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How were you introduced to pokemon?


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at one of my schools when I was a kid, Pokes was considered really uncool. Then I moved and the TCG and anime (and the lucky few who's mum's and dad's had bought them the games) were all the rage. I bought Platinum and was hooked. Eventually though, the craze moved on, but I still loved it. It blossomed from there really.


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Everyone was so obessed with it, and I remember I was in 4th Grade when the first movie came out and they were putting Pokeballs in Burger King bags with little Pokemon inside of them that could spin and squirt water and stuff.


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It started w/ a friend who showed the red version game on the computer, and I decided to copy and played myself. I got addicted and had collected all the versions since (the original ones of course).
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It was the anime that got me hooked on Pokemon. I just remembered coming back from school, changing channels to see what cartoons were on, and I saw a cartoon I had not seen before (back in mid 1998) I learned that it was Pokemon. At first I didn't pay much attention to it. Then when it got really popular, every one at school was talking about it.... and I had to go back and see the anime.... can't remember the rest, I was hooked on. Even today, I still wake up at 5:30 Saturday mornings to watch the new dubbed episode.

I didn't get to play the games until 2005, when my uncle found a DS that someone left in a Bank of America, and the game Fire Red was inside, Mario 64 DS too, thats when I got hooked on the games. A year later, my grandma found Sapphire in the hotel where she used to work. Today, i don't know what happen to the games. Now I'm searching for them on Ebay.

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It was those commercials, the ones that accompanied the launch of Red and Blue. They interested me, and my parents bought me Blue version. I didn't even know there was a TV show until years later.


My brothers introduced me to the TCG and then the game, I started with leafgreen and a black GBA sp and am here now


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I seen the start of the Anime and then seen the games for R/B/Y. I liked the battle style of the games so I wanted to play them. Then i tryed to follow the show but I wasnt able to watch it that much. I basically fell in love with the game when I seen it ^-^


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i think mainly because i was watching my sister play on her sapphire, and thats where it all started... i saw her choose torchic when i was like 4?and then after like 5 hours, when it was night, i gave it a try while she was sleeping... hehe.... then i kinda got all the way to the idk 2nd-3rd gym? then my mom said sleep, and im like no! XD


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Well. My first pokemon game was Pokemon Crystal, but i didnt played it much. Mostly because my mom didnt allow it xD
The one who gave to me this game was my Mom ex-boyfriend. Because he thought i could play a "Kids game in english" at the age of 5/6, lol! xD

I got addicted to it when my boyfriend was playing it too. He werent my Boyfriend that time, but "the son of my Moms best friend" and i was like, what, 10/11 years? I dont remember well, though. But that is it! ^-^

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well...it all started in my 4th grade class...I wacthed the first pokemon episode ever made...I wasn't sure what I was thinking when I saw it but I started to become obessed when I saw so many cute pokemon...then I got a toy pikachu, turned a tweety pinata into a pikachu (yes...yes I did :p) then I got silver as my first game, loved it, then got yellow and...well, been a fan ever sence, still got the first 2 toy pikachu I EVER owned 13 years later ^^


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I found a couple of Pokémon videos when I was about 6 and loved them. A little while later, my dad bought Pokémon Red for me.
Happened to have an anime VHS where the cassette was yellow (it was that episode with primape and the tower in the first season), watched it over and over again.

When I was 11, wanted a GBA Pokemon game, and bam.


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Good question fellas, you see when I was a kid 6-8 years maybe. I noticed my friend in school played pokemon, I thought pokemon was only one game at the time so I just looked for any game pokemon related at the store, and I believe the game I got was called(pokemon mystery dungeon explorers of time) which I was mad because it looked nothing like my friends which was diamond. But mystery dungeon ended up being my favourite pokemon game series!

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Back when I was in elementary, all the kids would play Pokémon on the school bus. My friend allowed me to play his Blue version and I really enjoyed it. I ended up going to the store with my parents and buying Pokémon Sapphire since they weren't selling R/B/Y or G/S/C for GBA


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TV. I was watching some cartoons before school and the first episode of pokemon came on and I was immediately hooked. Didn't play any of the games till the third gen though...


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I watch few series anime, when I be in 2 class school. In 11 class my frend be played in videogame, then I be played to. Its be HeartGold version.
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It was all the rage at my school. After realizing that after a few months they weren't getting bored of it, I decided to watch an episode of the anime, see what all the fuss was about. First episode I saw, I don't remember for sure, but I think it was Sparks Fly for Magnemite. I don't know exactly what it was- could've been Professor Oak's reaction to Muk- but I was hooked by the time that episode was over.