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How will you complete the Galar Dex?

Bill the Typhlosion

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I was told the question I asked would be better off discussed here - I disagree, but here we are.

NB the question relates to the Galar Dex, not the National Dex.

I thought this was a great idea for a thread, and I'm disappointed it was closed! Seems like the moderator misunderstood your question and thought you were referring to making a Living National Dex in Sword & Shield (which is, of course, impossible). Anyway, I'll leave my thoughts here instead!

I had a Living National Dex in Pokémon Bank that I was going to transfer to Sword or Shield, but when I realized I wouldn't be able to transfer all of those Pokemon, I had to change my plans. I've now relocated them all to a new, permanent home in Ultra Sun, so that they can be on a kind of perpetual summer holiday in Alola.

Meanwhile, I'm thinking of getting both Sword and Shield so I can make a new Living Regional Dex for Galar. As a British Pokemon fan, I really want to do something special with the UK-inspired region. Having a Living National Dex for up to Gen VII, as well as a Living Regional Dex for my "home region", seems like the best of both worlds.
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Re-opened the thread.

I have a living Dex, although it's technically incomplete since I am missing Zeraora, Meltan and Melmetal. But regardless, I will catch all obtainable Gen 1-7 Pokemon in Galar, and just trade over what I am missing.

Gen 8 Pokemon will be a different approach though. Lots of breeding and trading for exclusives.


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Since I can’t transfer all of my Pokémon, they’ll stay in Ultra Sun. I’ll try to get a Full Regional Dex by doing a lot of Wonder Trading and GTS.

Pokemon Power

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Obviously for the brand-new Gen. 8 Pokemon, I'm gonna catch, battle and trade with others for them. For Gen. 2 through 7 Pokemon that are in the Galar Dex, I'm gonna send them from Pokemon Go. And finally, for Gen. I Pokemon plus Alolan forms, I'm gonna send them from Pokemon Moon. Also, if Meltan and Melmetal are available, I got a bunch of spares in GO Park in Let's Go, Pikachu, so I'll send one of each from that over.

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I most likely won't try to complete all of it. I tend to stick with the first 6 Pokemon I catch for my team .


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I'm going to be spending a lot of time in the Wild Area.

I honestly want to do as much walking and running around as possible, to give it a more exploring feel. I really am excited to see all the different pokemon roaming around.
That'll probably be me as well. Just taking in the surroundings and having fun. As for the dex, I'll do my best.


I have extra copies of the previous Starter Pokemon from Gens I through VII in Ultra Sun, so I'm all set to transfer those over to Shield and Sword, assuming that they'll all exist in the Galar Zukan (Pokedex). Either way, I plan on getting every available Pokemon in these games, which is always my goal in every core game that I play.


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I probably just try to get the pokemon that are in the game and trade for exclusives or impossible ones to find. I don't really transfer any pokemon normally.


Cramorant is too cute for words!
I’ll try to catch all the Pokémon and trade for regional exclusives.


Call me Robert guys
With lots and lots of Quick Balls lol.


Call me Robert guys
Those suckers are like Master Balls. lol

I'm gonna have to stock up on those.

Pretty much lol, I wouldn't catch half as many pokemon without them.


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I was planning on only ever walking in the Wild Area (except on water) so I'll try my best to catch as much as I can doing that, and what I cannot find/get I'll either trade or transfer


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I'm definitely going to complete the regional dex. As a lapsed player of the games who recently returned (didn't play any from Crystal till Ultra Sun), I've only completed a dex once, in Ultra Sun. I'll do everything I can without transferring, and will only do so if there's a few that are a real pain to capture in game.