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How would you design your Pokemon Gym v2?

Discussion in 'General Pokémon Discussion' started by shoz999, Jun 29, 2019.

  1. shoz999

    shoz999 IT WAS ME! SETETH!

    Gym Leader Volkner looking over his newly renovated Gym.

    So I made a thread just like this months ago and decided to bring it back because I just love this concept! So anyways, here's the scenario. You are chosen to be the newest Gym leader by the Pokemon Association. Gyms are usually made up of a gym trial, tests or puzzles for the Gym challenger to solve that is themed around the Gym Leader's typing or interests. These gym trials are filled with trainers that you yourself have trained. With that being said, how would you design your Pokemon Gym?
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  2. Fushiki

    Fushiki Golden Orchid

    Nice idea. I wanna try.

    I know I would literally like a woodland inside the Pokémon gym of my dreams, meaning it would be decently wide. shoz, I guess you already know I'm going to go with the Grass-type.
    So... The Pokémon gym of my dreams would entirely be covered by a decently wide woodland area containing a small lake and a wooden cottage with a kitchen. To challenge or not to challenge every trainer inside the Pokémon gym of my dreams would be your choice.

    I don't know if you'd like me to also pick a random team:
    - Serperior
    - Leavanny
    - Breloom
    - Shiinotic
    - Ludicolo
    - Venusaur

    Pretty random choices, again, since I would pick, everytime, a different team of six from "the garden of my dreams" appearing on my signature.
  3. KyogreThunder

    KyogreThunder Call of Fate

    I'd most certainly run a Water-type Gym. To reach it, the challengers will have to use Surf, similiary to Sootopolis Gym. Not sure about the puzzles, but to challenge me, the Trainers will need to first defeat all the Gym Trainers, like you had to do in Gardenia's Gym. I'd use a team of:
  4. shoz999

    shoz999 IT WAS ME! SETETH!

    A giant biome full of tall trees and a cottage hidden somewhere. That's a fantastic idea and I don't think GameFreak has actually done something like that, the closest I've seen is on the limited hardware of Gardenia's gym. It would be like your in the industrial city or a brick-town but then you enter the biome and suddenly the entire landscape changes into a giant forest.

    Four of the team members remind me of Wallace's Champion Team, Milotic and Gyarados from Emerald and Swampert and Starmie from BW2.
  5. Ignition

    Ignition Incineroar wins yet again (proud of my son)

    I’d run a Fire Type Gym. The puzzle involves the player rotating levers that pour lava into a glass case that has the 大 symbol. Gym Trainers would be blocking the path to get to these levers. Once you get the correct levers pulled, the 大 falls onto the ground and you’ll have to get on top of it to ride to the Gym Leader’s chamber (think Clay’s BW Gym). Once there, I’d commend your work and initiate the battle. My team would be:
    Rotom Heat

    TM would be Fire Blast
  6. Rahus

    Rahus Officious Obstruction

    I guess my gym would be based on a large hill, and you have to continue up the hill in a spiral pathway to its top, fighting trainers as you ascend. The gym trainers each would open a gate that block the way furthur upon defeat, leading to the final gym battle atop the hill.

    I designed something similar to this for one of my fan made projects. It was for a Steel-Type gym against four Squires, ending with a fight against a Black Knight gym leader.

    Edit: Seeing that others are posting their team concepts, mine would be Corviknight, Magnezone, Alolan Sandslash, Aegislash, Scizor and Lucario
    Last edited: Jun 29, 2019
  7. Leonhart

    Leonhart Banned

    My Gym would probably have some kind of test or quiz theme like Aloe's (Lenora's) Gym where you had to find the answers to questions via textbooks that were scattered around the Gym. I'd specialize in Dark-types and the Gym itself would be dimly lit so that it would require a flashlight similar to Melissa's (Fantina's) Gym in Platinum.
  8. shoz999

    shoz999 IT WAS ME! SETETH!

    That would be a cool nostalgic reference to Fire Blast's animation in the past. Also your idea reminds me a bit of Mt. Battle for some reason, thei higher and higher you go, you start to notice the volcanic terrain is changing.

    Honestly sounds more like a post-game battle facility like Mt. Battle than a Gym but I can see it work if the number of trainers are small and not something like a 100 lol.

    Oh! Better yet, not only it's a dark spooky library but you not only rely on a flashlight but also the storm's thunder and lightning outside flashing through the windows in one direction.
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  9. SBaby

    SBaby Dungeon Master

    I'd like to preface this by saying I was not the one who created this topic and I hadn't thought of it until I saw the topic. But it's brilliant.

