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How would you describe your dream house?


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Mine: functional aesthetics, minimalism, natural elements, sober shades, preserving the middle class base of our decades old house.

How does your dream home look like?


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I want smth similar to this one:


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Omg. My dream house would be a house that was recently toured by Youtuber Enes Yilmazer, he makes quality house touring videos of very expensive homes. I liked this one the most because of how unique it is, it has tons of natural and spiritual elements to it and it is inspired by different kinds of asian cultures. The designer even used backlighting behind the stones. This is the property link. It's definitely my dream home TT.

Edit: It's in Malibu


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The one I'm currently in, despite my grandfather wanting to move and the general messiness.

You see, I've been in this house since I was born and lived in it for over half my life.

Nothing could (or should) take me away from what is my childhood home.

I would genuinely miss it if I lost access to the place. I'm so used to these walls that I never want to leave permanently.


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What would my dream house be like? It would be a 60,000 acre mansion with four separate buildings connected to each other by underground tunnels located just outside of Minneapolis, Minnesota with easy access to shopping and a massive underground bunker in case the world goes to hell in a handbasket.

Outside: Japanese bonsai gardens, koi ponds, walking trails, benches, picnic tables, ice skating rinks, basketball courts, football fields, soccer fields, a massive multi level parking garage, archery range, gun range

Basement: Boiler room, freezers, storage vault and a multi-level parking garage

Building 1

Floor 1: Staff kitchen, staff lounge, staff dining room

Floor 2: Staff quarters

Floor 3: Staff offices, conference rooms

Building 2

Floor 1: Guest lounge, guest dining room, guest kitchen

Floors 2, 3 and 4: Guest quarters

Building 3

Floor 1: Swimming pool, locker rooms, shower facilities, spa, sauna

Floor 2: Library, movie theater, arcade machines

Floor 3: Rooftop bar and helipad
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my perfect "dream" house if i ever won the Powerball or Megamillions

one master bedroom with bathroo, 2 other bathroom for guests and/or family, kitchen where thered be enough room for people to move around in, an entertainment room(movies, videogames), a library room, then 2 or 3 extra bedrooms for family when they come over to visit.

Library room i would have it nice and neat with normal bookshelves to fill with my Star Wars and Stephen King books and whatever else


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Simply put a decent size home that can move deep underground with a blastdoor to survive nuclear blasts and grow my own food if necessary.


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My dream home is a cozy oceanfront or lakefront home with a beautiful view of the water and nature. I would like the house to be spacious and bright, with large windows that will allow me to enjoy the surrounding beauty as much as possible. I dream of a garden with fruit trees and a vegetable garden where I can grow my own vegetables and herbs. In addition, I would like the house to be eco-friendly, using renewable energy sources and natural materials. I am very happy that I was able to find my dream home in Canada, thanks to the help of the best immigration consultant edmonton. I recently moved to a new country for me and finally purchased my dream home. I think that I am happy.
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I want an old Victorian style mansion. I want a spare bedroom that I can use to have a treadmill. Also I want a giant fish tank.


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Just a single-family Greystone house on the southside of Chicago, my hometown.

There are very few left in the city, and most of them are well over a century old. I recognize the sheer amount of maintenance it will take to keep it up, but if I can ever afford it, I'm doin' it.

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