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How will the Conclusion of Ash & Goh's Goals Play Out?


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Now that Ash is in Ultra Class (99th Place to 9th Place) after defeating Iris. I was wondering to discuss how the pacing of the rest of the tournament would play out. Ash lasted in Great Class for 9 Months, I cannot see him lasting in Ultra Class for more than that. Don't forget even if Ash wins the PWC, he still needs to to defend it in the Next Season (We saw Leon defending it against Lance & Raihan) so even if the Series lasts for more than 2 Years, there is still enough content to cover.

Now for Goh, will he reach his dream of getting Mew? If so, how do you think that will play out. This series has treated both Ash & Goh as Double-Protagonists so if one reaches his goal then the other certainly will.
Nah, I don't think Ash would stay short in the Ultra Class:
  1. He'll likely need to grind to climb up the ranks as there are only 90 trainers as his options...
  2. Most of the opponents are likely Galar trainers with GMax... Ash only had 1 battle with GMax (Dynamax Band aided), with Pikachu and lost...
  3. Trainers for nostalgia will likely return to challenge him... So there are many possible major CotD...
  4. E4 level trainers are likely infesting this class... Ash has yet to beat, or even close to a toe-to-toe close battle, against an E4 level trainer and above so he'll likely lose a lot...
  5. Most of the battles here will be shown and won't be off-screened that's for sure...
  6. Other arcs... And Goh focus...
Ash will definitely lose to someone from that title defense... Likely against the Gen. 9 Champion...

For Goh, as we all know, he already captured 2 legendaries... So why not a mythical?

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Well the beauty of Ash and Goh’s ultimate goals is that they are both open ended. Ash can keep on catching new Pokémon with every new region and also learn a lot on his journey while Goh will always find more Pokémon to catch with said new regions and still be able to learn about Pokémon in different regions. Goh might not be a main character past two Generations but he still can be incorporated very well into the anime with future appearances that will further the show without feeling like filler. Ash can keep on challenging future Gyms to further strengthen his Pokémon’s abilities.


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or he'll travel to other dimensions via ultra wormholes and become the interdimensional champion
I’d actually watch the anime if this happened.


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I think Goh will change his purpose.

I guess he will be Professor Cerise's full time assistant. Or it will acquire a new purpose.

He will realize that he will either catch Mew or that catching Mew is not a very important target.

Like Gary and Brock will change goals and objectives. Maybe he also wants to be a pokemon master.

But I think Goh will leave at the end of the series.

I think Ash will go to New region and return and attend Gym battles and will win the league he entered this time.

Alola League was a newly established league. The champion was not valued like a champion.

Ash will be a true champion in the next series. But I don't know what will happen after the next series.

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He has returned.
with Ash potentially battling other champions, I don't honestly see how you can reset him back enough to simply go on another gym run.

If he loses then I would expect him to keep doing the PWC, and if he wins, probably continue to fight in it to defend his spot.

I'd rather Ash become a mentor to a new character in gen 9 who's goal is to win a league on their first try (something Ash was not able to do) and they succeed with him mentoring them, and it ends with Ash and the new lead battling each other, Ash likely winning but who knows.

Granted that's something they could only really do one time before it would get boring but I don't see what else they can do with Ash, because they didn't pull the reset button this time and he is finally getting to show that his travels around the world are proving to be effective in showing how good he should really be by this point with how many gens and region's he's gone through, heck he's using pokemon that reflect his skill level instead of having to train up a complete team of fresh newbies as well.


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Well, yeah. If she is the new Champion of Unova that means she defeated Alder at some point
Except there wasn't any mention of her beating Alder in the anime. They simply said she trained and beat trainers.

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Except there wasn't any mention of her beating Alder in the anime. They simply said she trained and beat trainers.
They didn't need to mention it. The fact that she was called both the Champion and the Top trainer of the region means that she had to of beaten Alder to gain his title


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Even if Satoshi doesnt win against Leon, he is the second strongest trainer in the world. Much stronger he cant get


"Tis an honor to be recognized."
Even if Satoshi doesnt win against Leon, he is the second strongest trainer in the world. Much stronger he cant get
Problem is Champions stand as the cream of the crop unless you're fighting the new deal to promote them as a new hurdle/are Alder and they remain unbeatable. Anyone else below them? They're easier to beat, and Ash is easy to beat because he stupidly resets himself.


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Ash will defeat Leon and become World Champion... and then in the next series nobody is ever gonna mention it at all.

Jokes aside, I think Ash will defeat Leon, but I have no clue what they're gonna do next with Ash. I'm mostly still watching for him, so hopefully he'll remain the protagonist, with no reboot involved.

My guess would be they either introduce a Gen 9 character in the Masters 8 that Ash can lose to after defeating Leon, thus setting up the new series. Or they reveal that Gen 9 has even stronger trainers/tournament. But I don't think they're good guesses to be honest.
Is she really in that caliber?
She's the Champion, explicitly the top trainer of the region. Means she's stronger than Alder and everyone else in Unova.


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If the gen 9 story is that a 10 year old boy is sent to the past to resolve some conflict in a faraway region, I can see that Ash is dragged into the past by celebi, help solve that conflict, And then go back to Kanto for Gen 10 and give him a deserved ending

In Gen 11 there will probably be a reboot


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Gou will become an assistent to a professor /a professor himself.
Satoshi.. idk. You can start to wonder how much "stronger" he can get, even if he loses to Leon. I feel like this is the peak of his battle level.