    My Gym would of course, be a Trash type Gym (I know there isn't an official 'type' for Trash Pokémon, but give it a few Gens; I'm hopeful). What I mean by that is the trashiest, scummiest Pokémon there are. There would be of course Grimers and Muks, as well as Trubbish and others that could fit into that category.

    The path is very linear. In order to get to the Gym Leader, you have to go through a sewer. At the end of each corridor, you have a Trainer Battle. After the sewer, you have to go through a hallway made of limburger cheese. Afterward, you go through an artificial swamp. And then at the end of it, you battle the Gym Leader who's signature Pokémon are of course Muk and Garbodor.

    If you beat him, you get the Trashman Badge, which is a Badge shaped like a guy taking out the trash.

    Imagine being the League Official in the Pokémon League who asks for the Trashman Badge.
  10. Monster Guy

    Monster Guy Slurpuff and Alcremie both deserve love

    I just want a Fairy Gym. It’ll be pink and fabulous and be located in a castle, or maybe a Fairy Garden.

    Male Gym Leader and all Male Gym Trainers, because there are boys out there who like pink and cute things, and they deserve representation.

    My ace Pokémon would be Togekiss
  11. shoz999

    shoz999 IT WAS ME! SETETH!

    I had a fun idea of a Male Gym Leader whose Pokemon team is themed with fairy tales. Not necessarily fairy-types but fairy tales. He's an old man who loves fairy tales from his childhood so most of his Pokemon are deceivingly cute & cuddly with lots of brute strength and speed... except one Pokemon, his ace Pokemon being part of a disturbingly dark "fairy tale" to scare children because a lot of people forget that fairy tales weren't originally happy and cheery, they were grim and dark and his last Pokemon I'd imagine would be Banette lol. Creepy right? It goes from, cute & cuddly Azumarill to dark & malicious Banette.
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  12. Midnite♪

    Midnite♪ Distant Stargazer

    I would have a mid-range (around 5th-6th) Steel type gym based around a clock tower. The puzzle would mostly revolve around clockwork and pendulums, and operating different mechanisms to progress. I would also consider foregoing trainers in the gym, and instead having it populated by wild Klink/Klang and Bronzor, as well as the occasional Klefki. The top of the clock tower is where the battle with the gym leader takes place.

    My initial gym team would be:
    • Klefki
    • Bronzong
    • Doublade
    • Klinklang

    My post-game/PWT/full team would be:
    • Klefki
    • Bronzong
    • Escavalier
    • Ferrothorn
    • Aegislash
    • Klinklang
  13. Marzbar

    Marzbar Well-Known Member

    I've always believed Gyms should be able be based on a theme rather than only a typing. Such as Hail, Paralysis, Evasion, Tailwind, Trick Room, Triple Battles, Sand, Rain, Sun, Terrains etc. So with that in mind.....

    Here's my GRAVITY GYM

    Each room is based on a gravity-based puzzle and each room also has a distinct look and theme. Each gym trainer (1 per room) also has 1 Ultra Beast to suit the gravity theme, as the Gym Leader, me, learnt how to wield the powers of Gravity by studying the ultra space wormholes and the science behind them.

    Room 1: Quicksand Room

    The room is covered in sand with quicksand pits scattered throughout. You must navigate carefully around the edges of the quicksand pits walking at a certain speed to avoid falling in. Falling in a pit takes you to a room that has stairs that lead back up to the start of the Quicksand Room. At the end of the Quicksand Room is the trainer and then a final pit that takes you to the next room.

    Trainer's pokemon:
    - Palossand (Gravity, Earth Power, Hypnosis, Shore Up @ Mental Herb and Water Compaction)
    - Dugtrio (Earthquake, Stone Edge, Sucker Punch, Screech @ Focus Sash and Arena Trap)
    - Nihilego (Thunder, Sludge Wave, Power Gem, Acid Spray @ Life Orb and Beast Boost)

    Room 2: Clown Room

    There is a giant rotating clown head in the centre of the room. It looks like the clown heads from the side show alley games where you put balls in the mouth. Before you reach the clown head you battle a trainer. You jump into the moving clown head and fall into another room. Depending on your timing you will fall into a random "slot" just like the balls in the side show alley game. Most slots take you to a room that leads back to the start of the Clown Room. A couple of the slots will successfully take you to the next room of the gym.

