, blonde, curly hair and a man with medium-long, black hair tied back as well as a brown-and-white tunic looked at what the monkey had brought up.

    “What do you think she is?” the woman, Elizabeth Swann, asked Ragetti

    “Well,” Ragetti began “offhand, I’d say she’s from another world, and a member of a water-faring species that lives in a cave behind a waterfall. She used some ancient power to come to our world for a purpose that is of yet unknown to us.”

    “…how do you know things like that?” the man, Will Turner, asked

    “I don’t know, I just do.” Ragetti shrugged, grabbing Ruto’s right leg as Pintel grabbed her left. Unfortunately, Ruto was conscious, which showed as her eyes snapped open.

    “Let go of me!” she cried, her right foot thrusting into Ragetti’s face and sending him back several feet. Pintel received a hard kick to the stomach, sending him sprawling onto the deck.

    “Ugggh…” Pintel moaned “Ragetti, are you okay?”

    “No!” Ragetti whined, his hands over his right eye socket “That girl kicked my eye out!”

    “You lost your eye AGAIN?!” Elizabeth cried “That’s the THIRD TIME!! What is wrong with you?!”

    Ruto hoisted herself off the hook, then onto her feet.

    “Who are all of you?!” she demanded

    “Settle down, miss…?” Barbossa said

    “Ruto.” Ruto said “Princess Ruto of the Zoras. Now, who are you?!”

    “I told you she was from a seafaring species from another world.” Ragetti whispered to Pintel

    “I am captain Hector Barbossa of the—” Barbossa began, but Ruto walked right past him after the introduction

    “And you?” she said, glancing to Will

    “Will Turner.” Will said

    “How about you?” Ruto said, this time looking to Elizabeth

    “Elizabeth Swann.” Elizabeth said

    “How about you two imbeciles?” Ruto said, directing her gaze to Pintel and Ragetti, who was searching all over the ship’s deck for his right eye

    “P-Pintel.” Pintel stuttered, a little afraid of Ruto “The other one is Ragetti.”

    “Fine, then.” Ruto said “So are you five pirates? You really don’t look like what I imagined as a ten-year-old little girl.”

    “Yes, we be pirates.” Barbossa said, a hint of pride in his voice

    “But Elizabeth and I are not.” Will interjected, stepping up to Ruto

    “All right…” Ruto said “What kind of treasure are you three pirates searching for? Gold? Silver? Jewels?”

    “No, no, not yet.” Barbossa said “We be searching for my ship: the Black Pearl.”

    “And a good man who was swallowed whole by a beast called the Krakken.” Elizabeth interjected, stepping up alongside Will

    “A good man?” Ruto said “Since when are pirates ‘good men’? And isn’t the ‘Krakken’ supposed to be a myth?”

    “Since Jack Sparrow.” Will said “And the Krakken apparantley isn’t a myth.”

    “He fought the Krakken to buy us all time to escape when the Krakken was trying to destroy the Black Pearl.” Elizabeth explained, leaving out that she had tricked Jack Sparrow into doing so “We were forced to work under Barbossa to find Jack, but all Barbossa is interested in is the Black Pearl.”

    Understanding began to form in Ruto’s mind. So, not all pirates were bad….most of them were, but there was one exception, it seemed.

    “Are you able to help us?” Elizabeth asked

    “We don’t need help from a fish-woman.” Barbossa said, unknowing of the mistake he just made

    “FISH-WOMAN?!” Ruto cried, extremely angry “That’s it!”

    Like Saria and the forest, Ruto could use her power as a Sage to control the water. She focused her power, and a large, tentacle of water emerged from in front of the ship. It struck Barbossa with a flick, sending him crashing into his cabin.

    Will, Elizabeth, Pintel and Ragetti, who had finally found his eye and put it back in, were stunned.

    “How’d you do that?” Ragetti cried

    “Well…” Ruto said, deducing that she had to lie in order for these people to believe her

    “We’ll believe anything!” Pintel said

    “Okay, then…” Ruto said “I’m able to control the sea in all forms because I’m a Sage of Water and therefore am practically part of the sea.”

    “…I’ll believe that.” Ragetti said

    “So…” Ruto said, stepping up to the front of the ship “How are we going to find this ‘Jack Sparrow’?”

    “Well…you’re practically part of the sea, right?” Ragetti asked, walking up

    “Yes.” Ruto said, turning her head in Ragetti’s direction “Why?”

    “Well, maybe you could sense the form of the Krayken in the water.” Ragetti said “Then you can use the…tentacle…thing…to make the Krayken spit up Jack.”

    “I can do that.” Ruto said “And you’re mispronouncing ‘Krakken’.”

    “It’s a mythological beast!” Ragetti whined “I’ll call it what I wants to!”

    “…your grammar is as bad as your appearance.” Ruto said, raising her head to the sky “Now, be quiet. I’m going to try to sense the Krakken in the water.”

    She focused…and suddenly, her mind was the sea. She felt fish…everywhere. Coral reefs, as well, even the occasional shark. But then….she felt something large…and shaped like a squid…only at least ten times bigger. It had so many tentacles…and a huge, circular mouth lined with so many sharp teeth…

    Ruto pointed with a finger to the north as her mind returned to her.

    “It’s that way.” she said

    “We’re heading north!” Elizabeth cried, temporarily taking over the role of captain while Barbossa was unconscious “Lower the sails! Turn the ship around!”

    Pirates all over the ship scrambled to obey Elizabeth’s orders. Ragetti and Pintel ran to the ship’s wooden steering wheel, each trying to turn it. Eventually, they agreed to turn it only one way, and they did, slowly spinning the ship around towards the north.

    Now, let’s see what we can find out about this ‘Jack Sparrow’… Ruto thought as she walked across the ship.

