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How were you introduced to pokemon?


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13 years ago when i was six, my older cousin was playing pokemon on his gbc. I cant remember which though. I didnt actually get into it till 3 years later when i got a gba. After that, i played Crystal like crazy. Also my step bro played the card game


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When I saw they first pokemon commercials and the tv show commercial's when I was watching sailor moon on ytv at the time (I liked that show alot better then pokemon, but the card game sucked), so since the beginning.

Kutie Pie

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Was introduced through Kids WB as far as I know. Mom says that it's because the other kids were getting into it, but I've been watching Kids WB for a good few years prior, so obviously I would've seen something advertising Pokémon, and I was able to see the first episode. I don't know if I got hooked on it right then and there, though. I just know that I loved it, and I've been with Pokémon since.


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My first Teddy was a Blastoise, given from my Dad's friend. And since then, I've been hooked. Blastoise is still and will always be my technical First Pokemon, but it'll never become Fennekin!


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I was introduced to the anime and became hooked from that day onwards. I have had a few hiatuses in recent years though going back and forth playing catch-up but I still love it regardless.


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I first saw the anime and it got me hooked. After that I bought Pokemon Red and I've loved the games ever since.


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Nice, Squirtle was a boss. Too bad Gary had it while I was playing lol, didn't make me feel like the main character as much lol.


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I first saw the Pokemon TV show in 1998 when it was first aired in the UK. At that age I had no idea what the style 'anime' was, but I liked that specific 'cartoon' style so I continued to watch it. I found out about the games through commercials, but at the time we were broke and couldn't afford a Game Boy. I bought my first pokemon game, Sapphire in 2003 and obtained Red, Blue, Yellow, Silver and Gold at a later date.

Lady Umbreon

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On my little brother's 12th birthday he got a Game Boy Pocket. Mom had ordered it from a catalog so it came with 2 random games - Donkey Kong Country and Pokemon Blue. The local WB station didn't come in on our TV so none of us had heard of the cartoon or games before.

I used to think that was my first exposure to Pokemon. One day during late gen 1 I was reading a Pokemon fan magazine with an article about the banned episodes. When I read about "Electric Soldier Porygon" I remembered seeing a news report about the seizure event when it first happened. The reporters called the show "Pocket Monsters" and I thought it was based on these toys I used to have that were miniatures of classic movie monsters. I loved those toys and wished the show would come out over here (minus the seizures). I'd gotten my wish without realizing it! It gets weirder - years later I figured out that the toys I was remembering were "Monster in My Pocket", the same brand that made Nintendo rename "Pocket Monsters" as "Pokemon".


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GBC never gets old ah, still gonna play BW and HGSS though just to keep up with the games.

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My sister got Pokemon Silver for her birthday. I was around 7 at the time. I wanted to get a Pokemon game solely because my older sister had one. After getting Pokemon Gold I was hooked for life.


When I was 5 or something, I was at my grandma's house and she wanted us to watch this movie (Mewtwo Strikes Back) while she made dinner or something like that. Well, it turned out that I really liked the movie, and wanted to see more of it. That's pretty much how I discovered Pokemon.


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The moment I saw the Pokemon Red/Blue Commercial in Australia when I was about 8 or so I think, I've A Pokemon fan since.


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I was at school and my friend had this Pokemon Emerald game, and she said she didn't like it because it was for "nerds". She handed it to me saying I was a nerd and would therefore like it.
I took the game, put it in my dad's gameboy and played for HOURS! xD


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The anime. I remember really liking the first season and didnt realize that it was based off a game. Once I got my hands on the game, it took off from there



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My friend told me about it, and I thought it sounded interesting. I bought Pokemon Platinum and Emerald and tried them out, and I've been hooked ever since.
Before i began school i spent alot of time watching the pokemon anime. I got more and more interested in the fanchise. I theb started collecting the trading cards and eventually the games. Now not a day goes be where i dont play it on my ds whether its to hatch eggs orjust train.

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According to my mother, when I was VERY young I apparently just found the show on tv by turning it on and/or channel surfing. That was when I originally got hooked. I would always watch VHS tapes of it, play with the toys, and play a lot of the N64 games.

...However, there was a period of time when I was out of it for a little while, until some of my friends who lived pretty close by came over with their Gameboy SPs, both with Pokemon Emerald. I saw them playing it, and one encountered Minun, and I thought it was the cutest thing ever and I wanted to get Emerald now too. (That, and overall it looked really fun.) He saved, and let me play a bit of his file to catch a Minun, but I couldn't save. Not too long after I got Emerald and haven't left Pokemon since.
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