    Trainer's Pokemon:
    - Mr Mime (Gravity, Hypnosis, Focus Blast, Psychic @ Mental Herb and Filter)
    - Conkeldurr (Dynamic Punch, Fire Punch, Ice Punch, Mach Punch @ Life Orb and Iron Fist)
    - Blacephalon (Fire Blast, Shadow Ball, Calm Mind, Will-O-Wisp @ Focus Sash and Beast Boost)

    Room 3: Jungle Room

    The room is surrounded by plants, vines and trees like you're in a jungle. The floor is completely covered in vines and leaves. Parts of the vines give way when you walk on them and you fall into a room with stairs that take you back to the start of the Jungle Room. There is a route through the vines that allows you to safely cross the room to the trainer, like a maze. After beating the trainer you jump into a big Victreebel pitcher to enter the next room.

    Trainer's pokemon:
    - Ferrothorn (Gravity, Spikes, Power Whip, Leech Seed @ Mental Herb and Iron Barbs)
    - Roserade (Sleep Powder, Toxic Spikes, Leaf Storm, Sludge Bomb @ Focus Sash and Poison Point)
    - Buzzwole (Bulk Up, Leech Life, Drain Punch, Roost @ Leftovers and Beast Boost)

    Room 4: Space Room

    The room is set in space with various black holes around the room that suck you in with intense gravity. You need to work your way across the room dodging flying asteroids that push you towards the black holes and into their gravity traps. Entering a black hole takes you to a room that leads back to the start of the Space Room. At the end of the space room is the trainer, and then an ultra space wormhole that takes you to the final Gym Leader room.

    Trainer's pokemon:
    - Clefable (Gravity, Sing, Moonblast, Calm Mind @ Mental Herb and Unaware)
    - Metagross (Gravity, Meteor Mash, Earthquake, Agility @ Life Orb and Clear Body)
    - Celesteela (Heavy Slam, Flame Charge, Leech Seed, Earthquake @ Leftovers and Beast Boost)

    Room 5: Gym Leader's Room

    My room is a zero gravity room and I am floating in the centre. As you enter the room you will float toward me and trigger the battle dialogue.

    My team:
    - Starmie (Gravity, Blizzard, Thunder, Hydro Pump @ Mental Herb and Analytic)
    - Drapion (Toxic Spikes, Whirlwind, Poison Jab, Knock Off @ Red Card and Sniper)
    - Gengar (Hypnosis, Focus Blast, Will-O-Wisp, Hex @ Life Orb and Cursed Body)
    - Magnezone (Gravity, Thunder, Flash Cannon, Volt Switch @ Custap Berry and Sturdy)
    - Pheromosa (Focus Blast, Blizzard, Quiver Dance, Bug Buzz @ Focus Sash and Beast Boost)

    For re-battles my levels increase and I gain the following Pokemon:
    - Forretress (Gravity, Toxic Spikes, Gyro Ball, Earthquake @ Leftovers and Sturdy)
  14. Noraunt

    Noraunt New Member

    oh man, this sound amazing! have almost the same minds as I do. Just instead of Escavalier would use Buzzwole
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  15. TheWanderingMist

    TheWanderingMist Kanae, Keeper of the Gates Emblazoned

    Let's see, I think I'd go for a Ghost-type Gym even though my favorite type is Ice, because I can actually work my three favorite types onto one team that way. Definitely a final Gym-type deal.

    Team (in order):
    Misdreavus (Psywave, Pain Split, Grudge, Payback)
    Mismagius (Shadow Ball, Dazzling Gleam, Mystical Fire, Magical Leaf)
    Mimikyu (Shadow Claw, Play Rough, Hone Claws, Baby-Doll Eyes)
    Froslass (Destiny Bond, Ice Beam, Draining Kiss, Double Team)
    Misdreavus w/Eviolite (Perish Song, Mean Look, Spite, Shadow Ball)

    I'd be in Galar so I could Dynamax my Eviolite Misdreavus since Mismagius doesn't get an HP boost when evolving.

    Every single trainer in the Gym has a Misdreavus. There are 4 of them besides myself, each having 3 Pokemon, but none use their Misdreavus as their ace.

    Trainer 1: TBD
    Trainer 2: TBD
    Trainer 3: TBD
    Trainer 4: TBD


    8 rooms + entrance room.
    Each room except entrance is 100% dark and only accessible through teleportation.
    Multiple teleporters in each room, but they only light up when you step on one, and they're in random locations in each room. If you don't get to the Leader room within 13 teleports, you're sent back to the beginning and have to start over.
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  16. GymTrainerAlex

    GymTrainerAlex Breeder

    Love the discussion. I would definitely have a Poison Type Pokemon Gym and would probably have a very neon colored exterior to symbolize how venomous creatures tend to be colored with bright markings.