    “What can you tell me about Jack Sparrow?” Ruto asked a pirate with bushy, grey sideburns and flat, greased hair

    “Ah…I know Jack. I be the right person to ask about Jack.” the man said “Jack used to be captain of the Black Pearl. He captained it for two years until his former first mate Barbossa led a mutiny against him. Every last one of the pirates went with Barbossa, except for one: ‘Bootstrap’ Bill Turner, Will’s father. Now, after Barbossa marooned Jack on an island, they all went and stole cursed Aztec treasure. They all didn’t believe that it was cursed, o’ course.”

    The pirate man chuckled.

    “Anyway,” he continued “Jack was on the island for ten years, until he finally found a way to leave. First, he stood out in the water for three days and three nights. Starvation and thirst didn’t bother him in the least, since he had enough of it beforehand. Now, eventually, all sorts of sea creatures gathered towards him. Usin’ his own back hair, he—”

    “Excuse me?” Ruto said “Did you just say ‘back hair’?”

    “Aye.” said the man

    “Ugh…” Ruto grunted, making a disgusted face

    “Anyway,” the pirate continued “Jack managed to steer himself into Port Royal. He met Will there, and commandeered a ship called the Interceptor. Later, he found Barbossa at the island where the Aztec treasure was. Jack, Elizabeth and Will got into a fierce battle with all the pirates. What’s interesting is, the curse made the pirates immortal, but prevented ‘em from bein’ able to eat or drink. The moonlight revealed them for what they really were: skeletons.”

    Ruto made yet another disgusted face.

    “But, the blood of a Turner was needed to break the curse.” the pirate continued “So, in order to make the crew mortal again, Will broke the curse himself with his own blood, and they all died. Even Ragetti and Pintel died. Now I bet you’re wonderin’ how Ragetti and Pintel are here now. Well, Barbossa’s pet monkey Jack found a piece of the treasure and became undead again. That made ALL the old Black Pearl crew members undead again, and Ragetti and Pintel are, so to speak, ‘alive’.”

    “A bit later,” the pirate continued “Davy Jones himself began huntin’ Jack. Jack owed him a debt for raisin’ the Black Pearl from the depths of the sea, a debt that Davy intended on makin’ Jack pay. But, bein’ a pirate, Jack wouldn’t pay. Then Davy sent the Krakken on him. It took down the Black Pearl itself, and ye probably know the rest.”

    “Yes…I do.” Ruto said

    “Good.” said the pirate before walking off

    “Um…Ruto, was it?” Elizabeth’s voice rang “There’s a ship in sight!”

    Ruto went up to the front of the ship and made her mind one with the sea again. She felt the monstrous form of the Krakken again…but it was inside something…

    “Well?” Elizabeth said “Where is the Krakken?”

    Ruto paused for a moment, then said…

    “Inside that ship.”

    She pointed to a light green ship with tattered, dark green sails. On the hull of that ship were three words, planted on a plaque. Those three words were…

    “The Flying Dutchman…” Elizabeth said “Davy Jones’ ship! We should have KNOWN the Krakken would be there!”

    “S-so, what do we do?” Ragetti asked, scared

    “We fight,” Elizabeth said “just like we did when we were being chased by the Flying Dutchman that fateful day. Man the cannons! We’re going to break open the Flying Dutchman’s hull!”


    Heh....I loved doing Ragetti and Pintel...

    Anyway, please read, review and rate!
  15. That was an interesting chapter. I'm begining to wonder how you'll tie Ruto x Jack into the story, since so far Jack hasn't even made an appearence. I suppose I'll just have to wait four more chapters to find out, ey? :)

    Anyway, I didn't notice any mistakes in your spelling or grammar, so either you're doing a good job, or I'm oblivious to mistakes. (The former most likely.) But I noticed one mistake in the story:

    I'm not sure if Gibbs was supposed to be making the story up, but the cursed pirates weren't alive because Jack stole the coin. Some pirates (i.e. Pintel and Ragetti) lived through the battle on the Dauntless (?), and just escaped jail afterwards.

    And also, why is the Krakken in the Flying Dutchman? I don't really think that it would fit in that tiny boat.

    But overall, a good chapter. I'll of course be looking forward to the next instalment.
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    I read your fanfic-the one called "What the Heck?" Loved it. And I have a pretty good feeling I'll like this one too.

    Can you explain to me about a few of the characters? I know Jack Sparrow, Ben Tennyson, and the Xiaolin Showdown characters, but I need a small explanation about the others. Which show/game are they from?
  17. Morpher01

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    Fez the Mysfit Elf: Eh...frankly, I don't see how smashing the boat's inner levels summons the Krakken, so I thought I'd make it spawn from in there or something. Also...that guy's name was Gibbs? o_O I wondered what it was....anyway, maybe I had a few errors, like that, but still...thanks!

    Artemis Ignitan: Thanks! I think "What the Heck?!" was one of my best, and I'm thinking about doing a sequel (not sure yet)....anyway, the Sages are all from a game called "The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time". You can find info on them here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Characters_in_The_Legend_of_Zelda:_Ocarina_of_Time

    Skip down a bit and you'll find Ruto, Nabooru, Impa and Saria's bios.

    Handy, eh?

    Anyway, thanks!
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    Yes...Danny Phantom. It's a Nickelodian (I have no clue how to spell that...) show, yes, but its action sorta matches the comedy level of Invader Zim, one of the only good Nick shows aired (besides, ghost stuff is awesome). You'll have to see the next fic for the ship...I can't help but smile when I think of it. It just makes me insane...more than I already am.

    Again, sorry...but, fear not, as my next fic will be another crossover! YAYNESS! I LOVE CROSSOVERS!!

    For the final time...sorry, but ideas on this have run dry.

    Now, to get Encyclopika to close this...or just let it die.
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