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How will the Diamond & Pearl Remakes Impact the Pokemon (2019) Anime?

I don't think the games will have much of an expect as some people think they will.

Dawn, Cynthia, and some other characters may come back, but that's all I think will happen.
Man, these threads really don't have as much impact as they did in the past. Maybe because the nature of the show has changed.

Anyway, I expect Dawn and/or Paul to come back. Paul might be brought back as Ash's rival.
That and less people watch and discuss the show.

Red and Blue

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Man, these threads really don't have as much impact as they did in the past. Maybe because the nature of the show has changed.

Anyway, I expect Dawn and/or Paul to come back. Paul might be brought back as Ash's rival.
If we somehow don't get Bede then bring back Paul is a good alternative. Even if he may not be as antagonistic as he was in DP


Legends gives them a good excuse to go all out for an arc more related to exploring and research. Which is the kind of thing they are supposed to do as research fellows.

I would love if Dawn tags with them for a while. She used to be a co-protagonist so she deserves the special treatment. The most minimal should be the same amount she got on BW. Maybe more. From the week before BDSP's release to one week after LA's would be even better

Well one thing is for certain, Dawn is never changing her outfit. Hopefully we see her near the release of Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl.
Kind of ironic considering she's been stabilished as being into fashion.

But who knows, if it's anything like LGPE or even Yokai Gakuen (which uses a similar artstyle) we might get different outfits. Even if via DLC
this reminds me the anime has done nothing for IoA or CT so why they would do something for Sinnoh? They seem to be doing their own thing. IF they promote Sinnoh then I see them favoring the Legends game, there are just a months between the release of BDLP so I feel like they would have to choose one
We haven't seen nothing about the DLC so far but that doesn't mean it won't get an arc.

I mean, just look how long it took for an arc about the main SwSh story. And there's still the "runaway Rose" plot.


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Cynthia almost felt like a shoo-in to make it back in some capacity, what with this PWC and all... but now? Now the doors wide open for literally any of the DP cast to reappear, even Ash's greatest rival Paul


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Journeys may end earlier than expected.

Dp remake and next year will be in April 2022, the 25th anniversary of the anime.

One of the main characters of the new anime could be Dawn again.

Or if the new region is closer to Sinnoh, they can transform with Sinnoh.

I think Dawn will come back to the screens somehow


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I think:
  • Mega Lucario
  • Aaron as a new rival in the WCS (Bea's counterpart), and Cynthia as a higher rank future rival (Raihan's counterpart)
  • Dawn return with Glaceon
  • Giratina and Arceus arcs (time travel with the Celebi in the 32nd episode)
  • Goh obtaining a Chimchar from Prof. Rowan
  • Giving Ash an Empoleon and having Rowlet and Oshawott evolve once, to mirror Goh having complete Galar starters
  • Chloe's Eevee evolving into a Leafeon
  • Goh capturing a Sneasel which will evolve into Weavile with Razor Claw


Not sure how much it will affect it.
Maybe another Wallace cup with Goh participating. Or visit to the great Marsh.

Seeing Dawn again would be great, but my wish would rather be seeing Lucas battle Ash. I mean they won‘t do much for Dawn and her character but Lucas could be an interesting challenge for Ash. I know chances are pretty much 0,000001 but I‘d rather have Lucas there.

Ash going up against Flint or Cynthia would def be a treat. Generally I do expect Cynthia to appear as she is so beloved.

Master Pikachu 11

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Considering that even Sword and Shield are barely given any attention during PM2019, and the DLC releases got completely ignored, there's a decent chance that these new games don't impact the anime at all.
It’s still early in the series to say that the DLC got completely ignored since they can cover these games this summer and fall. They will promote DP by having Ash and Goh travel to Sinnoh for some episodes and promote the Gen 4 pokemon. So let’s not jump to conclusions just yet