    Would probably have 5 rooms each with multiple platforms surrounded by purple liquid. You would have to hit various switches in the right order on the platforms to create a path across the liquid to the other side that leads to the next room. There would be a Gym Trainer waiting at each platform maybe towards the end there would be two.

    As for my Team probably go with:

    Gym Trainers would use probably Ekans, Croagunk, Rosalia, maybe throw in a Trubbish or Skunky. And the winner would receive the HazeBadge which would be solid amethyst purple covered with small bubbles that are outlined in various neon colors of aqua, pink, and yellow.

    My special move would also be either Venoshock or Sludge Wave.
    Last edited: Aug 7, 2019
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  17. shoz999

    shoz999 IT WAS ME! SETETH!

    Oh. I just had an idea for a final gym. What about a Nintendo-themed Pokemon Gym, basically the final Gym Leader is a huge Nintendo fanboy or fangirl and in each room you entered, it's a virtual reality room that mirrors a classic Nintendo video game level where the goal is to reach a Pokemon trainer to battle. For example the trainer finds himself hopping around a classic first level of Super Mario Bros and at the end is a trainer to battle, or finds himself wearing a green cap in the classic open world level of the original Legend of Zelda and the final dungeon boss is a Pokemon trainer... BUT there's a troll moment at the end lol and the final level is a StarFox Level but the player thinks this "virtual reality" level looks a bit strange.

    You see a Starfox jet in what appears to be an ordinary garage okay lol. You get in the Starfox jet and you start flying it, activating the "Star Fox level" and you find yourself outside thinking this is virtual reality but in actuality, your rival is just about to enter the town and sees you flying in a plane for some reason lol. Basically this scene is to tell the player, this is real lol but it doesn't stop there because the Gym Leader is getting a bit carried away with this by bringing in a real-life personal airship that looks like something from a Star Fox game, further shocking your rival and guess what. The player in the cockpit still thinks this is virtual reality lol and gets blasted away by a single laser. You get parachuted away after the laser and the jet leaves by remote-control. You land safely in town and see your stunned rival wondering if he's another player or part of the virtual world. Eventually the Gym Leaders come down and he or she continues to troll you into saying that were now in the game of Earthbound even though it suspiciously looks exactly like the same town you've been and you proceed to have your Pokemon battle even though your rival has many questions on what just happened. You leave after you beat the Gym Leader and later the Gym Leader offers your rival to the way to his or her gym with a sly smile. It's then the player asks if this is reality or virtual reality and the Gym Leader responds, what's real and what's not real lol?

    For me personally, I think his or her Pokemon team should consist of steel or electric-types as it's associated with gaming.
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  18. My gym would look like this:


    My team:

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  19. TRNRLogan

    TRNRLogan Active Member

    My Classic style Gen 8 Gym:

    First it has many different rooms. Then you fight the "demon king" aka gym leader.

    Room 1: 3 trainers based off Knights (looking like them). They are there to test whether you are worthy of challenging the demon castle. Each has 2 pokemon.

    1st has Excavalier and Rapidash. Obviously based off of cavalry. Allows you to advance in front of the drawbridge.

    2nd has Bisharp and Chesnaught. Based off of heavy infantry. You advance across the drawbridge.

    3rd has Decidueye and Delphox. These are ranged attackers that fight you when you are crossing the drawbridge.

    After you defeat these 3 you advance into the demon castle.

    There you fight 5 trainers.

    The first is a General who focuses on dragons. He has 3 pokemon. Druddigon, Zweilous, and Salamence.

    The second is a General who focuses on Ghost pokemon. Also with 3 pokemon. Golurk, Cofagrigus, and Aegislash.

    The third is another General who focuses on Dark Type. Again with 3. This time Tyranitar, Zoroark, and Weavile.

    The final General is a psychic type trainer with 3 pokemon. These are Slowking, Gallade, and Alakazam.

    The final trainer you would face is a loyal maid with 4 fairy pokemon. These are Gardevoir, Sylveon, Slurpuff and Primarina.

    Finally at the top of the castle you face the gym leader who uses Psychic, Dark, Steel, Dragon, Fairy, and Ghost pokemon. (But only 4 pokemon)

    These are




    With a Corviknight (or an evolution if it exists) as the signature pokemon.
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