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How were you introduced to pokemon?


Johto Boy
Simple as the title states, how we're you introduced or how did you find it.

I played it on GBC when it first came out with Blue and Green. Ah the memories of squirtle.
It was through my cousins. I think my first episode of Pokemon was "Ash Catches a Pokemon" and the battle between Ash and Team Rocket made me love the franchise. Just because Koffing used Sludge on Pikachu's face.


Fear the Deer
My babysitter when I was 5 showed my brother and I an episode of the anime (The Problem with Paras) and his Pokemon cards. After that, he brought over his Red version, which made my brother and I want it.


My brother and my dad loved it. I was 4 at the time. They showed me an episode of the anime. (I think the episode from Kanto when Ash met that guy who overworked his Pokemon and one of them was a Sandshrew I believe...)
Then my dad bought me a Gameboy Advanced and Pokemon Firered version and I became obsessed with it.


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I got a video cassette (I think it was the one about the island of giant Pokemon) from my library and fell in love with the entire franchise.
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wandering trainer
a couple weeks after silver came out, i got it at gamestop. then after i played that for a couple weeks, loved it, and got red too. and this was when i was quite young.


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My older brother had Pokemon Stadium 2 and Pokemon Crystal. I played Pokemon Stadium 2 and enjoyed looking at all the Pokemon and being able to use almost every Pokemon. I also played Pokemon Crystal beating up wild Pokemon with my brother's Kadabra. I've spent many days trying out Pokemon in Stadium 2 in free battles and beating up wild Pokemon and trainers my brother forgot to fight in Crystal. I decided to eventually get a Pokemon game myself, Pokemon Diamond. I played that game and made my very first Pokemon team.


It is pretty funny as around the time I came from Michigan to Ohio was probably the same month when Pokemon was getting really big. I saw the first episode of Pokemon the first time it was aired. My friends and I became hooked then on, although I didn't get my first game until when Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire came out. I played with the cards and religiously watched the anime till I actually got a game.


When I was five I got a GBC and both Red an Blue I played the crap out of them, an I've been playing the games ever since.


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Nintendo Power, of course. Actually now that I think about it, Nintendo Power also sent out a VHS type to drum up the hype for Pokemon, before the anime ever came out. It was how I first heard of Pokemon Red and Blue, and... I ended up getting both. From there, the rest was history. Amazing how far the games have come since then.


I just started watching the anime as a kid. For my birthday, I received a copy of Red Version but I didn't really like it (it was slow and frustrating), so I continued to focus primarily on the anime until GSC came out, at which point I became enamored with those games and they overtook my interest.

Pikachu Fan Number Nine

Don't Mess wit Texas
I was introduced to Pokemon by a game we're not allowed to discuss on here. That's all I'm gonna say.

Umbreon Bob

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I got a pack of pokemon cards for my birthday and at that time I owned a Gameboy color. With my birthday money I went to the computer store and bought myself a Pokemon Blue version which I played constantly because at the time EVERYONE had a GB color and blue or red and were trading and such. I remember being the first in my class to get pokemon yellow and everyone was super jealous.


Johto Boy
Some kids at school had it and I fell in love with the way Pokemon looked (specifically the Charmander line). Then I found out about other pokemon and my mom got me Pokemon Red for Christmas. I have played every installment since.
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<--- My life
I remember that my old neighbor gave my sister and I a bunch of books right before Diamond and Pearl was released to the states. Two of those books happened to be based on the anime. I believe one was based off of Island of the Giant Pokemon and another something about a haunted tower I think. However, I loaned these to a friend and haven't seen them since. Then I started seeing the commercials for Diamond on tv and got it on Christmas.


~Ðiva and Lucariϕ~
My older brother introduced me to it. He let me play his copy of Pokemon Red and I liked it however my love for Pokemon really didn't start until I got my copy of Pokemon Sapphire.

Toxic Nightshade

my older siblings used to collect the cards which fascinated me, but in the end it was my sister's copy of Pokemon Diamond that got me hooked. I still have no idea how to play the TCG though..


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The other half got a Gameboy and a used Pokemon Ruby Red for my (then) 4 year old daughter. She couldn't read yet, so I had to read for her.... and then I got Sapphire Blue lol